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Nintendo Switch Pro Controller $79.95 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Not as cheap as the prime day deal but still an okay deal for an awesome controller

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Amazon AU


  • Great controller but ordinary price. Best to hold out until Black Friday if you're not in a rush

  • Don't think I could ever pay that amount again, I got mine for $59 from Kogan when they had the Citibank $20 voucher.

  • I recently bought an off brand switch wired controller for $25 from Big-W. Am I missing out on anything? It has 2 back buttons, am I gaining anything?

    I tried using the regular switch pads but I felt like I was gonna break them after a 5Min match of Rocket League.

    • It probably doesnt have hd rumble or motion control sensors

    • they are programmable buttons to add macro controls/shortcuts but to be honest I never really cared for them. I had them on my PDP face off pro controller.

      The aftermarket pro style controllers dont have amiibo readers, decent rumble and arent as tactical feeling from my experience.

      What do you mean by switch pads? joy con or pro controller?

    • You might be better off with the off brand. I've had annoying problems with mine that seem to be well known issues that havnt been fixed: dpad registering wrong direction and joystick flicking back

  • any of the off brand wireless controls good? don't need the amiibo things or rumble

    was looking at the 8bitdo but i can't turn the switch on with my ps4 controller

    • get an 8bitdo controller

      • sorry i should have been more specific, 8bitdo adapter was what i was looking at since they're $28 rrp.

        aren't the controllers about the same as a pro? what's the difference

        • Not really similar to a Pro Controller at all, the 8bitdo SN30 Pro Plus is a pretty decent option, based on a SNES controller with thumbsticks and comfort grips, kind of a mix between a Dualshock and a SNES controller, also has analog triggers. Pretty decent controller, I use it somewhat interchangeably with my Pro Controller although I do prefer the Pro Controller for 3D games, I do use the 8bitdo for PC games. 8bitdo has a better D-pad, the sticks are not as good as Pro Controller though, much smaller and placed more awkwardly.

    • I bought TEGAL controller. It is the exact replica of the pro controller with half the price.

    • Sn30 pro. Exactly why I got that instead of pro controller was the joysticks weren't retardedly offset. Would feel very similar to your ps4 controller.

      Plus it has turbo buttons :)

  • my thumb pains while playing mario kart with this controller!! :(

  • Unless you really need now
    Otherwise wait for 1 month and it will most likely be under $70 during Thanks Giving
    will be on sale in both Amazon AU and Costco too