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Ozito PXC 18V Brushless Lawn Mower Kit $159 (Was $199) @ Bunnings


Ozito 18v mower. Save $40.
Great for those with smaller lawns or requiring a lightweight mower. Sounds like the grass catcher is a bit fiddly/lower quality.

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    Great price but good luck finding stock. I’ve been after one for ages.

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      In stock at all but one of my 5 closest Bunnings. South West Syd.

    • Heaps at Pemriff when I was there last weekend.

      Excellent buy at that price.

      • In Penruff, people use their Kingswoods to mow the lawn :D

    • Was still heaps at Joondalup in WA today

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    Our landlord gave us one of these when we moved into our new townhouse with a tiny patch of grass. Does the trick as long as you don't let it get overgrown. It just doesnt have the guts to get through it. The fact its lightweight, simple push start and very maneuverable makes the mowing less of a chore.

    The catcher is a minor annoyance to put together but after that its no issues.

    • +1

      I didn't know that LL is responsible to provide lawn mower. Is he just too kind I assume?

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    i bought one last year. returned it. doesnt handle and stops working if grass is slightly too long.
    bunnings worker recommended to buy the corded one. i was hesitant at first as you have to deal with the cord but man it cuts through anything. highly recommend
    it was cheaper too even after getting two extra long extension cords.

    • -4

      A corded one? No thank you. That's one unnecessary dangerous feature I need to worry about not when battery operated or petrol powered are readily available and can be had quite cheap.

      • +6

        dangerous feature? you cut the grass and run the extension cord in a way that it trails behind you. no danger there.
        next someone will say corded vacuums are dangerous.

        • +1

          Yep, I used to use a corded one before my housemates left it out in the rain for months and it died :(

          The cord isn't really a safety issue that everyone thinks it will be

        • -5

          Cords splayed all over the yard, throw in fast, sharp spinning blades in the mix? Push, pull and in all directions the mower? Yep, no danger there alright. Lol.

          You've just been lucky so far man, that's all.

          • +1

            @pacificstorm: i understand what you saying.
            but the cord is on the right hand side of the mower. you start on the right side of your lawn, run the cord along the edge and it trails behind you as you go up and down. simples.
            personally im more worried about running over small pebbles that the kids leave in the grass with the mower that would shoot out and hit you.

          • +2

            @pacificstorm: throw in the bubbling lava pits, pools of piranhas and the electrical cords triffid.

            i hear you, dangerous stuff

          • +1

            @pacificstorm: I did once ran over the cord many years ago 😣 but never again 😉

        • +1

          Vacuums don't have blades that can cut cords

          • +1

            @fredblogs: older style vacuums have a motor with a fan. vacuum sucks up the cord ends up in the fan and bang.
            you never know with cords….
            Thats why you need to buy the new cordless dyson for $600 that works for 15mins on high speed before you have to recharge. you can do that once a day by the end of the week you would have vacuumed the whole house and you can start all over again. safety first guys.

            • +1

              @cumova: Did your old style vacuum not use a bag? Or a plastic holder/grate over the filter? Or a filter? Or a plastic grate behind the filter?

            • @cumova: I am actually really disappointed that you can't get corded mowers with wide cutting areas
              I'd love a corded mower with a 50cm cut, but they don't seem to exist.

      • -1

        I'd have to agree. We bought the corded one first for my elderly parents in laws. Ran over the cord accidentally, then returned it right away for the battery one. Rather spend a little more time than have that safety issue.

        The battery mowers are so easy you can just whip it out for 15 mins a week to keep the grass nicely trimmed and you can pack away. It isn't a whole affair like the gas or corded ones are.

        • So you bought a mower, carelessly damaged it, and then returned it? You seem like a nice person.

          • @dcash: Who said he damaged the mower?

            • @Powlie85: You're right, I was thinking of the old days when electric mowers actually came with a decent length of cord; not just the 10cm they have nowadays. Having said that, using something and returning it just because you're a doofus is still pretty dodgy in my book. The Ozito manual even has a whole section with a guide on how best to mow the lawn without running over the cord, so even those people lacking common sense should be able to use it safely and effectively.

