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AOC AGON AG493UCX 49" DQHD VA 120Hz 1ms HDR FreeSync Curved Monitor $1439.10 + Shipping @ Shopping Express


Spam email from Shopping Express - 10% off AOC monitors, brings this big guy down to $1,439.10 + shipping. Code applied automatically at checkout.

Screen Size (Inches):

Screen Resolution:
5120 x 1440

Screen Panel Type:

Screen Refresh Rate (Hz):

Response Time (ms):

HDR 400

Adaptive Sync:


DisplayPort (DP):

USB Type-C (DisplayPort):


USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-A:

Height Adjustable:

Swivel Adjustable:

Tilt Adjustable:

Speaker Included:

VESA Mounting:
100 x 100


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  • Juicy, if I didn’t just get the Samsung 49 inch good guys commercial deal I would totally have gone for this.

    • How much did u get that for?

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        From what i can see, it is currently: $1486.00

      • +1

        Yeah it’s $1486.00 plus delivery $35 (I’m in Melbourne but I’m not sure they’ll do pickup with commercial anyways) so $1521.00 total.

    • now i can watch aoc play amongus on my aoc

    • +1

      The Samsung is the better product. Have both.

      • Hi, looking at both ATM..

        could you please elaborate as to why it is better?

        • +1

          Samsung is crisper. Requires less grunt to drive a clearer image. Sturdier product

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    Resolution Simplified: 5K

    5120 x 1440 is Dual QHD
    5120 x 2880 is de-facto “5K”

    • +3

      Wish people would stop calling it 5K. Misleading when the res is the same as 4K.

      • +2

        It's less then 4K but agreed

      • approx 10% less than 4K. It's like those morons on youtube getting 3x 4K monitors and calling it a 12K setup.

      • +11

        It is 5K, there are two simplified naming conventions.

        XXXXp and XK.

        1080p, 1440p, etc are vertical counts, and 2K,4K,5K are horitzontal counts.

        A 5K ultrawide/super ultrawide is always going to be less vertical pixels than a standard 16:9 5K television/monitor.

        • +1

          I'm so used to typing out this response that I didn't even look for it. Kudos!

      • +3

        Calling 3,840 x 2,160 as 4k is also misleading.

      • It's 5K by how that's defined, which is the horizontal resolution. It's a cinematic standard, not a hard and fast 16:9 reference.

        You're getting confused by TV and monitor marketing.

    • -4

      copied from page, fixed

      • +4

        You had nothing to fix, 5K is a horizontal resolution naming convention.


        The most common 5K resolution is 5120 × 2880

        Examples of 5K resolutions
        5120 × 1440
        5120 × 2160
        5120 × 2560
        4800 × 2700
        5120 × 2700

        • anything less than 1600 vertical is still peasantville. It's 2020 ffs.

      • +1

        AOC is calling it “Dual QHD” - Dual QHD displays ensure crisp imagery.. - if any one is best qualified to correctly label their own product, it’s them.

        • That's actually rather apt - (2560x1440)x2.

  • Can a normal laptop handle this beast?

    I mean the laptop with GT740m graphic card?

    • +8

      You would need something a bit better than a 740m.

      • +3

        Dunno why you got downvoted for saying that a seven year old mobile GPU wouldn't be enough to run this.

        • +3

          That, and the HDMI port adapter is unlikely to support it at 60hz. At best you could probably be force it at 30hz. The GPU itself is capable, it's just the port that is the limiting factor.

    • +1

      In theory, it's fine for productivity and video, but you won't be able to do a thing in almost any 3D game you can throw at it, from this century at least.

      You'll want to double check the maximum resolution output of your device though. The GPU is OK (though it might not hit the max refresh rate), but the external connector may not be fit for purpose.

    • +2

      Depends how you mean handle…

      It'll probably post bios…

      "This includes support for up to 4 active displays. Furthermore, high resolution monitors of up to 3840x2160 pixels can now be connected using DisplayPort 1.2 or HDMI 1.4a if available. "

      You won't be doing any gaming, and the 2gb dedicated ram will be utilised in it's fullest doing anything even browsing the web, hope you have min 8gb in your laptop too. Might get away with 4gb, but ehhhh…

      Honestly if you have a laptop with a 740m and want to pair with a $1500 monitor, buy a newer laptop for a grand first to support it properly.

      Just my two cents.

  • Can these do PBP from say the same laptop source? (actually wondering if anyone used this monitor this way and is it any good).. Thinking if it can be used for work as well as gaming..

