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Edifier R1700BT $135 (Sold Out), Mercusys Halo S12 (3-Pack) AC1200 $89, Tapo C200 Twin Pack $89 @ Wireless 1


Some good prices, use code SPRING10 at checkout.

$135 Delivered Edifier R1700BT - 2.0 Lifestyle Studio Bluetooth Speakers 66W RMS - Brown Sold Out

$89.10 Delivered Mercusys Halo S12(3-pack) AC1200 Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System

$89.10 Delivered TP-Link Tapo C200 Camera Bonus Pack

$116.10 Delivered Edifier R1280DB Studio Bookshelf Bluetooth Speaker 42W RMS

Few more decent ones

$71.10 + Shipping TP-Link Tapo C100 Home Security Wi-Fi Camera Twin Pack

$179.10 Delivered Edifier R1855DB Active 2.0 Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers

$544 Delivered TP-Link Archer AX11000 Next-Gen 802.11ax Wi-Fi 6 Tri-Band Gaming Router

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  • I Bought the Edifier R2000DB from their ebay store yesterday

  • I bought the R1700BT March last year at $139, suprise that they still at this price range.

  • So how do these compare with the Volls (B44)?

  • Any reviews on R1280DB?

    • I bought it for $139 on prime day, received it last week and they are great. I use it for my desktop and it is much better than my previous Logitech Z333. Bass is sufficient and sound is clear and detailed. It's a bargain for that price and now it's even cheaper. You can also search on youtube for more in depth reviews.

  • is this overkill for PC speakers ?

  • Thanks Op!! Have had these speakers in my wishlist on amazon for a few months now, and havent seen them come down from their usual $170 price point until this post.

  • How is the R1700BT compared to the Logitech Z623? I currently have the Z623 however sometimes get connection issues with the left speaker, thinking of potentially upgrading as it is well out of warranty. Cheers!

    • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rnPZxiHHlng&list=LLGXM6AXypC...

      this guy does good comparison vids, but need semi decent speakers/headphones to hear the difference properly

    • I own the Edifier R1700BT and r1280db and the z623.
      All are great speakers.
      z623 has deeper bass and a fuller sound due to the sub and speaker size. If you like loud music, might be better. I use them instead of a soundbar for my TV. They are great for sport and movies. But aesthetically, they are getting a bit old and dorky to be honest. And the sub is cumbersome

      The Edifiers provide a more refined sound. I use them next to my pc. The bass is good, but its the mid- and upper-ranges are where they excel for the price. Put it this way, if you turn your music up to the highest quality downloads, you can actually notice the difference. Not sure you would notice as much difference on the z623s. They also has built-in blue-tooth, which is a big plus for me.
      The 1700BTs have slightly better tweeters and sleeker remote control compared to r1280db. For me the additional cost is worth it, but the r1280db are fantastic speaker too.

      • Hey are you able to tell me what length the 'speaker connecting cable' is please? I've looked on a few sites and this info isn't there.


      • I also have both R1700BT and the Z623. Your comment hits the nail on the head.

        Note with Z623 there is nothing behind tweeter grille - they have fake tweeters (not in the Trump sense of the word)

    • My R1700BTs just came today and they sound amazing, Im so impressed at the quality and sound depth produced by these $135 speakers. Admittedly I did not have anything close in comparison to start besides my TV Yamaha 5.1 system with amp, but that was 500 when I got it and these seem to be much better clarity.

  • Is the Mercusys Halo any good?

  • Newbie question - would the 42W bookshelf speakers have decent bass even without a subwoofer?

  • Good price on the new R1855DB.
    It seems to get BT 5.0, but from the remote control it looks like it misses out on the “Soundfield Spacializer” feature.

    OP if you can confirm if there is any reference to “Soundfield Spacializer” on the R1855DB packaging that would be great.

    • It's a shame it doesn't have aptX support. :(

      • I think if you want aptX you need to go for the ‘S’ models.

        • Yeah I was really keen on the R1855, but found out it was lacking the aptX support, so now I have my eyes on the S2000 mkIII Too bad it isn't on sale though, and it's like double the price…

          • @Munki: There are cheaper S models: S350DB, S1000DB, S1000MKII etc. Maybe look out for a sale on one of those.

