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20% off Full Priced Items (Brands Exclusion Applies) @ Sparesbox


Just bought something on Sunday and now get an email, 20% off at Sparesbox on full priced items.

Don't forget Cashrewards & Shopback for 5%

Terms and Conditions

  1. This promotion is 20% off all full priced items in your total basket when the code ‘FLASH20 ‘ is added at the checkout, valid at sparesbox.com.au (exclusions apply)
  2. Brands excluded from the promotion are as follows: GoPro, Haltech, Invida, Xforce, Optima, Odyssey, HPD, Process West, Terra Tuff, STEDI, Plazmaman, Rival, Redarc, Turbosmart, Alcon, Innovate Motorsports, Muteki, Sparco, South Bend, Stop Tech, Sony, Pioneer, Crashpad, Knipex, Dynamat, Sykes-Pickavant, Hema, Milltek, Whiteline, GME, Metrinch, and BigBoi.
  3. This code is not valid with already reduced items (Including all products currently on sale in our Mod Fest Promotion). This promotion is not valid in conjunction with other promotions and coupon codes (one code per transaction)
  4. The promotion will run from Wednesday the 21st of October to 11:59pm on Thursday the 22nd of October 2020 (AEST).

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  • +3

    I ordered something and it was in stock then when I ordered it said no stock.

    Ended up ordering from another provider and they are about to pack/send it out

    • +2

      Especially with parts, even their website or ebay store said in stock. once you order, when you chase them because nothing happen after a week, they will then tell you no stock and a 4-8 weeks wait. I ended up buying from another online seller (both ebay and own website) and the dispatch time is within 48 hours so far for my 2 orders.

      However, if you only buying car wash wax etc, SB does offer a very good price.

    • Same here, ordered Bowden's Foursome brushes at 25% off from their eBay stores and got message saying it is too popular and unsure when will they have stock again.

      Didn't even give me a chance to say I can wait and immediately to "change to something else" or refund.

  • Might be worth checking out their eBay page - tried getting a hitch on their normal page and it's cheaper via their eBay page rather then using the 20% off code

  • +2

    Often find their eBay store cheaper than their main store for small items once postage added. eg. Ryco oil filter for my car is $19.95 from their eBay or $24.26 from their own store.

  • +4

    FWIW, my experience with them has been disappointing. Ordered something through their ebay store which said in-stock, then no delivery or communications, then escalation with ebay, refund provided on the last day possible before ebay would have found in my favour. Wasted a few weeks of them holding my money while I had to buy the item elsewhere. I'll never give them my business again.

    • I ordered a part and after a 2 week delay they finally sent it out. When I received it the part was clearly an old used part that a customer had returned or something and I had to call them to send out another one.

  • +1

    (profanity) their website is rubbish.

  • +1

    every time i've bought from them, they've been slow to ship out. 1-2 weeks wait and they don't bother to communicate with you if your order is waiting for more stock to arrive unless you nag them. they're like the shopping square of car parts

  • +1

    Someone here has shown evidence of price jacking during sales.

  • Damn, i've been looking at buying some Stedi lights for a while. Pity they're excluded

    • They're already so cheap for what they are and Stedi CS is top notch so I always buy direct.

  • I buy from these guys all the time and I've never had a problem. I got a expansion/coolant tank last week for a Ford Fiesta and it came in 3 days, delivered on a Saturday morning by a courier company.

    • Ditto. Bit slow to answer queries during covid but that's understandable.

  • Shame there is no reduced total for free shipping. I wanted to get some spark plugs but not going to reach the $99 total :(

  • Nobody is going to mention the insane list of brands excluded from this sale? Feels like it barely qualifies as a sale when ~90% of the items they sell are excluded.

  • Typical sparesbox sale. Everything worth buying is excluded. Parts showing in stock only to find out weeks later it's not actually in stock.

    • Give us some examples of stuff 'worth' buying ?
      I genuinely want to know, as I'm curious.

      Is this worth getting after 20% off?

      Chemtech Mag-Shine 2.5L - $39.95 (normal price)
      - https://www.sparesbox.com.au/part/chemtech-mag-shine-2-5l-cm...

      ( I was thinking of getting 770ml of Bowden's Wheely Shine from SuperCheap Auto instead tonight )

      Last week, I bought the Meguiars Gold Class wash from them, via eBay.AU

      • -1

        I'm all stocked up with oil, air and cabin filters and brake pads from one of their previous 20% sales. They were already competitive on the normal price on the items I needed so 20% less was a real bonus. We all like a bargain but some people's expectations on this website are nothing less than entitlement.

  • +1

    Website has crashed 🤔🤔

    • +1

      No idea how a business can survive with such a POS website! Tried to add to cart, 404 error.

  • -2

    Pretty much nothing on special

    • +1

      Pretty much nothing I want on special

      Edited for accuracy

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