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Socks Unisex $2.80 Delivered @ Luggage Online


Sock Exchange brand
unisex socks
67 designs
one size fits all
80% cotton,15% polyester and 5% spandex

All our orders are free delivery

Don't forget our silk scarves for $4.99
Just few styles available

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  • They aren't the Happy SocksĀ® brand though…?

  • "or make 4 interest-free payments of $0.70 AUD fortnightly with Afterpay"

    In light of the recent ozbargain deals, this might be the way to go.

  • Is this a good price regardless of brand?

  • Neg for blatant false advertising

  • Just fews styles available

    Do you mean fuse ?

  • Not the "Happy Socks" brand, but still great novelty gift. Bought the roo socks, thanks!

  • Blatantly not true. Can't call them Happy Socks just because they are happy.

  • Neg. Not happy socks
    No such thing as "one size fits all". Happy socks has actual sizes.

    • No such thing as "one size fits all"

      Label on socks says: "one size fits most"

      • Label on post says "one size fits all"

        Clearly you're better at providing accurate deal details than OP.

  • Happy socks by luggageonline. That's what it says.

  • Not Happy Socks but got a few pairs anyway. For $2.80 how bad can they be?

    • They sold these at a local supermarket chain in SA. I really like some of the designs and the prints are good, but the material quality is really poor sadly. Still good for this price.

  • A lot of the good ones are already sold out

  • Not actually Happy Socks. Misleading title.

  • I bought four pairs anyways thanks
    On their website they're listed under happy socks so the title really isn't misleading

  • Not happy socks. Novelty socks sure. Very misleading title. Also normal price.

  • ive bought almost a dozen of these socks. not the best quality but you get what you pay for. not bad.

  • The product for sale is not what is listed in the title.

  • These are ok, especially for the price. Just bear in mind only half of the styles come with tags, the rest get tossed loosely in the satchel bag. In case anyone was thinking of getting them for gifts!

  • Bought some of these last time, not bad as a novelty, but the quality is pretty bad. They're alright if you're wearing them a handful of times for different occasions, but definitely go for a better brand if you want to wear them daily.

  • Yeah really crappy socks , lucky to last 1 or 2 wears. Pretty much wasting money on these .

    • I honestly think they just make great gift ideas I mean for the price including postage you could literally hand them out the friends for Christmas and generally you wouldn't give gifts to 2 most people so it's just the thought that counts

  • Ok I've bit the built and went long on these. Couldn't go past having some of the great Australian icons soak up the sweat between my toes. So I've ended up getting the wombat, koala, seagull and tophat which Im pretty certain are actually wheelie bins. Anyway I was willing to take the gamble, fingers crossed. Oh I ditched the roos last minute coz I reckon they were too lame and not worthy of my toejam.

    • Haha - they are DEFINITELY wheely bins! Every time I've looked through the photos I've thought the same thing. Maybe they thought they'd be harder to sell, if they were marketed as garbage bins?

  • I bought 3 pairs the last time this was on ozb. Only 1 pair arrived, they never responded to my support message asking where the other 2 pairs are/refund.

    Still waiting on the PayPal resolution to get the refund for 2 pairs. Terrible customer service, don't respond to emails.

    • Agree, their customer service leaves a lot to be desired. I've had to call a few times, and they're nice enough on the phone, but they never follow up on anything, so you have to keep calling them back. Not really the best way to do business, but they probably get enough people buying their cheap socks that they don't care about p'ing off one customer!

  • Thanks, just bought two pairs.

  • Mine arrived today….worth $2.80/pair but definitely not the best quality socks I've purchased.

  • Received order with wrong socks 1 week ago - Have sent 2 emails and received no reply. Pretty lousy