            • @thebadmachine: Heart's set on the S2000MKIII. It'll be connected to my TV, so the S1000MKII might be a little small for that.

              • @Munki: They are the same size. S2000MKIII has planar tweeter & more amplifier power.
                But since S1000DB / S1000MKII has built-in upwards angle for desk-use you need to keep that in mind (maybe ok for TV if you place the speakers lower).

                But yes if you are prepared to pay more then S2000MKIII is worth it IMO.

                Edit: here is a deal for the S1000DB I posted while ago. So look out for a cheaper price than this.

                S2000MKIII was $391 recently.

                • @thebadmachine: Yep, that angle isn't going to be good for audio direction when you sit away from the TV.

                  Cheers. I had a search through OzB when I decided I was gonna get it and thought if it ever dips below $400 again, I'll snap it up. Hopefully there'll be a good sale site-wide on eBay or Amazon soon. The same seller sells on both platforms.

      • Edifier re-released the range of bookshelf speakers with the DBs range which have aptx but more expensive…

    • In the past week I received the R1855DBs that I ordered from the last sale, and I can confirm they don't seem to have that feature. Awesome speakers though, definitely great value at this price.

      • Thank you for your comment.

        Both the new R1700BTs & R1280DBs have the Soundfield Spacializer buttons on the remote, so I thought it was odd the R1855DB model had those buttons missing.

        It’s odd really because the new features the 1700BTs & 1280DBs models got was: Sub out, BT 5.0, Soundfield Spacializer.
        1850 already had Sub out, but 1855 only gets BT 5.0 added. You would have thought they would have added SS as well since 1850 already had Sub out.

  • For those with HFC who may wish to increase plan inclusions to over 100MBPS (total between Upload/Download), which is something you should consider if you have enough people using at same time, the ethernet RJ45 connections on this mesh trio are 100mbps maximum.

    Any ethernet cable you have connected will only be able to do 100mbps / 12.5mb/s total between both upload and download, I am on the 250 plan which is only $20 more than 100/40 (still 140 total), so I will not be getting anything that doesn't have at least a single 1GBPS LAN port I can connect to a port switcher.

    If you buy a new router setup, it is reasonable to expect you should be using it for the next 5 years, which is why I am waiting for AX / WiFi6 mesh to be more affordable.

    Ethernet will always have a better connection than WiFi, even with WiFi6 /ax, if your device is stationary and a cable between it and the router isn't in the way, than it is a better choice over WiFi, I have a port switcher behind my TV for all those devices.

  • I currently have a Bose soundlink mini 2 as pc speaker. Never used a bookshelf speaker before. Would these be a good upgrade?

  • Brown R1700BT sold out unfortunately.

  • Lucky for me….out of stock…. CC is still ringing from the mid week splurge on a new robot vacuum..thanks OzB

  • Yeah Brown R1700BT 😔 was hoping to get one.
    I keep missing deals for these speakers!

    How does everyone feel about R1855DB compare to R1700BT at this price point? Looking to get them as PC speakers.

    Or should I wait for another deal for R1700BT?

    • Back in stock as of now, as I just bought one.

      • Thanks for the update, I ended up buying R1855DB.

        Now I'm wondering how long they usually take to deliver as I've haven't seen any updates from them yet.

  • Thanks, got the R1855DB with the code and cash back. Have a 15yo 50” plasma in the second lounge with crappy built in speakers so will use these.


  • Should I sell my Swan m10 and get the R1700BT in stead? It's 5 years old and I think it might be degrading.

  • Tried on the S3000 when coupon came out and was okay. Now not valid when ready to buy🤷‍♂️

    Oh well, money saved until next 10% off sale

    Edit: whole coupon is expired

  • Does anyone know, is the only way to change input device is by using the remote?

    (Example, bluetooth switch to pc)

  • Just a thanks to the OP for this, I got the R1280DB's which are just perfect for what I wanted and a great price at $116.10. Thanks!