US$4 (~A$5.65) off US$5 (~A$7.06) Spend Coupon @ AliExpress (New Social Media Users)


US$4 (~A$5.65) coupon AliExpress - New social media users.

UPDATE: previous code did not work anymore, code is mentioned on the website of AliExpress —> aliex111. Looks like they post one every month.

You can use the coupon like 8 times if you want, it is not name bound you only need to login with different social media accounts; TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

Code: aliex111

Found this coupon on the website of AliExpress, just ordered (including free shipping) for under $1.00.

You need to order above $5 and then you get a coupon for $4. I bought an electric lighter with it for example.

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Referee gets USD $24 in coupons. Referrer gets USD $5 coupon per referral.

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  • Oh no.. this isn't free money

    • Just saved $5.25 on my order. That's free money to me…

      • I did this last time - order wasn't shipped and you get the remainder of your money back after 3 months.
        At that point the joke is on you - they get the money and free interest for 3 months.

        From the past 12 orders:
        3 didn't arrive at all (2 could potentially still arrive in a week or 3 (although items I ordered 2 months later already arrived with same shipping method),
        1 was a different item,
        1 was a defective item (arrived damaged),
        1 was also defective item: a soldering iron and upon first time heating, it heated and the tip just fell off (luckily this happened in the garage),
        1 was a "DIY painting" but not enough paint available.

        Edit: Point is: you only saved money if you get the item you ordered.
        All the best with your order though, it really depends on the seller you're dealing with.
        Edit 2: Also, when I used this last time the seller messaged me asking me to cancel my order (because they did not have the item anymore … although it was still listed. They finally marked as shipped +- 2 weeks later, this is one of the items that still didn't arrive.)

        • Never had an issue with Aliexpress in almost a decade of using them. I've had some refunds, quite a few recently, and some of them have started to arrive in the past few weeks with post marks show they were sent ages ago. Most Aliexpress packages have their own tracking, even those that aren't registed post. You can see that most arrive in Australia within 2-3 weeks on average then just sit here for weeks and months before Australia post delivers them. I've always gotten my money back from the sellers even though they're not the ones at fault as they have no control over the postal service.

          There are the occasional dodgy sellers just like everywhere else and Aliexpress is harsh on them when reported, which is what people don't often do as many have the mentality that Aliexpress is at fault. They are actively weeding out these sellers out and most people just leave a bad review and never follow up. Always report dodgy sellers as they get dealt with. I always use the live chat function if there's an issue or if I have a question and they are always very helpful.

          I had the same thing happen a few weeks ago with one seller asking me to cancel a flashlight order because they were "out of stock" although they weren't and had only put their prices up 50%. It's common sense to never cancel an order when it's the seller requesting it as they can cancel it themselves if they were above board.. I refused to cancel the order and told them that if they wanted it cancelled, they should do it.
          They asked again politely and I reported them to Aliexpress. Aliexpress then said they would ensure the seller sent it and I said I wanted my money back. The seller was penalised and I got my refund immediately.

          I've been using Aliexpress for many years. If you don't get your item, you always get your money back. Aliexpress have strict policies for their sellers but you have to actually report them as the site is absolutely massive and AE can't track every individual store front when nobody has said anything. For the other times when an item is defective, they have sent wrong item or it breaks immediately, you also get your money back (or a resend if you want ) very easily and without issue. This is basic Australian consumer protection law. Even without that, Aliexpress tells you this is your right.

          Contact the seller and tell them what's wrong. If you happen to get the rare seller that refuses to respond or makes excuses, then contact Aliexpress and tell them/show them the issue. If you are not at fault, you will always get your money back. Aliexpress are aware of our consumer laws and they do everything to uphold them. It amazes me how many Australians are unaware of these laws and just tend to just complain and leave a bad review and then do nothing. If you don't get your order, it's the wrong item or it's defective, you will ALWAYS get your money back. Hell, I've gotten refunds on things just because I didn't like them once received. I contact the seller and they have always been fine with it. You organise a return through AE (which is free) and as soon as it arrived to the Australian Aliexpress warehouse, I get my money back.

