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Dune 4WD 2m X 2m Awning $59.99 (Was $239.99) @ Anaconda (In-Store Only)


On sale Saturday 2M awnings $59.99 was $269.99. Bargain for those of us into camping. Was told by employee today. In store only.

Also available:

1.4M $79
2.5M $119

The Dune 4WD 2 Metre Awning is perfect for adding extra shade and cover for those shorter camping trips. The Dune 4WD Awning is quick and easy to set up and pack away thanks to its twist locking poles. PVC cover included for convenient transportation and easy storage.

2m of free standing shade
200gsm Ripstop Canvas with Silver Coating
PVC reinforce corners
Easy to set up and pack away
Twist Lock Aluminium Poles
Heavy duty 1000D PVC cover included
Additional fittings required to fit awning to roof racks
200gsm Ripstop Canvas with silver coating
Poles Material
Storage Sack
Width: 2 m
Length (from body of vehicle): 2 m
Height: 1.9 m
Packed Dimensions
207 (W) x 12 (L) x 10 cm (H)
Product Weight
8.4 kg

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  • +2

    But it shows $99 in the link

    • For club members it is
      For non club members it's 239.99 regularly

      • Membership is free any ways. But the post says $59.99. Will that be tomorrow?

        • +10

          It does say Tomorrow in the title?

    • +2

      LOL yeah, has anyone actually bought this at $239.99?
      Seems like similar quality to Kings, but at this discounted price $59.99, it is a better deal.

  • +1

    Without guy ropes, what stops them causing havoc in a breeze?

    • +4

      2.5/5 star reviews based on 380 people suggests that havoc is a common situation

      • +3

        Worth noting that for Anaconda reviews tend to be lower than most other sites for a given item. Don't know why, but I've noticed that it's uncommon for any item with a lot of reviews to have more than 3.5 stars on the Anaconda site, even if the same item has close to 5 stars on another site.

        E.g. the Dometic 33L Ice Box that was on sale recently:

        Reviews across a few sites are:
        3.3/5 at Anaconda
        4.6/5 at BCF
        Nearly 5/5 at Snowys
        5/5 at Tentworld

        • +9

          Maybe they're not deleting bad reviews like a lot of retailers do

          • +1

            @nigel deborah: Yes I've left negative reviews for items at different stores. Often the negative review will show up when you verify it from within your account,
            but when you sign out from your account and check again the negative review is nowhere to be seen!
            Maybe Anaconda is one of the more honest stores about its reviews.

            • @PukeyLuke: I don't really understand it to be honest. A lot of these stores sell basically the same stuff, if I can trust the reviews on an online store I'm much more likely to buy from them. Sure, the store might lose some money stocking stuff that flops due to bad reviews, but at least you'll have a reputation as a trusted retailer. Same principle as sales assistance who tell the truth about products rather than just trying to mindlessly flog them.

            • @PukeyLuke: Explains why Kmart has spectacular reviews of their budget mattresses, while independent reviews are the opposite!

              Kmart 5/5

              Bedbuyer 1.5/5

        • *looks at username
          Are you definitely not in charge of it?

      • I don't pay much attention to Anaconda review ratings as all their items are 2 - 3 stars, even known excellent items that are universally 4-5 stars everywhere else.

        I think it's a flaw in their set up.

    • +1

      A store like tent world has an excellent selection of items suitable to upgrade the ability of your awning to reduce havoc in certain situations. Pegs, ropes, poles, clips, etc.

    • +1

      I guess you could peg the legs down - should handle a breeze, but maybe not wind

      • I don't think these legs have the holes built into the feet - some do but wouldn't think so at this price point.

        • After closer inspection of the photos, I'd say you're right!

        • +2

          There are so many drill specials im sure most ozbargainers have an ozito laying around unused that will resolve this issue.

    • They generally come with guy ropes and should be used at all times , The slightest breeze will lift them up.

      I have a Darche Awning with the rubber knuckles at the aluminium extrusion instead of metal ones.
      2 years ago i was down at Wonthaggi near the beach,a gust came up and pulled the ropes out causing the awning to go nearly 90 degrees to the roof, no damage the rubber knuckles did there job but not something you’d want to do regularly…

      So you pay a bit more for quality i guess.

      I’ve had the Kings one also.

    • Of course you need them, and I'm sure they will be supplied. They just aren't very photogenic and suggest some (minimal) extra effort setting up, hence they left them out in the studio photos.

    • +1

      I use them every time, having been burnt once with an awning get messed up in a sudden gust.

      Keep them in the car along with a cut down rubber mallet.

      Get some carabiners too and double figure-8 knot them onto the guy lines to make life easy attaching them to the attached loops.

  • If so I'll be buying 1 or 2. My old Kings one has had it.

    • How long did you get out of that Kings?

      • So far? 5 years or so…. Awning is their first one and still great. The bag is stuffed though and the zip is dead so unfortunately I need to replace the whole awning.

  • Could you fit that onto a 3x3 garden shed?

    • I can't see why not?

      • Well 4 is smaller than 9 so my 7 year old niece said ‘yeah it would obviously fit’ when i asked her.

