This was posted 1 year 2 months 27 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Ozito PXC 18V Brushless Lawn Mower Kit $159 (Was $199) @ Bunnings


Ozito 18v mower. Save $40.
Great for those with smaller lawns or requiring a lightweight mower. Sounds like the grass catcher is a bit fiddly/lower quality.

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      Chances are, the 2 batteries are in series, so the total voltage is 40V. A 40V motor will generally give significantly better torque than a similarly built 20V motor. Thus, it will have more grunt to cut thick or long grass. A lower torque motor will keep stopping in thick grass.

      • Aldi a better deal then?

        • yes, on both counts, the mower and the whipper snipper (as that uses cord)

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          For everything else being equal (similar build quality etc), the Aldi one will cut thicker/ longer grass, but might have a shorter run time as the battery capacity is lower (2amperehours as opposed to 4 amperehours). That said, if the Ozito motor keeps jamming and stopping, it will drain the battery a lot faster anyway as it drains a high current when under high load. If you're cutting a small area with not too thick grass, the Ozito is fine, otherwise, the Aldi unit will do better.

      • Thanks! appreciate it. I couldn't for the life of me find out.

    • Is it this deal? I think it's equivalent power? Looks like the deal has 2x batteries, but the mower only takes one, unless I am mistaken

  • Ringwood in Vic has stock
    Probably useful around small court yards and pool area.

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    Not sure if this is going to be much help to anyone, but I just went and checked these out in person because I wasn't 100% sure on it, and the thing is really, really tiny compared to most standard mowers. Like, we are talking closer to a dinner plate size cutting deck. The pic where they have the person carrying it one handed is not an exaggeration at all. So for my purposes, the size rules it out. Just a heads up as the size did catch me by surprise.

    • Good for tiny lawn though given ease of carrying and usage.

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    Says $199 for me.

    • Same, seeing it for $199.

      • I had the same thing when I click the link but when I go to the Bunnings site and look for it. It’s showing $159.

  • Ive had mine for a few years now, good for small lawns but it cant be too overgrown (it just doenst have the grunt to cut through long grass properly unless you angle the mower upwards) and the batteries will only last about 10-15min max. I wouldnt say it was a waste of money because it did the job but I probably wouldnt recommend these for anything other than very small front/back yards.

    • How big are your lawns?
      What happens if you let the grass get too long - can you actually mow it all while angling the mower upwards?

  • Heaps in stock and still priced at $159 at Virginia, Qld

  • Got one of these last year. Does the job. Took a while to assemble the catcher as the two plastic pieces are quite flimsy.

  • Will this last 30 years like my Fathers Victa?

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      It doesn't have to as we won't live as long as our fathers or grandfathers.

  • 3 left at rydalmere. They're in the top shelf so you need to get someone to get it down.

  • To assemble the catcher putthe red piece on the bottom and using a flat screwdriver push each black plastic clip of the thinner black catcher bottom piece into the red piece until you hear a distinctive click. Good luck I have tried mine on a mix of sir Walter and couch and quite happy with the result. I just need to either get another 4 or 5 amp battery or expand a 2.5 amp battery with a few 18650 from a hedge trimmer deal.

    • does the 2.5amp battery work on the mower? i got it through the $29 ozito blade trimmer deal

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        The Ozito PXC batteries are compatible with the entire Ozito Power X Change range, including home and garden tools.

      • It will work, don't imagine the run time would be overly long though.

  • I tried 2.5 amps battery from the edge trimmer deal and it lasted about 10 minutes on a not very long buffalo and couch grass. Given that I have 3 batteries (two 2.5 amps and one 4 amp) that should last for approx. 35-40 mins which is plenty for my needs.
    Was thinking of increasing the capacity of 2.5 amp batteries to 4 or possibly 5 amps by soldering a few more 18650 cells.
    Also noticed on the fast charger picture with a 5 amp battery. There is some room in the mower battery compartment left after inserting 4 amp battery so potentially a 5 amp battery will fit? Anyone added extra cells to these before? Are there bigger size battery skins available to purchase for this? Dont want to buy new batteries as I already have some 18650 cells I can use.

  • I went to buy this after missing out at Aldi on Saturday but there were none to be found (SE Mel) and unavailable for delivery - today back in stock here and there and also for delivery; hope this helps

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