              • +2

                @dcash: Poor bunnings. Nevermind the inexperienced consumer….

      • +2

        Been using corded mowers for years at different houses and never had an issue.

        Once you get the hang of it is very easy to do a mowing pattern where the cord doesn't interfere

      • +3

        In the very worst case you'd waste a few minutes looking for a roll of electrical tape to put things back in order. But why not just be a sensible person and not run over the cord. It's truly not that difficult.

      • +1

        It is easy to avoid cutting the cable by starting on the side of your yard closest to the outlet.
        And even if you do cut the cord, it is not dangerous. Unless you are mowing in bare feet on wet lawn without an RCD, and were dumb enough to pick up the exposed wires.

        Now corded hedge trimmers - that is another matter entirely! After cutting my cord the forth time, I went and bought a battery model :-)

        • Why is it easier to cut the cord with corded hedge trimmer vs a corded lawn mower? I don't see how you'd forget that you're using a cord easier. Do you mean if you do make a mistake a corded mower might not damage the cord if on the highest setting??

          • @slick7: Picture me up a ladder, doing broad sweeps with the hedge trimmer. I'm not talking some decorative bush here, but a proper big hedge.
            It is not so easy to keep the cord out of the way. I got a Ryobi 18V, and it does a great job.

            Just making a contrast: I've used corded mowers, chainsaw, hedge trimmer … The mower was no problem. Just underpowered, so I went to petrol when a good deal came up.

    • I'd also get the corded one at the same price. It's got so much more power it's not even worth comparing. This cheap cordless version seems like a kid's toy.

      The cord is very dangerous if you are a bit clueless so definitely avoid it if you have a tendency to trip over yourself and accidentally catch yourself in your fly zipper…

      • +3

        C'mon people. This has nothing to do with being clueless or clued in. This had to do more with how long ones attention and concentration span.

        Have none of you ever forgot what you were actually doing and just go through the motion of doing it unawares? Moments like these when you snap out of it (or not) when you realised you're about to chop your finger off or in this case, cut the cord and electrocution ensues which (in case you don't know) is not a very nice feeling at all.

        • I get what you're saying. I did have a problem with my fly zipper when I was about 13 years old. It was a good lesson to be more careful in the future. I have not upgraded to jeans with buttons instead of zippers to be safe. I am just a lot more careful… :)

        • +2

          It's this mindset why we can't do any electrical DIY because people don't turn the mains off in a moment they're unawares.

    • i dont't think any battery operated lawn mower can be any good. Should use petrol ones.

      • Even petrol mowers can struggle with really high grass.
        In that case we find it easier to use one of Elon Musks Nota Flamethrowers.

    • Thanks for sharing your anecdotal.

      I currently have a Ozito corded (1800W?) mower and kinda annoyed having to drag the cables around.

      As someone who've tried both entry level corded and cordless, do you see a huge difference in terms of cutting performance? And and tips on how to deal with cords?

    • I use corded now, hate it… getting a manual push one next.

  • +3

    what happened to the 2x18v mowers? did they get discontinued¿

    • Same goes for a lot of Ozito PXC products :( I was about to upgrade my 165mm Circular Saw with the 184mm Brushless version a couple of weeks ago however they're nowhere to be seen anywhere anymore… and they were only a relatively new-ish product too. Something's going on but I'm not sure what. COVID supply chain certainty issues maybe? Even walking into a Bunnings Tool Shop you can tell there isn't anywhere near as many red boxes on the shelves anymore. Odd. Maybe their no-questions-asked return policy has bitten them in the bum?

    • +1

      Definitely. I just bought the PXLMTK-3182 kit for $149 last week (marked down from $399=>299=>149) and the date code is 06/2020. Never seen this kind of markdown for such a new-ish product before.

      • New model must be coming out. Can't see it online at Bunnings yet though.


        • Yeah I saw that while doing a little research before buying it in store. It is pretty funny that they come out with a new model and the only difference is the battery size. Ozito keeps doing this in the past few years and I have bought most of my garden tools during these markdowns.

          • @truetypezk: Which Bunnings had it at $149!?
            How can you tell the only difference is the battery size?

