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Edifier Halloween Sale, 10% off Regualr Price Items and More @ Edifier AU


Enjoy 10% off on our regular priced items (excluding Accessories and New Arrivals (R1280DBs, R1280Ts, R1700BTs).

The price will be adjusted at the cart. (R1850DB gets an extra 10% at the moment)

In case there is something you guys always wanted but were never on sale. =]

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  • What does this product, or the sale, have to do with Halloween?

  • what a shame the s3550db is oos :( took too long watching reviews

  • pricing isn't that sharp

    Is the only difference in the new models subwoofer out?

    • Agreed.

      New ā€˜sā€™ models:
      + Subwoofer out
      + Bluetooth 5.0

    • +1 vote

      There is also a new feature on these new models called Soundfield Spacializer, which simulates a larger soundstage.

      • Thanks I totally missed that.
        Also noticed the new remote with the Soundfield Spacializer on/off buttons.

        ā€œThis unique feature creates wide-filed sound by optimising each channel, sending out opposite signals to eliminate mutual interference and improve separation.ā€

        I imagine Soundfield Spacializer works in a similar way to the Polk Legend L800 Flagship HiFi speaker, except uses DSP (Digital-domain) to cancel interferences between L & R channels to produce larger sound-stage & separation.
        Polk uses SDA-Pro which is an analog version of this since it is a passive HiFi speaker and needs to work with any amplifier.
        The analog version is most likely much more difficult & going to cost a lot more to develop / implement. It really is a new time for budget audio when these systems can be implemented in entry-level active speakers using DSP.

  • Got a pair of s880db's sitting in the box waiting to be opened from the Prime Deals. Should be a serious computer speaker upgrade!

  • Sadly waiting for the S3000pro sale again :-(

    • I got them. They are good but not as good as some people on YouTube swear on. They are decent though. Maybe my expectations were set too high by those reviews and high asking price

      • I have the s3000 pro and I think they are fantastic (for the price i got them for anyway). What other speakers do you prefer over them in the same price range?

        • No sub out. Movies feel okay?

          • @plague69: My lounge room isn't large and they are fine without a sub. I can literally feel the seats vibrate sitting about 2 metres back from them with them at head height. That's with the bass setting at about half way.

            However, If I was in a larger space I would want a sub.

      • What are your comparing them to

    • I remember when they had S3000pro on their site for $649. What the crud is $1143 randomly high number. S2000MK3 is out, so S4000 is close? It has been 2 years. Maybe nothing without a push from Swan. Should wait for Swan M400 to force a S4000pro from Edifier?

      edit: Also, waiting for a sale from the main website is futile… Think of how much the resellers are going to complain if they where undercut

  • Mention worthy deals here are:

    P17 (Passive) $95 Delivered

    (previous best deal $94.49 Delivered )

    R1280Ts (New model) $135 Delivered

    (R1280T (Old model) best deal $84.99 Delivered, but Covid deal price $116 Delivered )

    Disclaimer: R1280Ts & R1280T have analog inputs only. 10% discount is applied after added to cart.

  • When are you guys going to have the Airpulse A80's in stock locally?

    Really wish that an Airpulse-specific sub gets released too… it would be a no-brainer against the Tuks

    • +1 vote

      We are expecting to have the Airpulse lineup in stock by December.

      • Any word on an Airpulse Sub? Having a 6" or 8" in the oak finish for the A80's would be ideal and I would purchase over the Audioengines & Kanto YU series for Nearfield & PC speakers.

        An updated A100 with the latest DAC & BT module in it would also be very attractive to many people, especially if the price could be kept at what they were going for at the likes of Skycomp earlier in the year.

  • Still waiting on a deal for the s3000pro :/