  • I can imagine people use that over the weekend vacation

  • +2

    Anyone know if this is in-store only? I see last year sale price was $49

  • Would this be better than a kings one? Which has these basic specs 'Uses quality components like anodised anti-scratch alloy poles, alloy knuckles and 170gsm ripstop polyester for long life. Packs away in a heavy duty nylon-reinforced 1000D PVC bag'

    • +1

      You get what you pay for with these things. This sounds like it'll be at the tip within one season.

      • +1

        These will probably be like many, for aesthetic purposes on the side of the car.

        • +1

          Up there beside the maxtracks.

  • Shame they're not doing a deal on the 2.5 x 2.5

    • Mines that size and obviously quite popular including the 3 metre…
      This size wouldn’t be as popular hence the sale maybe????

  • Does anyone know what bracket you need to buy?

    • Is that how they make their money? That stuff was included with King's.

      • Kings premium yes included but not Kings standard.

    • They come with brackets

      • +1

        says "Additional fittings required to fit awning to roof racks"

        • Yes you need fittings to attach the awning onto your roof racks. But the bracket attached to the awning is included. I have one.

    • +1

      You'd need some t-bolts to drop into your platform or racks for their L bracket to bolt to.

  • +2

    Not trolling, but what do people use these for? Have been camping for 30 years with a 4WD and can't think of 1 reason why I'd use one. Maybe sleep under in a swag overnight?

    • +2

      To sit in the shade, no matter where you are, beach, desert…

    • +1

      Yep, been using my Kings 2mX2m awning with my 4WD to camping trips for past 2 years over a dozen of times. Set up a swag underneath it, also have my cooking table and chair covered from the sun and the rain.

  • noob question - how much would it cost to get them installed? do I need to get someone else to do that?

    • Very easy to diy

    • Make sure your car has a pair of roof racks on top first. Fitting the awning on the roof racks is easy job.

  • Hmmm price is still 99… Their items usually drop at midnight.

    • Deal active in store this morning.

  • I have a Subaru Forester 2016 that doesn't have a roof rack, it just has the standard roof rails running from front to back.
    I don't have any intention of getting a roof rack.
    Are the brackets that come with the unit sufficient for attaching to the rails?
    Most of what I've seen appears to indicate it costs $300+ for a roof rack just to attach the awning to?

    • The awning will have adjustable rails where you can adjust the spacing of the brackets. You will just need to drill some holes in the side of your bars or make your own bracket to attach them. I had mine on bars before I got a roof rack years back.

      • Thanks. I'm quite surprised at the lack of info online about anything but a roof rack

        • +1

          Not that it matters now because the price never dropped lol

  • 2 hours to go…

  • still 99 at NSW

    • Wait until 9

      • Is this deal already expired, or is that a mistake?

        • +1

          Prices never dropped so expired. Anaconda / spotlight. Drop their prices at midnight for their sales so it looks like OP may have got some mis information

          • @AndyRoo: Thanks. Thought so much as there were no comments and was expired @ 1.35am.

        • +2

          Deal active in store this morning.

  • +1

    Got two this morning for my family. Good deal OP.

    • At what price and what time?

      Instore only somewhere around Brisbane?

      Edit: Stores currently still not open in Qld so must have been online then.

      • +2

        The Morayfield store opens at 7am and the limit was 2 per customer. They were popular. 59bucks as advertised.

        • Well done.

          Store opens 2 hrs earlier than most, did not know that. That is the closest store to my mothers place, keep that in mind.

  • +1

    About 20 left at Lidcombe (NSW)
    $59. Limit 2 per customer.

    • +1

      In the time it took to put it in my car and come back, only 3 left

  • +1

    About six left at Lidcombe, just saw six go out the door in the last 10mins

  • Unavailable in-store in VIC.

    Might still pull trigger at $99

  • Called Anaconda Maribyrnong said they can't do the deal in melbourne. Even though they have some in stock

    • Called Box Hill store and advised the same. Unaware of a different in-store price.

  • +1

    About 15 at Tingalpa Qld from 9AM, with one running out the door every few minutes although the rush seems to have slowed.

    • Sold out at Tingalpa

  • This sale is not available VIC-wide.

  • There were about a dozen at the front of the Logan store at 9.40am this morning.

  • +2

    80 left at Everton Park, Brisbane

  • Email went out last night about the deal. In stores only and 2 limit per customer. Not available at VIC metro stores.

    Picked mine up this morning at Rockdale

    • One for each side 🙂

      • Get another for the back and score the trifecta!

  • Does the awning have to extend fully to lock in place or can it be extended partway?

    Considering the 2x2 vs the 2x2.5.

    • Called Box Hill store and confirmed it doesn’t have to extend all the way.

  • Picked one up at Ashmore QLD.

  • plenty of in mile end SA

  • +1

    Heaps left at Port Macquarie store

  • +7

    FYI, comes with mounting kit for roof rack, i. e. T bolts, u brackets and bolts. Also has guy ropes.

  • Anyone in store know of this deal is still active?

    • +1

      Just picked one up this morning.

  • +1

    thanks op! Picked up from Rockdale today, also stacks with the $10 voucher which is given when you sign up.

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