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[eBook] Tesla, Elon Musk and The EV Revolution: The Company, The Man, The Industry @ Amazon AU


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Value investor Vitaliy Katsenelson loves his Tesla Model 3, but does he love the stock? In this analysis, Vitaliy takes a thorough look at the effect of EVs on the auto industry, Tesla’s role in it, the man behind it all, and tries to answer the question of whether this is a stock a value investor should invest in.

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  • This will go great with the tesla I purchased on the $66,000 deal. Thanks ;)

  • From all character accounts I've read about Nikola Tesla, I think he would have disliked Elon Musk.

  • 61 pages, not really a book. Looks like some guy just trying to pump this up the Amazon charts to drive more sales.

  • Us link?

  • …the man who named his child X Æ A-12,
    pfffff. A nutcase of the dangerous kind in MY book.

  • Can’t complain owned the stock for 8 Years

  • Elon Musk is a fraud. Tesla is the new "Enron".

    Look at the revolving door of resignations at Tesla, none of their top level Accounting and Legal employees seem to last a few years.

    Questionable revenue recognition with non-GAAP measure used in their reporting. Questionable warranty accounting practices. They have large number of brand new Teslas parked at unusual sites (cars delivered, or so they say).

    Quality control is dismal with notable cases of leaking panels, falling bumpers, sun roof dislocating. "Autopilot" doesn't even work autonomously in the strictest sense.

    It's crazy that people get so enthusiastic with Tesla. Maybe in the early days, it was exciting. But look at NIO, Polestar, all the mainstream German brands who are not seriously venturing into EV. The EV space is looking more crowded by the day, and Tesla profitability was heavily reliant on US government incentives stay afloat.

    Food for thought.

    • +12 votes

      Once you created a religion, there will be followers. No matter how stupid it is.
      Tesla is not the worst one actually.
      At least they build something that is usable.

    • Tell that to my Bank account lol don’t need a mortgage if I wanted to buy a house … I’ve met tons of people like you. Non Techical people especially accountants foam at the mouth when they hear Tesla.

      As an engineer myself I can clearly see the difference and I will be holding the stock for another 10 Years. Easily 2T Valuation

      • If I had a dollar for everyone who made similar comments about Bitcoin…

      • As an engineer you should clearly know how cheaply there cars are built…

        Did you at least use a discount code when you bought your degree on eBay?

    • Anyone who thinks EV isn't the future must be sniffing leaded petrol. Step aside ICE, your day is done.

      • It looks like the market is going that way, when so many of the big OEMs are putting so much money into R&D (in some cases betting the company on the ev revolution), its hard to argue that ICE vehicles have a lengthy future

      • Of course EVs are the future, and we have to thank Elon & Telsa for making that happen several years quicker than it would have happened otherwise.

        But does that mean Tesla shares will hold value? The only way they could do that is if they manage to create something like the permanent cult following of Apple that allows them to charge significantly higher prices than the competition while still holding a large market share.

        I dare say that is unlikely. Right now already I would have a tough time choosing between the ID.3 and a Model 3. You've got a manufacturer with a track record in building reliable batteries pitted against one who's got a track record in building reliable and well designed cars. Once VW proves that their batteries are reliable too the contest is over, they win.

        • Maybe. It will depend on how Tesla executes across multiple fronts. For autonomy, they released FSD beta last night, plan to increase the price of FSD by another 2k USD and are now considering offering it as a subscription service. How will the existing automakers compete with that? Imo, they will have to rely on MobileEye or CommaAI to bring the functionality but lose out on the associated revenue. They certainly can't develop it themselves; top software engineering talent in the industry aren't going to waste their time at companies using legacy software drowning in decades of technical debt.

          In terms of manufacturing, Tesla have repeatedly emphasized how vertically integration separates them from the automakers who rely on suppliers to perform catalogue engineering. Their material science R&D allowed them to create their own alloys and they're building the largest metal stamps to form the front and back sections in one piece. Sounds cool, and Sandy Munro seems hyped about it. Will it result in more reliability, cheaper costs and maintain some sort of lead? Time will tell.

          Then there's batteries. How much of their 50% battery cost reduction will they be able to capture over the next few years. What are the other auto maker's plan for securing batteries?

      • No one is arguing that ICE isn't done or that EVs are the future (other than guys with Holden V8s as their fb profile pic).

        People just don't think Tesla will be the #1 for long.

    • Hope their quality control is not on the same level as Dell XPS laptops

    • You are completely wrong.

  • WTF is a "value investor"?

  • Free?

    Damn, I should be paid to read marketing material.

  • Price in title

  • Wow, i cant believe how petty people on ozbargain become when tesla comes up.

    this is the only car company that doesn't bombard you with advertising.

  • The person, the woman, the man, the camera, the TV.