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[UNiDAYS, PC, PS4] Thrustmaster T150 PRO $332.10 ($302.10/ $317.10 with $30/ $15 AmEx) + Delivery (Free with Club) @ Catch


10% off Catch.com.au - Some Exclusions @ UNiDAYS and Student Beans - Price in title after 10% off.

Extra 8% off with Catch gift cards - Delivered instantly and you can choose exact amount.

Free shipping with club catch - [Trial available](Club Catch trial)

Some users got spend $150 get $30 cashback and others got spend $100 and get $15 cashback. You can spend these amounts from AMEX and rest with discounted gift cards for extra discount.

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  • This or Logitech G29?

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      just watched this, I'm leaning towards G29- waiting on a good deal need it before December for my sons birthday :(

      • I have this one. It's a step up from the Logitech, I like it. It's solid and well made.

    • I bought the G29 last week for $348 from Amazon. https://www.amazon.com.au/Logitech-Driving-Force-Feedback-Ra...

      It's a bit notchy but for the money I'm happy. Second hand units are still expensive and you don't know if they will be OK.

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      T150 Pro ffb is smoother and more realistic feeling, and the ffb settings are much more customisable.

      G29 has a stronger ffb motor - so higher top end potential for forces - but too many people bump ffb up too much and it completely removes it from feeling like a real car. To me, you want something that feels like a car, but then can accentuate certain forces that you otherwise aren't feeling - like if the car is sliding etc.

      The G29 also has a long running issue with one of the sensors that Logitech just never bothered fixing. There's a part that very commonly cracks and you'll need to have the wheel at 90 degrees to drive straight.

      G29 does however have better feeling pedals, especially if you get one of the mods for them.

  • "Thrust" master

    • TWSS

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    PS4 racing wheels will be compatible with the PS5 Link

  • Kinky name

  • I have read that THRUSTmaster :-) wheels have more quality control issues than Logitech?

    Had a G27, bought it 2nd hand and it worked well for a couple of years until one day all of a sudden it developed the infamous 'cracked sensor' issue, with the wheel not centering when driving in a straight line. And yes, the FFB effects were notchy when they first kicked in (perhaps when the gears first engage for each action, taking up the slack), but once engaged (i.e. entered into a slide), it is quite linear, provided that you don't crank up the FFB scale (and why would you!) to avoid clipping.

    Is the T150 considered a belt-driven wheel or gear-driven? In the product diagram, it says 'belt-pulley system', and the diagram also contains gears.

    I was just about to buy the T150, but then looked at the pricing of compatible TM gated shifter… no thanks….

    Will wait for the next G29 deal…