          The most important things people need to realise are that Aliexpress is one of the top 5 biggest online retailers in the world and has sellers and customers from every country. They are very professional and they strictly follow the laws for each country. It's not some "dodgy chinese site" and have better protection than almost every other site, yet some Australians still have that mentality towards them while still shopping on sites like Kogan and Catch which are the small and dodgy sites in comparison. A lot of the stuff you see sold on ebay and Amazon comes from Aliexpress/Alibaba. It's where many online businesses do their shopping.

          Realise that Aliexpress are there to help but you have to contact them when something is wrong as they don't know what every seller and storefront is up to and can only act if they are told. They are actually very friendly and helpful. I have always gotten my money back within 2 days. The time frame is usually 2-20 days. If it's longer than that, you need to contact AE.

          The other thing is that Aliexpress holds the money until you confirm your item has been received. Nobody is getting free interest and the sellers don't get paid until you confirm have your item /leave feedback.

          • @Freezies: Nobody is getting interest, not even Aliexpress?

            You say free money, I just explained the experiences I had. You don't get another chance to use the voucher. So if you get a refund: you get the money you paid (- or + the exchange rate difference), so no free money in that case. And the earliest you can see your money back, if it goes wrong, is after 3 months + 1 week.
            You get your money back in 2 days … that's the additional waiting time, after the waiting time of the order + the dispute time.
            2-20 days is the processing of the refund when aliexpress rules in your favour.

            Talk to "live" chat, you mean the bot that "answers" your questions? I've not yet been transferred to live chat on Ali.

            • @johnmelb: Whether or not an item arrives has absolutely nothing to do with the sellers or AliExpress. It's the postal service and it's out of their control. You can't complain or blame them for what happens once they ship your order, especially since their packages tend to arrive in the country within 2-3 weeks. It's Australia Post at fault as since Covid, they now put them as lowest priority so they often sit here for weeks or months before AP bother to deliver them. Yet AliExpress are the ones who still refund you when it doesn't arrive on time. Most of the time, the package eventually arrives anyway so you end up getting it for free.
              Putting the waiting time up to 3 months is common sense to protect sellers. If you were a seller and you know that foreign postal services are taking a long time to deliver and you are constantly having to refund things even though you've done nothing wrong, you'd be glad to have that 90 day buffer. The sellers don't get paid until you have your item. Nobody has that money until it either arrives or is refunded.

              Changes in exchange rates for foreign currencies, goes both ways. Sometimes they would have to refund more than you paid if the dollar has risen but all that is unnecessary since you can easily change your account so that everything is in $ AU. There is no currency conversion involved. Not sure why you are paying in foreign currencies.

              As for live chat. It is live chat with a person and it's available 24 hours a day. In order to be redirected, you need to ask for the agent if you cannot find the answer you need. Simply typing "talk to agent" starts this off. Maybe spending some time reading the help topics and learning to navigate the site will make things easier for you. Have a good one.

                • @johnmelb: I will repond this last time to adress a couple of the things you keep adding.

                  For this product, our current suppliers have already eliminated it.
                  to ensure your money,we contact you to cancel the order
                  could you first choose the reason"other" to cancel the order?
                  After we are looking for a new supplier, we will contact you again to purchase, ok?"(

                  Yes, you're right, it definitely seems like I should blame Auspost/COVID for this one.

                  First of all, what has this got to do with delivery times? Secondly, this is not AliExpress, but the seller messaging you to say the warehouse doesn't have any stock left, so just cancel the order and they can then put the order through for AliExpress to refund the money. If after cancelling, they still make excuses then you need to contact AliExpress and show them the message. AE will judge in your favour and you will get the refund.

                  Show me how you get refund within 2 days as you claim you always get it. That will only happen if seller issues refund straight away.
                  Process is 1 week for seller to respond, if they ignore you, you have to wait a week at least.

