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Boost Mobile $300 Prepaid | 240GB Data | Unlimited Talk | International Calls* | $242 Delivered @ Cellpoint


Reached out to Cellpoint to do a deal on this popular SIM plan. Almost the lowest price on Ozbargain.

Boost Mobile $300 Prepaid SIM starter kit for a new 12 month expiry plan.
240GB data to use via Telstra network within 12 months.
Unlimited calls & text to Australian standard numbers.
Unlimited international standard calls & text to 30 selected destinations.
Stream Apple music data free.

UNLIMITED INTERNATIONAL standard calls & text to 30 selected destinations:
Bangladesh, Brazil, Cambodia, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Japan, Laos, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom, USA, Vietnam

3600 standard mins & text to 25 selected destinations:
Afghanistan, America Samoa, Brunei, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Guam, Hungary, Iceland, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Kuwait, Luxembourg, Malta, Mongolia, Nepal, Norway, Peru, Puerto Rico, Romania, Slovak Republic, Sri Lanka, Sweden

I also noticed that the $200 12 month 85GB SIM kit is selling for $160. No promo code required for this price.

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  • Great deal. Thanks for sharing.

    • Just got one delivered today, was $270, I'm spewing :'(

      • +1

        Hmmm. Better luck next time :-) but you can always share this awesome deal with your friends and family to support us.

        Kind Regards,
        Team @ Cellpoint

        • I have.
          But only one purchase instead of three, just poor timing lol

  • Is this suitable for existing Boost customers? Mine from last year is about to expire.

    • As always, you have to port out to another network outside of Telstra and port back in.

      • -1

        That sounds painful. I think I'll just pony up the 60 bucks and recharge.

        • +2

          Just port to Amaysim's $3 Plan and port back after a day or so. Unless Boost Mobile has a cooldown which I am not aware of.

          • +6

            @CC123: last time i message them and told them i bought it thinking its a recharge for my current plan and they were more then happy to add it onto my existing number with boost over chat.

      • +2

        That's just pure donkey balls. So Boost doesn't give 2 sh*ts about keeping existing customers

        • No telcos do. Their management strategy is focused on 'growth' so they only measure success based on the number of 'new' connections, and the executives who achieve lots of new connections get paid bonuses.

          Yes, it really is as stupid and futile as it sounds.

          The only solution is to play the game their way - port between providers regularly to take advantage of 'new customer' enticements for the best deal.

          • @klaw81: Nah, it's not stupid. It's economics.
            The telcos know how many customers they'll lose each month. They know how much it costs to retain them. Once upon a time they had specialist retention teams armed with better plans & bigger discounts.

            Then they worked out for much it costs to lose a customer vs attracting new ones. Long term customers - on average - cost more in servicing costs. New ones complain and leave again.
            Obviously this is ridiculously simplified.

            tl;dr - it's more cost effective

  • Sorry if I've missed something, but I have 2 questions…

    1. Do I qualify if I port in from Telstra?

    2. My current plan ends in December. How long after purchasing would I have to activate the SIM?

    • +1
      1. U can port in from Telstra, they are different company.
      2. This pack expires on 2022, so no worries.
      • -1

        I've heard nightmares here of porting from the same network. (Worst case was loss of your number)

        • Nah, that won't happen. If porting process failed, ur number will be kept in previous carrier up to 6 months. Just contact Telstra to solve it.

  • -3

    Don't forget to price beat at Officeworks to get it for $229.90

    • Do officeworks price peat on specials using code?

      • +7

        Oops didn't realise it needed the code - no they don't.

        You can price match this at Officeworks to get it for $236.55, I did it last week - https://cellmate.com.au/product/boost-300-starter-kit4/

        • IL probably do that then, thank you.

        • nice. thanks for the heads-up.

        • Confirmed, just did it over the phone. Thanks TA

    • Wonder when their stock expires…

  • +1

    After the 12 months, you can't recharge with this right?

    • Interested to know what the recharge options are a well.

    • not sure what will happen in 12 months without a crystal ball but currently, boost already includes the $300 for 240gb option as a recharge option in their mobile app for any boost customer.

  • I'm on Telstra post paid (no contract), would it be difficult to port in/out? Any risks of losing my number in this process?

    • +1

      I did the same recently, moved my number to Optus with $2 sim plus $10 recharge keeping number, then to boost keeping my number. Ive heard aldi prepaid sim is the cheaper way to go over the Optus way i went

      • Good to hear, thanks.

      • Will this also work if I can go from telstra to Amaysim to boost?

    • +1

      I was using Telstra post paid until today when I ported over to Boost.

      Ironically I couldn't port over from Telstra online, but you could do so from other carriers.

      Only afterwards I read you need a blank SIM for whatever reasons 'Telstra users need a separate blank SIM (Boost will send you for free) to finish the process'.

      Had to use online chat to finalise registration without blank SIM, but eventually I got connected. I got a new number which could call/receive calls. After 30mins, it ported my number accross (they advised 1-4 hours).

      Convoluted process to port from Telstra to Boost, when you expect it to be easier than from other carriers to Boost.

      Anyway, top deal. I paid $270 directly from Boost.

      • I just bought 2 boost deals for me and the wife.

        Do you think it is advisable to port over to temporary amaysim ($2?) or optus ($10), then port to boost? It seems to be a smoother process than using the blank sim method offered by boost.

        • Naaah, I'd say there's less hassle doing manual porting over online chat than porting twice, or using the blank SIM.

          Porting twice, means being offline twice.

          Plus, manual porting over online chat/blank SIM, means your number never leaves the Telstra network. I'd never trust Amaysim with my phone number.

