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Boost $300 Prepaid Starter Kit | 12 Months Expiry | 240GB Data | Unlimited Talk & Text $249 @ Cellmate


Telstra are putting up their prices on their pre-paid plans and wish to charge me more for less service - Thanks guys!
After fighting with them for an hour, I decided it was time to finally move onto Boost and pay half the price for the same network.
Cellmate has the $300 sim discounted to $249, which is a good price.
Officeworks were happy to price match over the phone which brings this down to $236.55, which is a great price!

Officeworks phone number: 1300 OFFICE (1300 633 423)
Officeworks item code: BO103350
Officeworks direct link:

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    and wish to charge me more for less service

    Common occurrence.

    They are doing the same to people they are moving from Cable to NBN.
    Halving the speed and increasing the price at the same time…

    • I'm still on cable, for now

  • Boost support is terrible i will never be using boost again, going back to kogan or perhaps trying Woolworths/coles . With boost mobile in Adelaide cannot make calls over 4g network, and have to call stores twice or thrice over 3g/2g network just to get connected.

    • Remember Woolworths mobile uses Telstra's wholesale network, so maybe Coles (Optus) or Kogan a better choice for you

    • Kogan Mobile burnt many people a few years ago..

      I’d never go back there, no matter how pretty the deal was

    • That's not Boost - that's Telstra. See this thread.

      Telstra is screwing customers with phones for whom they do not support VoLTE (which would enable 4g calls) by reducing capacity on 3g (by repurposing that frequency for 5g).

      • Yes that problem occurs with me.
        But mine is addition to that that if I enable calling over 4G LTE network in network settings, i can only talk to people (from first attempt) for only like 70 seconds.

        AND such a problem is not Telstra screwing customer rather boost network not working over 4g calls

        • They fixed issue after like a week

  • Does boost get access to Telstra 5G?

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      Doubt it as their website says only 3G (until 2024) and 4G -

    • Telstra might not share 5G, eSim and One number features anytime soon.

      • Boost will get 5G/ eSIM/ One number if and when Telstra prepaid gets it.

    • No the owner of Boost said it was pointless for the forcible future.

  • god dammit thats smart, i bought it last week forgot about price matching!

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    Thanks, price-match worked over the phone.

  • Can I use this to top up an existing boost account (I signed on with a similar deal last year)?

    • Nope.

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      You would have to port out and then back in to then be able to use this kit. Other posts for this product have lots of info on this. Seems to be a $2 optus sim can do the job.

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    Support small business guys. Purchase from Cellmate if you can afford the extra $12.45.

    • Office works declined my price beat anyway one is a start kit and one is a prepaid sim they said.

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    Been with boost 12 months next month, been great, highly recommend. One not often talked point is the fact you don't need to worry about your clown telco charging you incorrectly every month!
    Now to find a top-up for mine which expires next month…

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      $150 recharge should be available to you 👍

      • Yeah but it's only 80gb :( though I did only use 150gb for the year and looks like a $200 recharge is 150gb!

  • I've been eyeing these lately, but 12gb month just doesn't seem to cut it these days, and the data add ons are crazy expensive.

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      This could be thought of as 20gb p/m.

      • Lol my maths was wrong. I was thinking 12gb!!

        Ok so the next question, why not woolies?same data, same international but also %10 off shop

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          Boost uses the real telstra network. All others Telstra resellers use a modified telstra network. If that doesn’t matter to you, then there is no real reason to use boost.

          • @charedblack: What are the differences?

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              @sdoin: For the majority of people the wholesale network is fine, but for people frequently in fringe reception or regional areas, the difference is a reliable service vs no signal at times.

              The wholesale network does work well for a lot of people, but Telstra offers more coverage.

        • does Woolies offer Volte and Vowifi?

          • @hopper: In addition to VoLTE and VoWiFi, Boost also now offers visual voicemail (for ios)

  • Very happy with this product after using it last year to transfer from Kogan. Does anyone have any tips as to how to recharge an existing plan cheaply though? I began one of these plans 11 months ago and I'm approaching the end of the plan. Presumably porting out and back again is an option but I'd rather reload an existing plan if possible and don't want to overlook any deals before I simply buy another 12 months $300 through the app

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      I'm in the same boat. 11 months into the Telstra $250 deal from last year for me. What to do what to do.
      The GF just bought two Optus 365day/100GB prepaids for $150 each. Very tempting.

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    Yeah I switched from Optus to this and it so far has no issues. I did think that I made a mistake because you had to be careful with data usage whereas on Optus I had data share so didn't really worry too much and had a higher quota.

    But I like keeping $360 dollars in my pocket a year and the ability to make phone calls when Optus couldn't.

  • Its been slow, but they've been trying to move people to those 12months contracts for a while now

  • when do these starter packs need to be activated by?

    • I read the officeworks site and they said anytime

      • Definitely not anytime. It will depend o stock they send to you…Normally officeworks ones will have a long expiry though.

        • update on this - received mine today and it has the expiry April 2021 so yes guess it depends on the stock

  • Can this sim be used as a data sim in an ipad?

  • Thanks! Price matched over the phone this morning

  • Boo, out of stock from cell mate and officeworks won't price match if it's out of stock :(
    Good deal though

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