                  The seller doesn't refund. They put the order through to process a refund. You do realise it's there are many levels involved right? Storefronts have bosses and warehouses and suppliers and AliExpress is not related to any of it. Everything has to be approved and passed through chain of command. If you do what you are supposed to do, things go through fast and easy. I always message sellers before the time is up (which is very easy to do as the message area has a direct chat window to each seller). If a seller doesn't respond, which is rare, you know to contact AliExpress directly when the time is up.
                  Most of the time though, sellers do reply and are friendly and assuring and they let you know they will always do what they can once the 90 day period is up. All sites have that wait period to give the sellers a chance to respond before taking action, so I really can't see your point here.

                  I just saw yet another post of yours so I quickly tried live chat despite not needing to talk to them. Even when I'm enquiring about something mundane, they take the time and make the effort to help out.

                  You are doing a lot of complaining about things that have nothing to do with the site but everything to do with normal procedure and things you yourself have control over. You can reply if you want, but it will just go in circles until you see your part in things so I won't respond. It's silly to blame them for your bank charging you 3 cents for a change in exchange rates because you paid in a foreign currency which is how exchange rates work everywhere anyway (and was avoidable since you should have set currency to $AU to begin with) or blaming them for delays in shipping which is completely out of their control or blaming them because a storefront sent you the wrong/dodgy item and you didn't report it for a refund. I really have nothing else to say other than repeating what I said in my initial post. Familiarise yourself with your rights, protocols and how the site works and try talk to one of them rather than building up this unnecessary resentment in your head towards them for things they haven't done to you. Have a good day.

              • @Freezies: "talk to agent" is not working. Just did it again, just comes back with default questions.

                "You can click on the question below or describe the problem you are experiencing and send it to me. I will help you solve it :)
                What if I have not received my goods?
                When will I receive refund?
                I want to cancel my order
                The goods received are not as described"

          • @Freezies: Given there's a lot of false information, in the interest of transparency:
            2020-07-21/23 Ordered and paid
            2020-10-18 Dispute started
            2020-10-24/26 Refund received

            Ordered 21 Jul, Dispute start 18 Oct, refund received Oct 26.
            There's a 2 day delay in the transaction settling on the card.

            Free money received: AUD -0.03.
            So buy using a similar promotion last time, I paid AUD 0.03 for the experience and wasted some time.

  • Has anyone had issues with refunds. A judgement was found in my favour Sep 19 but I've still not been refunded for it?

    • Double check. They have eventually refunded mine.
      The package also arrived 6weeks later after I got refunded. Lucky me.

      • How long did your refund took. Prior to this refunds were pretty quick but this one has been in excess of 40 days

        • I recently had to wait over 3 months to claim refunds for two purchases, a jumper and a mobile phone. The guys selling the jumper had the nerve to ask me to wait another 2 weeks for it to turn up after 3 months but I rejected their offer and Ali stepped in to give me a refund. The jumper turned up yesterday but I have no hope to see the phone. Refunds actually came in my account within a week.
          I think they just extended all shipping windows out to 3 months due to corona delays to protect sellers but it doesn't make it any less annoying when it still doesn't turn up.

          • @nmachine: the difference is my refund has already been approved, more than a month ago and they're still "Processing" it.

            • @Kranbone: One of my items that didn't arrive, was refunded (of course without the promo that applied to it).
              It was processed within a few days (I saw it on my citibank debit card +- 2 days after they issued the refund).
              It was of course less than I paid, because I paid in USD and the exchange rate was worse now.

  • I'm pleased to see my aliex orders are getting to Australia more in line with the shipping times frames advertised. Then it hit's our postal bottle neck and is another 2-4 weeks. Still part of the system is getting better.

    • I had one which arrived within 2 weeks, I'm still waiting on refunds from previous faulty products. Seller has refunded but AliExpress don't want to give the money and I can't contact anyone except a generic chat bot (not a person).

  • Can anyone explain how it works? Every time I log in with my FB or Insta it logs into my normal account and I can't use the code as I'm not a new user.