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15% - 20% off Dell XPS 13 and 15 - Silver/Carbon Fibre @ Dell


Dell is having a massive clearance sale for its laptop range. You can customise the new Dell XPS laptops with the included discount of 15% off, and 20% off some versions of the XPS 13. XPS laptops are widely considered to be at the top of the market in 2020.

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  • Can we steal multiple discount codes Eg combine this coupons that people have from monitor purchases?

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    I'm on my second Dell XPS 13" and have been very happy (second used at work, first is five years old and going strong - typing from it now). Very space efficient form factor, with the 13" the same size as my wife's old 11" Macbook Air. Webcam placement on the old models is horrible, but the newer ones have finally fixed this with a tiny pinhole version in a spot that doesn't look directly up your nose / give an extreme close up of your typing fingers.

    • Do you have the 1080p or 4K version? I'm tossing up between XPS 15 1080p and 4K, because there's a massive difference in clarity and colour but also a big price increase.

      • If you can afford it go 4k.
        How much is the price difference these days?

        • Touch screen / high res on both, older model wasn't quite 4k, newer one is I think. The display is nice, but I'd prefer matt to glossy - too much reflection. Also have no use for the touch screen, and would prefer it without to be honest, but the high res is only available on the touch.

  • The link goes to DEALS page where the already discounted laptop offers don't accept the coupon.

    • Sorry, I just included that coupon because a news article said it may work on some Dell items on their store. I didn't check it

  • No white . Pay more for that clean look