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Amazfit Bip GPS w/ Bonus Strap US$41.58 (AU$59.94) Delivered @ Amazfit Official Store AliExpress


Update: US $10 Seller Coupon available again so have removed expiry

Searching past deals this is $15 cheaper than the next best price. This also includes a free strap which makes it an even better deal.

Only red, white and green colours remaining with bonus strap.

Use Promo Code GETAMAZFIT5 US $5 + Seller Coupon US $10 off US $50 to get price in title.

Estimated delivery 17th of November.

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  • Black got down to $68 with coupon - that will do me.

    Nice review here: https://www.cnet.com/reviews/amazfit-bip-review/

  • Thanks OP - great budget watch. My previous comments - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/8931003/redir

  • Anyone could recommend this or the mi band 5?

    • Bip has inbuilt GPS if that's a deciding factor for you.

    • I prefer the shape of the Bip, having said that my band was version 2 or 3 so it might have changed a lot since that time.

    • I've bought my kids both (different kids, different bands)

      The Amazfit screen isn't as bright and colourful as the Mi Band 5 (or 4 for that matter, which one has), but they all have lots of difference 'faces' to customise them with.

      If you're after a good fitness tracker with insane battery life then the Mi Bands are great. If you want GPS included then the Amazfit fits the bill.

      They kids all like the ones they have.

    • Bip for GPS, larger screen, compass and atmospheric pressure sensor. The display is not as colourful, but still OK and it's reflective meaning excellent visibility in the sun.

  • Thanks again OP - I've been eyeing off the Stratos for a while. Using store and GETAMAZFIT5 coupons, the price came down to $129.23 delivered (+ 5% cashback with CR).

    It might be worth adding a note that all watches are on sale.

  • Have had one of these for about a year now, replacing a Mifit band. Quite happy with it for the price I paid at the time ($99 from an Australian supplier via Ebay - delivered in a few days). Battery life is good, which was a primary attraction, but not quite as good as some claim. I probably get 20 days between charges, although I don't use the GPS very often. Mainly use it for step counting which is pretty accurate. For me it captures about 95% of steps whereas the Mifit band only captured about 80%. Heart rate monitoring is also pretty good considering the sensor type. GPS seems to take a while to lock on and I've found you really need to be well and truly in the open, but I don't really have anything to compare it to, so I may be a little unfair here. Myfit app it syncs to is OK and reliable but nothing exceptional. I tend to not wear an ordinary watch anymore. Styling (black model) is fairly understated and I use a monochrome face that makes it look like a retro Casio from the 80's.

  • i got this and the GTS version- love them both.

    • which one is future proof? i am extremely confused

      • the BIP and GTS are different products, BIP has much more battery life, 30+ days since graphics is low res, GTS is around 14 days with an apple-watch like resolution. I think BIP is the way to go if you are not after the resolution. Btw, there is already an announced GTS2.

  • I heard there is this new version of Mi watch that is coming up soon? the one 99 euro? any one has info on this?

  • This will soon be 3 generations old. I have the bip s and there's a successor that should be coming out soon (or maybe it already is).

    Overall really happy with the bip s and feature set is just about the same, for $60 you can't go wrong.

    • GTS and GTR have newer models announced a few days ago. I think BIP is still a solid, cheap smart watch.

      • Yeah pretty sure there's a new bip coming out soon though. At this price though…..too good.

  • I bought one for myself, then ten minutes later bought one for the wife. This is about the price I've been waiting for.

  • I wouldn't buy from Aliexpress, it can take months to get here. The delivery times were bad before covid but now it takes months. I haven't received some of my items altogether.

    • Bought heaps of items and most were within the estimate time, some earlier than minimum. Sometimes worth the few extra dollars that quote shorter delivery times.

    • I agree, orders now take 2-3 months to arrive from China..
      Some stores on Aliexpress have AU warehouses, I prefer buying from them.

  • can anyone confirm if these work with strava?

      • Thanks for this! Just tried it with my original Amazfit and it works! (For those who can't be bothered to click on the link, just download the Zepp (by Amazfit) app, and sign in and link it to your Strava account).

    • I'm using a bip S with strava - Same app is used to sync so yes it'll be fine.

  • Great watch with nice battery life. I bought one 2.5 years ago and it's still working well. When I first bought it the watch could only connect to the phone via MiFit app. However now you can sync your exercise with Amazfit app, which can then upload to Strava (without 3rd party addons).