    • +1

      Yes - I do USB-C and HDMI.

      I switch between laptop and gaming PC often. The monitor has a remote control too so changing settings is easier than having buttons on the panel too.

      • Thanks 😊

  • This or the Samsung. Not the G9?

    • +1

      Based on DisplaySpecifications comaprison, C49RG90 has a 10-bit 600 nits panel, while AG493UCX has a 8-bit 550 nits panel, C49RG90 wins on panel specs, but AG493UCX has a USB-C video input and built-in speakers which C49RG90 lacks.

      Since they are similarly priced, it depends on if you need a USB-C vedeo input, if not, C49RG90 seems a better choice.

    • Save $500 more, because the G9 will drop below $2000 on promo some time in the next 3 months, probably soon (already has a few times in the US).

      Otherwise, I'd probably look at the CHG90 you're referencing, because it offers some level of HDR features and better performance. USB-C is the only drawcard for the AOC, but that can be fixed for any DP monitor with a passive DisplayPort to USB-C converter.

      • He is referencing the crg90. The CHG is 1080p

        • I was referencing the same thing with the wrong model name. I meant the CRG9.

          • +1

            @jasswolf: I probably should have been clearer, my pure laziness.

            I can get the LC49RG90SSEXXY for $1699.15 via EPP Samsung Store.
            The other option is to wait and hopefully see it below $1699.15 on black Friday.

            I was kinda considering the G9 but seems like a few issues with it. I do have MSI RTX 3090 ETA isn't at least the end of November cause MSI allocated stock is all gone for the first batch next batch isn't for another 2 weeks so it's on the way so it should drive this okay and I have time to wait.

            The prices have come down a bit overseas though with low stock coming through a lot of bricks and mortar stores aren't discounting as heavily.

            Mainly used for work but sometimes non-competivite type games.

            The games I do really pay at the moment are The Division 2 and Valorant. I'm not good at either but just something to destress.

            Has anyone got any other suggestions for another monitor?

            • @hotstuff: There's been a lot of firmware and driver updates relating to the G7 and the G9, so I'd look into that very closely before ruling it out.

              I'd expect to start seeing heavy discounts now that stock is arriving here again, and this is the time of year when Samsung will typically offer discounts in our region, through to February.

  • +18

    This or a used Hyundai Getz?

    • +1


  • Wow this is a beast compared to xiaomi 34 inch screen.

  • This or LG CX48?

    • +3

      For gaming if you have a new RTX3080 it’s the LG CX48 no contest.

      • rtx 3070 supports hdmi 2.1 too, going forward i'm guessing most cards will have 2.1

        for people not aware oled > tn > va in terms of pixel response:


        so it seems to be a game changer

  • Neither. I bought a 38WN95-C. I have an OLED in the living room but 48" is just too big.

    • +1

      How did the you get the 38wn95c? There is no stock anywhere. Been waiting for one for months.

  • -1

    looks like i can't plug in my pixel book and windows laptop at the same time? dual view/dual computer function?

    • +1

      no, looks like i was wrong

      Picture by Picture (PbP)
      Picture by Picture is a feature that allows you to make use of multiple sources (e.g. from your laptop and desktop PC) simultaneously and display them on the same screen. Its commanding overview gives you more control and boosts your efficiency both while streaming, working and playing considerably

    • +9

      It's not a TV

  • +2

    Thanks OP, bought 3

  • +1


    Max resolution of USB C interface is [email protected] or [email protected]

    Ok that's definitely not a draw card. Get the CHG90 or Samsung G9 and use a converter. You'll only get 60Hz I think, but you'l at least get the resolution (perhaps more on the G9 due to DSC).

    • +1

      The chg90 is not the same resolution. It looks bad.

      Get the crg90 which had previously been around $1600 at tgg.

      • Again, I had the wrong model name in my head, I was thinking of the CRG9.

  • In case anyone else was wondering, like I was, this monitor has the same vertical screen size as a 27" monitor and the same width as 2 x 27" 16:9 monitors.
    So basically the same as 2 regular 27" 16:9 monitors side by side.

    120cm screen width
    34cm screen height

  • Can some please shed some light (hopefully from personal experiences) on buying stuff from Shopping Express? Specifically if it's grey market imports and if buying from them would affect the warranties?

    (I apologise for a noob question, haven't really used Shopping Express before)

  • if anyone bought it, happy?