            • @fredblogs: I bought it at Thomastown VIC, they only had like 3 left at that time so didnt really bother to post it. I mean the difference between the marked down kit and the current active kit is 3ah vs 4ah. The mower skin is the same.

  • +1

    I went with the Ryobi 36v 5ah.
    but at 599 its not cheap, but powers on through. One charge just completes the front n reasonably large rear yard, plus one side of my elderly neighbors front.

    At the moment, if i do it weekly, i can just mulch, rather than use the catcher

  • +2

    Waiting on a sale for the Ryobi 36v

    • So too am I. Do you know when the next sale might be?

  • +2

    Thanks OP! I just bought one from Sunbury, Victoria Store - I was about to pull the plug on the new Ryobi 18v Brushless, but for a $400 saving I'm willing to give this one a crack first!

    • +8

      so you left the ryobi plugged in?

      • -1

        Hi dad.

        • +4

          son, one day you'll learn the difference between a trigger and a plug.

    • +1

      Update! - It was complete crap, its a cross between a kids toy and a hunk of cheap plastic. I've taken it back and got the new Ryobi!

      • +1

        Is the Ryobi 18V much better? Worth double the price?

        • It chews up my sir walter without any issues.

          Highly reccomend!

  • The Aldi deal this is matching is a 400mm cutting area, much better than the 300mm of the ozito

    • depends on the power, this is already a bit underpowered making it larger would make it worse

    • 2ahr battery though

      And warranty…..

  • +4

    For anyone complaining about the catcher… Don't use a catcher.

    • what's the alternative

      • just leave the grass on the pitch

      • +1

        This is a bit of a recent revelation for me too. The catcher on my mower broke and I was stressing about what to do. Turns out that in a lot of cases, mowing without a catcher is actually beneficial as it effectively "mulches" the grass and the nutrients go back into the soil/lawn when it breaks down. There are some exceptions though. Like, if you're mowing a patch of weeds you might help the weeds spread by mulching their clippings around the lawn. Also if your lawn is a bit too long, it will leave a carpet of cut grass behind which can choke the grass underneath and kill it.

  • What is the Cutting Width? How long the battery can last with one charge?

    I am still using Ozito wired mower.

    • 300mm

      • +1


        300mm quite small, I think my existing wired mower also the same size wants a wider one but still going strong.

  • +2

    I have one of these. Bought last year and only use it for a small patch of grass (30 sqm approx). Does the job well on buffalo grass and run time is good on the 4ah battery (only uses a third of the battery) and has not missed a beat. A couple of things to note….. the handle doesn't fold down, you need to manually unscrew them each time (4 lots of hand twist joints). Leveler is set by yanking on the front and rear axles, wouldn't recommend this one if you need to change levels through out your mow, however its fine if you are just setting it once.The catcher is a bit cheap and basic but does the job well enough. Overall fine for a small yard

    • Would you buy it again or choose something different if you had the choice?

  • If you're looking to beat that $199 ALDI trimmer + mower deal Bunnings has the Ozito trimmer kit at $29 making the combo $188 :)

    • the ozito trimmer sucks, do yourself a favour if you are thinking of this and get the aldi and invest in a 4aH battery. If you are being tight wait a couple of week for them to drop, no one is buying them for $49 a pop

  • +4

    Bought the skin only for $169 last year.

    Only have relatively small grassed areas, so one 4Ah battery is more than adequate to do the lot. Actually wanted the smaller size for better manoeuvrability around my very small front lawn with several other plants and shrubs in it.

    Very easy to use and lightweight, so easy to just pick up by handle whenever need to move it.

    Grass catcher just requires you to put it on a certain way, but easy-peasy once you've learnt how.

    So easy to use, that both my partner and young daughter wanted to try it when I first got it. Said, "if I knew they would want to do the mowing instead of me, would have paid double and bought it years ago", Pity, the novelty wore off after the first go, though :-).

    4Ah battery and fast charger probably worth $40-50 on their own, so for $159 all up is a great price.

    Probably not suited to acres of heavy fodder, but for the small urban lawn, I'm more than happy with it.

