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Esatto 7kg Heat Pump Dryer EHPD7 + Bonus Warranty + Bonus Philips Clock Radio $660 @ Appliances Online


Decent reviews , Good price for a heat pump + you get one of these https://www.bunnings.com.au/philips-ajb4300w-dab-digital-rad... for free, and bonus extended warranty and free delivery from appliances online.

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  • So.. Why is esatto so cheap? What doesn't it have that more expensive brands do? Short lifespan?

    • Mine lasted 7 months

      • that is not very ideal

      • Now you had me worried, mines 5 months old and still going (at least I bought it pretty cheap at ~$560)

        Personally happy with it even if it took 3hrs to finish cycle. As long as it could last at least 3-4 years plus then all's great

        • I bought this dryer for $550 back in Feb this year (good old days before lockdown).
          It worked well for 7 months and suddenly did not heat properly. A cycle that took 2-3 hours became 7-9 hours.
          I claimed warranty, they called in a technician to check and issued a return order for replacement or refund. I chose refund and bought Bosch WTW87564AU. So far, so good.

          I hope it is an isolated case and yours will be fine.

          • @aldoboy: I appreciate the reply, thanks ! So at least warranty works :D

            Just saw another comment of yours that warranty claiming process was a hassle, oh well, finger crossed I won't have to deal with that :/

        • I just checked my eBay purchase history - I bought mine from the appliancesonline eBay store in November 2018 for $575. Yep, just about 2 years old and I use it a lot (I have kids)…. So far so good for me!

        • Crikey - 3 hours - almost quicker to hang the clothes outside to dry!

    • Bought an Esatto oven as a short term requirement. Reviews were ok, but it’s pretty terrible. Poor heat, all cooking temps are well out, uneven cooking (terrible fan), even makes the cupboards next to it sweat. Clearly not great.

      Wouldn’t buy Esatto again

      • Hi Buyme, Residentia Rep here. Sorry to hear of your experience with your Esatto oven. From your description it sounds like a ventilation issue- fan forced ovens require ventilation within your cabinetry or it can cause condensation issues you’re describing. Please contact our customer service team on 1300114357 or via email [email protected] so we can try and get this sorted for you. Thanks.

        • Thank you. I’ve just emailed.

          Great to see good service still exists. Let’s hope it can be easily resolved.



  • I forgot to mention the warranty claim process was not all smooth.
    When I called Appliances Online, they advised me to contact the manufacturer directly (Residentia Group). I gave them a call and send an email to explain the situation. They advised me this:

    I am happy to organise a technician for you to attend and inspect the appliance for a fault.

    Please be advised we will require you to agree to the terms of service before proceeding with a service call. You can read in detail the differences between warranty and non-warranty at the end of your user manual, but essentially by proceeding you are agreeing to pay a non-warranty call out fee in the event that the technician either cannot identify a fault with the unit, or the cause of the fault is determined to be something that is considered non-warranty such as misuse, damage, infestation etc. Of course if the cause of the fault is found to be a warranty issue such as a manufacturing fault, the service will be covered by your warranty.

    Please confirm you agree to the terms of service and I will send the details through to a local service agent for you.

    I am not sure if this is the standard procedure but I never experienced this with other companies.

    So I agreed with the terms as I know perfectly it was not my fault and they advised to wait for the technician. About 9 days later, I got nothing but an email updating my ticket: "Your service request with Residentia was recently closed….". So I sent another email to inform that I had yet to receive any contact from the technician. They rebooked it and everything went smooth from there.

    Again, I hope mine was an isolated case but I think I need to share this experience with OZB community.

    • Bosch also has this requirement about a call-out fee if there's no fault.

    • +2 votes

      Call out fee thing is standard.

      Your experience with botched comms is also pretty standard.

      I think 'maybe perhaps possibly' Mielle is the only company that does a slightly better job. Again, likely through 3rd party technicians and all sorts of comms issues.

      • I see. I have only dealt with Sony and LG before. They never told me this.

        • Hi Aldoboy. Residentia Rep here (distributor of Esatto). This is a common industry requirement and it’s mainly to cover wholesalers when no fault is actually found or the fault is caused through misuse, etc. Very rarely are customers charged a call out fee in our case.

    • Why did you have to call the manufacturer? You had a commercial agreement with Appliances Online - they should have dealt with all of this for you? That's a real worry if a retailer doesn't look after a customer…

      Is that correct Appliances Online????

      • Appliances Online advised it would be faster for me to contact the manufacturer directly because it usually takes them two weeks to process the request from past cases.

  • Scare tactics are usedby some dogey sellers.

    Thanks for sharing your experience.

  • Reviews look good, got one thanks op.

  • Thanks Op. got one. Free delivery to rural Tas is a bargain also. FYI - looks like we get a bonus alarm clock

  • this is fantastic, had it for over a year now, no issues. i use it at least once a week.

  • Hi all Residentia Rep here (distributor of Esatto in Australia). The Esatto EHPD7 7kg Heat Pump Dryer has been a very popular product for us over the last 4 years. You can find very strong reviews both on productreview.com.au and various retailer websites. We also track our own reviews (managed independently) through BizzareVoice and all are published on the Esatto website. Currently it is available with an extra 12 months bonus warranty also, so three years in total.