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The War of the Worlds - Jeff Wayne's Full Stage Musical Show @ The Shows Must Go On via YouTube


The War of The Worlds — Jeff Wayne's full stage musical adaptation of H.G. Wells' alien invasion novel was recorded live at London's O2 arena in 2012. The reimagined story, which was first released in 1978 as a concept album by Jeff Wayne, is narrated by Liam Neeson and includes performances by Jason Donovan, Marti Pellow and Ricky Wilson. Wayne's album is now one of the best-selling of all time.

In Loving Memory of Michael Falzon

Michael Falzon performed as The Artilleryman when Jeff Wayne’s ‘The War of The Worlds’ toured Australia & New Zealand in 2007, and in 2010-2012 as The NASA Controller across the UK & Europe. He passed away on 23 June 2020 after a year-long battle with a rare form of germ cell cancer.

Michaels’ family and wife have set up a donation page for the Chris O’Brien Lifehouse, where Michael was lovingly cared for during his treatment. It is the largest cancer clinical trial centre in NSW. Research and trials are carried out by the same clinicians who treat patients, shortening the path between discovery and new treatments. The money raised will fund research, trials and resources for germ cell cancer and other lesser-known cancers.

Please donate to the Chris O'Brien Lifehouse if you can.

Credit also to dealbot who sent me this off-site announcement.

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The Shows Must Go On!
The Shows Must Go On!


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    This is an album that I have listened way to many times to count.

    • Same. Still have my original vinyl version. I’ve also seen this show at the now gone superdome in Perth.

      • still got my vinyl too, what an absolutely brilliant album

        • Thunder Child . Love that song.

          • @furiousgeorge: Great song.

            Really, the whole album is amazing, especially when you consider it was originally released in 1978. I literally played a cassette copy to death when I was a kid and credit it with getting me into sound synthesis.

            I almost always find the album in the vinyl section at Lifeline Bookfair/Bookfest and buy any that is near mint condition for friends.

          • @furiousgeorge: I really love how the story and music segue into Thunderchild, it's such an awesome song. I remember feeling all teary when was finally old enough to understand what happened to the ship in the end.

        • Featuring Jo Partridge as The Heat Ray

    • Still got the vinyl here but also bought the SACD a couple of years back and it really pops on a surround system.

      • SACD, that would be sweet, I have a amp/all in one Marantz (spelling?) that can play this format, got a Alice Cooper Sacd, sounds great.
        I will now look for WotW in this, thanks.

        I have a cd which has 1-2 bonus songs, but I know there was another version that had 1-2 more bonus tracks, as a mate of mine had it.
        But never got around to copying it (I'm not condoning piracy), as I never ended up finding a copy with these at the time, I've looked on eBay a few times many many years ago, no luck.

        I would of have liked to see this in concert.

  • ULLA!

  • Saw this live in the UK a few years ago - it was amazing! I've listened to the album many times since I was a kid, but watching it on stage brought it to a whole new level.

  • I love the album and rate it might more highly than the stage production, so be sure to give it a shot after you watch this.

    • Been listening to the album for 40+ years - my dad had the vinyl and would play it all the time. But there's something special about sitting in a darkened theatre and seeing it come to life on stage, instead of having to use your imagination. I don't think one is better than the other, they're just very different experiences. :)

      • True. Watching a concert show on video is never the same as the actually being there in the theatre or venue watching it live. As with video you only get to see whatever camera angles on screen the producers decide to show. Missing out on the full stage and wonderful CGI that was projected on a screen in the background of the concert.

  • The chances of anything coming from Mars….

  • My life will be forever autumn

  • Oh wow.
    Currently working on my own Lego tripod https://imgur.com/gallery/zwkLD1Y

  • I absolutely love the mellifluous sound of Richard Burton's voice at the beginning of the original recording:

    "No one would have believed in the last years of the 19th Century that human affairs were being watched from the timeless worlds of space."

    • That part kept coming back to me when COVID first hit, and I was walking through a very empty Canberra City. Seems silly now, since we seem to be faring better than a lot of countries, but in those early days I kept hearing those first lines, when he talks about everyone just going about their daily lives, not realising what was about to come. Maybe I've just listened to it too many times! Haha!

  • Recently listened to this while playing Sound Spectrum's G-Force screensaver - Mesmerising, and strangely fitting.

    Played it to my captive (2hr car trip) kids couple of years ago then played the Orson Welles radio play that night. The following night totally by chance the movie was on TV. Weird.

  • I watched the Franco English War of the Worlds mini series on SBS a few weeks back. Worth a look unless you are a purist. Anyway then remembered about this album, oh boy what a trip!

    • What did you think of it? I kept an open mind throughout the series and tried to view it as a completely separate, new story, and was pleasantly surprised. I actually enjoyed it.

      • I thought it was good and I agree kept an open mind and its like a spin off modern interesting take on the story. It certainly kept the tension a bit like the series The Bodyguard and I binge watched it. Not exactly a bundle of laughs and a bit frustrated that all we've seen so far are the dog like things but that's the point and keeps us going for season 2. Stan Lee's Lucky Man on SBS is good easy watching for something a bit lighter.

      • I quite liked it too; but it doesn't have anything to do with War of the Worlds.

  • The old cold hey. Canberrrra hey. Jason Donavon was brilliant

  • Played it 3 times since last night lol