  • +1

    I don't know if it was pointed out. I have this Mower and does the job. Though thing to note is to change the height of the mower it only has 3 settings and you have to manualy move each wheel. Slightly annoying but something to note.

  • +4

    I have this mower and I hate it. It constantly gets clogged, and the battery never lasts more than 1/3 of my lawn.

    This would be ideal for small patches of grass or nature strips. If you have a larger lawn size I strongly recommend a more powerful mower.

    Just my 2 cents.

    Edit: I should add - it deposits loads of cut grass on the ground all the time, rather than in the catcher. Which means you need to take for ages afterwards to avoid the cut grass suffocating your live grass.

    • +1

      Yeah, I borrowed this mower for almost 100 square metres of lawn and it wasn't up to the task. It was a little longer than normal and buffalo but it put me off cordless. Maybe the more expensive ones are decent but don't have $600+ for a lawnmower atm. Tried the 1500W corded Ozito (also $159) and factor in a decent 25m in my case extension cord and I was able to mow in no time.

      • +1

        yes at least someone agrees with my comment above.
        you have to deal with a cord but the corded Ozito is heaps good. powerful. cheap.

        • I agree with both arguments, if you cut regularly this lasts fine, if the grass is long and you are ploughing the mower through it the battery will die in no time. If you are lazy with your grass and want to save money you can get the corded one, for everyone else the battery is way more convenient.

  • just in time for Aldi's sale. Should I go for this or Aldi one?

    • aldi one is 2 x 18v vs the ozito one at 18v, so expect the ozito one to be more gutless

      • Makes sense. Thanks

        • take the aldi for sure, worst case if you need more batteries which you can always buy

  • All these battery ones look like kids toys.

    • About the same size and quality…..

  • Finally! Been waiting ages for this to go on sale. Cheers, OP! Now what do I do with the Bosch manual mower that I just bought from Amazon during Prime Day sale? LOL

    • Now what do I do with the Bosch manual mower that I just bought from Amazon during Prime Day sale? LOL

      This cordless one is only 300mm.

    • return it?

      • I've already assembled and tried it. I guess I can use it for very light, occasional trimmings. :P

        I only have a small lawn. Bosch one is 380mm. I also have a corded Ozito one that still works well but too bothersome to set up and use with the extension cord.

        • it's Amazon, I'd return it.

        • is the manual mower that bad?

  • +1

    Any experience with the Ozito PXC 18V Cylinder Lawn Mower
    I am looking for a unit which can be stored in small area. Youtube review looks good. Appreciate first hand experience.

    • +1

      Tempted too but not many reviews…

  • -2

    You start with a corded mower; cut the cord. Then graduate to the battery version; get sick of poor performance; then finally move to petrol mower. It's a rite of passage. You gotta spend that cash to get the wisdom. Wisdom ain't free yo!

    Then you start with corded hedge trimmer…… :)

    • +1

      I've saved a bit of money by borrowing a couple of mowers from friends and neighbours.

      I really liked the petrol Honda mower but it was a little expensive when I looked into it. I guess it doesn't really matter if you hold on to it for 15-20 years :) It also made me realise cheap cordless is a waste of money not just because of power but also the battery costs. 1-year-old battery is already on struggle street and got to factor it buying new ones.

      • +1

        This is the way. The best part of when they no longer make the batteries all of a sudden a few years down the line. Would they make these batteries 10 years from now? ;) My petrol one will still be going (Assuming they will sell petrol in 10 years).

        • won't happen with Ozito, it's universal now. Einhell won't stop until bunnings doesn't want them, which will be never

  • +2

    brought one last week :( Last one around this area.

    Worked fine for me although note
    the handle thing a pain to hold down while mowing
    4amp battery just does small front lawn you will need a second if you have a backyard.
    Catcher very small.
    adjust height you need to flip over

  • I've been trying to look for info but no luck. If anyone cares to share re. below question would be much appreciated.

    Aldi one is 2x 20V (2.0aH) vs this 1x 18V (4.0aH) Is that a massive difference? Does the 2x 20V do anything other than allow longer usage?

    • +1

      the 2x20v batteries are in series, ie, 18v + 18v = 36v. higher voltage -> more grunt

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