  • Does this show all notifications from the phone? Or just phone calls and text messages?

  • I read that Bip can be set to vibrate on the hour every hour. Can anyone confirm that?

  • i've been using it for almost 2 years now, battery life is super great!
    GPS works without issue and fix pretty quickly
    MI health app doesnt provide sync with STRAVA, but i would recommend using ZEPP application (used to be called amazfit) https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.huami.watc...

  • Does anyone know if there's something similar that doesn't have a screen? I already wear a watch to work so just wanted a band that I can wear on my right hand to monitor steps / heart rate etc and send this info to the phone when I want to see it.

    • You're basically describing the Mi Band 1S (a.k.a. the Mi Band Pulse) which was released November 2015. No screen, counted steps, resaonable battery life (~15 days in real world conditions), and on-demand heart rate monitoring (not continuous) that connected via a phone app. I wouldn't get the Xiaomi Mi Band (the original Mi Band, the version before the 1S) as it had a design problem (the tracker bit was prone to falling out of the bracelet, that's how I lost mine) and it did not have a heart rate sensor. And later versions of the mi band (2,3,4,5) all had screens.

  • Hi OP , I can't get it down to that price, what am I missing ?

    • The US $10 seller coupons are no longer available, will mark the deal expired.

  • Anyone know if any of the Amazfit devices have SPO2 or will the Band 6 be the first?

    Can see one mentions VO2max but I'm pretty sure that's different.

  • ahh damn. I just ordered a Mi Band 5, which hasn't arrived yet. I guess that will do and I will hold off on this.
    .. yeah?

    • I think so. I feel like the next logical step above the Mi Band 4/5 will add 2 things:
      * SpO2, a.k.a. oxygen saturation.
      * NFC that works for tap and go payments here
      …. without increasing cost much or adding much weight or reducing battery life.

      All the other stuff that other devices add (extra exercise modes, more watch faces, higher res screens, bigger displays, extra depth of waterproofing, GPS, bluetooth, etc) is nice to have and all, but it adds cost and increases weight and reduces battery life, without actually adding something I personally need or want to the device's functionality. To me the ideal device is lightweight, inexpensive, has long battery life, counts steps, tells the time, and it's nice if it can measure my heart rate when I ask it to. If it can also make it easier to pay for stuff and tell me I'm not dying, even better ;-)

      • ok, just cancelled miband5 and ordered this.
        although there is no NFC, it seems?

        anyway, long battery life and gps sold me.

  • Would buy if it had Spo2. Waiting for Honor band 6.

  • I am getting $75 , where does the US $10 Seller Coupon come from ? - doh worked it out

    • I wish you could have written it - I have the same issue.

      best I've got is black edition for

      AU $70.08

  • Got one US$41.58 Green & Black Strap. Thanks OP.

  • I am using this for more than a year… no issues. GPS somewhere down the line was slow to get location (> 2 mins), but I uninstalled mifit app, installed, then unpaired the watch and paired again with mifit app. gets good location in ~ 20 sec with or without the phone near by

  • Such a great budget watch.. if you are after basic smartwatch (ie. health, notifications of call / text) with phenomenal battery life, this is it. The screen isn't fantastic for colours or brightness, but it suited what I wanted it for. It told me I had a message, I would then use my phone.. I liked that you could also set shedules for quiet hrs where lift to wake and alerts wouldn't happen.

  • The slightly better spec Bip S is on sale at Kogan at the moment $79 with Kogan first or postage to Brisbane was an extra $11
    Overseas stock as well unfortunately

  • How does the price in the deal come up? I have AUD as currency and also the coupon doesn't work. I see the price as AUD120.75. Is this deal still on?

  • Has anyone else who ordered this got it yet?

    • Mine is still saying it hasn't arrived in Au customs yet.

      • Mine says left County of Origin, which I think is basically the same thing.

        I'm wondering if the plane crashed or something. I know they are slow on Ali but still, this is getting a bit irritating.

        Anyway, thanks for taking the time to reply. I guess it's more hurry up and wait…

  • I got mine today in Melbourne.
    Very happy with it so far! great little unit.

  • anybody know if worth using Alipay? I've never heard of it.

  • Paid 26 days ago and still waiting………….