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10% off The Home eGift Cards (Can Redeem for JB Hi-Fi and The Good Guys) @ AGL Rewards (Membership Required)


Maximum daily order $250 with a monthly maximum of $250


Note: If you are after JB-HIFI, get the HIM/HER/KIDS/HOME for maximum purchase of 4x$250

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        • They came through this morning no probs

  • Anyone getting issues receiving SMS from TCN to check balance for converted credit card.

    • i just tried to convert a TGG voucher, but haven't received the SMS yet, been 30 mins

    • Was redeeming 11 cards last night. First 8 SMS came through quickly, the 9th only at 5am this morning and still waiting for 10 and 11…

      • my sms still hasn't come thru from last night, and the contact number just asks you to leave a message

      • Are you redeeming for in-store or online retailer gift cards?

        • i redeemed successful for 5 online and wanted to try the instore, but still waiting on the instore redeem, sms never came

          • @DisabledUser334290: wow that's bad .. plz update if you receive it

            • @Meovel: had to call it and he manually sent it

              • +1

                @DisabledUser334290: Is it the number listed on their "contact us" page? Tried couple times no one's picking up.

                • @poiboy03: same here

                • +2

                  @poiboy03: yep its this number 1300 375 346

                  i called like 3 times and i thought it was about to ring out but someone picked up, seemed like he was WFH as i could hear a dog in the background, but he was able to manually send it, just keep ringing in the morning

            • +1

              @Meovel: Same happened here, managed to redeem 1 of my HER and convert to Google Pay card but when I tried to the 2nd card the SMS never arrived.

              I thought maybe it's a system glitch, tried to do it again but got an error message "insufficient fund to proceed"

              So the fund in the gift card gone, SMS to covert the card not received, it was yesterday night been 12 hours now.

              • @poiboy03: Same here, I have tried to contact them via phone and facebook but noone reply to me.

                • +1

                  @marktomtom: Submitted a ticket through the online Form and about 2 days later I finally got a response and the SMS.

  • +1

    AGL doesn't have him and home card anymore

    • wow. we have ozbargained them!

    • Yea just noticed that. They might have it again soon.

    • I just want to buy another $2000….too bad

  • +2

    I think AGL pulled out all the cards that can be redeemabled for JB Hifi GC (Him, Her, Home etc), can't find them anymore !!!

    • Yap, they just pulled out today as I still can buy some yesterday…

    • +1

      There is a 5% off JB hifi card available to purchase on the AGL rewards site.

    • +1

      They are 7% now

  • https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/577598 8% cashback on TCN cards via ShopBack

  • The discount had been updated to 7%.

  • For those that paid via bank transfer, how long did it take until they sent you the vouchers

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