      • Hi JB1
        Glad to know there's a way around the blank SIM.
        I've attempted over the last 2 weeks to request Boost to send a blank SIM via thier online chat, but each time they would ask me to provide my details and contact me. Never happened.
        What process did you follow to activate the Boost SIM? Did you activate using a new number and requested a manual port from Telstra to Boost?

        • +1

          No, didn't activate the new SIM before porting over. I tried to myself online but was stopped when I requested a port from a Telstra number.

          The whole porting process was done via online chat.

    • Won't work direct, went through this almost a year ago need to port in / out.

      I used a voda sim and it was a 15minute process to swap back and forth.

  • My current plan expires in May next year. Will I still be able to use this sim if I purchase it now?

  • Thanks for posting this! Can anyone tell me what this means? Found in the deal's product description about porting from Telstra.

    "Telstra users need a separate blank SIM (Boost will send you for free) to finish the process."

    • +1

      See my post above.

  • Does it support 5g

    • don't believe so.. yet anyway

    • +1


      I don't think 5G will provide much benefit for me anyway. I don't have a 5G phone yet, plus, what would I need a faster connection for?

      Boost 4G is already faster than the standard NBN connection as it is.

      • -1

        You can continue riding the horse, i'll take the car thanks

  • Thank poster:)

  • +2

    Ok I've bit the bullet, first time in 10 years I've moved back to pre-paid. If this all works out this is a game changer for me :)

    I'm still not sure what happens in 12 months time in terms of boost recharge, so hopefully someone can clear that up for me, as it seems these deals are only ever for porting customers. Sorry for the dumb question.

    • I would love to know the same thing… with Telstra wanting to change my plan and charge me more i'm thinking of porting out if they don't keep my current plan (so far their chat has gone radio silent on me)

      So would be good to know what happens after 12 months on these … it's not some weird port out and in type thing again i hope..

    • You can easily or automatically recharge direct with Boost.

      If you want to purchase a new prepaid $300 SIM with credit, i.e. via Cellpoint, that's where it's troublesome.

      Easy to recharge via Boost, but no discount, you want $300 credit, then it will cost $300.

      • ah ok.. not the end of the world.
        25/month is still pretty decent for 20gb.
        I am however paying $75/month with Voda for 2 sims with overseas calls (time limited) and 70gb/month, but I never use close to that ;)

    • +1

      You won't regret it.

      I switched to pre-paid for the first time after 10yrs+ post-paid with the same carrier. Day to day you won't even notice the difference.

      The only difference in the long run is your data allowance in that the monthly plans have it divided up per month, whereas this just give you the whole thing in one go.

      In 8 months time, keep an eye out for Coles Boost specials and buy a discount recharge voucher when it comes out (they don't expire for a while - might be even 12mths) and then when your plan is just about to expire for the year, punch in the new code and that's it.. another happy year :)

  • Has this expired? Showing as $300 for me. Thanks guys

  • +2

    Just got 2 of these via Officeworks price beat ! Ozb where have you been all my life!?!?! :p

    • +1

      I was wondering if you were able to provide a copy of your office works receipt for the Boost Mobile $300 Prepaid price beat (with the relevant financial/credit card info ommitted for concealment)?

    • Would like this too! Thanks

  • I am stuck overseas and currently on TELSTRA prepaid, its really $$$, so i was looking to get $200 one as i don't need data but the longevity of network for another 3 months or so..
    Can i get my partner to activate it in OZ (he is in Brisbane) and any e-sim kinda approach ?

    • I know boost doesn't do esim

    • +1

      with amaysim u can keep your number for 1 year without any recharge

  • Feel like this has been asked before but genuinely cannot find it - how does the boost reception compare to telstra plans?
    Not counting 5G obvs

    • Coverage is just as good as Telstra 3G/4G!

      Someone I know travelled to a remote town for work, and ALDImobile did not work (it uses 'part' of the Telstra network) so they switched to Boost and it has worked flawlessly!

      • Good to know, thx for that!

  • 'UNLIMITED INTERNATIONAL standard calls ' does that include both landline and mobile?

    • +1

      yes I have been using Boost since 2yrs, Telstra network is excellent across Australia.
      I call to India, UK, USA weekly for hours (landline & mobile), Free International calls.

  • +1

    I bought it for $245 without the coupon code early last week from cellpoint. Free delivery via Australia post express.

    • In ordered this using the code on Sunday but haven’t received it. How long does the delivery take?

      • Hi,

        We ship all orders via AU Express post and you should get in 2-3 business days once dispatched.

        Kind Regards,
        Team @ Cellpoint

  • Any deal for the $200 12-mth sim?

  • I just ported from Telstra postpaid to Boost prepaid-here's how to do it


  • OP I bought a couple of these and apparently these have been delivered. I haven't received them. Do they have signature on delivery and/or extra cover? I'm about to be close to $500 out of pocket and I'm not happy.

    • Hi,

      Can you please email us your order number on [email protected] and we will investigate it with AU Post. All are sims are getting delivered with AU Express post services.

      Kind Regards,
      Team @ Cellpoint.

      • Thanks, appreciate the response.

        I put in a investigation with AusPost and it was found that it was delivered to another address! Bizarre really given it requires a signature on delivery as I know you guys sent it as Express Post Platinum. Anyway, they found it eventually and delivered it to me.

        Just note that AusPost is not requiring signatures because of COVID-19 so it might happen to someone else….

        I sent you guys an email when it happened but you may have missed it. In any event, it is all sorted now and thanks for following up.

        • Most Welcome.

          Glad you received it and thank you for your order.

          Kind Regards,
          Team @ Cellpoint

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