New Accounts - First Month Free (Normally $5.99/mo) with Deferit (Pay Your Bills Later)


Use code FREEMONTH to receive a free month for Deferit.

Deferit allows you to get up to $2000 of balance to pay bills. Deferit pays your bills upfront and you then pay it back in 4 equal fortnightly payments. There is no interest and late fees, only a $5.99 monthly account fee when the account has active bills. Use the code to get the first month free!

*Only applicable to new users.

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  • Too creative

  • Another BNPL clone..How unique

  • With Z1P's one-time use card and tap-pay feature these types of companies are just picking up the crumbs of the bigger cake that has already been eaten.

    also seems concerning that their blog is showing an expired public signed certificate of 30 days

  • Is there a credit check? My rates are only due late nov. When doest the code expire?

    • Yes, they check credit history.
      In addition to monthly fees, there is a 1.5% + 20c card processing fee.

      • ok thanks i know they will check credit history but will there be entry on your file does anyone know?

        • You don't need this to pay rates.

          Every council in Australia has a hardship scheme. Call the council and come to a payment arrangement.

          You can pay weekly, fortnightly, 4 weekly, monthly, quarterly or all at once. Whilst your bill might say it's all due immediately they must offer payment arrangements.

          The sooner you call the smaller your instalments will be.

        • @coolsteps All credit checks are listed on your file.

      • @ClumpyGinger have you gone through the process? Asking because Afterpay doesn't do a credit check much to ASIC's displeasure.

        • No, just checked here
          Also, Humm/Openpay doesn’t perform credit check (depending on credit limit) I believe.
          Joined Latitude pay(by invitation) 3 weeks ago, so far no credit check on file.

  • Can you add a credit card as a payment option?

  • don't know the fascination with BNPL. get a no fee card, use your cards (55 day free interest) and make fortnightly payments

    • Can't always pay a rent by CC. My rental agency only provided the option recently, and it attracts a 1% fee I believe, which is still better than this website. So yeah this "bargain" is meh

  • With the clamp down on pawn brokers and pay day loans, a new style of leech has popped up. I guess adults are still adults and need to pay a 'stupid' tax.

    • Sure there are plenty of 'stupids' out there that will use these services unnecessarily but there are also a whole bunch of legitimate needs. With the increasing gap between high and low pays, and the cost of living not really caring about the lows, an increasing number of people are left in desperate situations. Getting better finance often takes time and effort and these bottom feeders are ready to take advantage. When your kid's hungry or you're about to be kicked out of home even the most non-stupid will be enticed by any alternative.

      • BNPL is NEVER the solution. These companies are predatory.

        • Sure. But desperate situations often call for desperate measures. Maybe think yourself lucky you're not there.

          • @afoveht: What is the desperate situation?

            Almost every single bill can be deferred.

            There is no need for these services.

            You mentioned "when your kids are hungry". Use a food bank. There are hundreds of them. I use them regularly.

            You also mentioned "you're about to be kicked out of your home". That is indicative of more serious issues. To get to that point you must be seriously in arrears. This service will just delay the inevitable. If you don't have the money to pay the rent then how does this help? Rent is due every month. Next month you'll need double.

  • This mob almost certainly pays for Google reviews, having over 4000 reviews at an average of 5.0 stars compared to much larger competitors like Zip (4.4 stars from 940 reviews).

    I wouldn't recommend anyone in the scummy BNPL industry anyways but these guys already look suss to me. They advertise as saving customers from late fees but it seems to me these fees are then just paid to deferit instead. Complete non-value-add industry, can't wait for the hype to die down when their customers (who are 270% more likely to be reliant on JobKeeper than non customers) start defaulting.

    • There's literally 1,000s of reviews exactly 7 months ago, then barely a handful since. This defines suspicious.

  • another stain on my credit report

  • not worth it too many fees ""$5 monthly fee up to $500 outstanding balance
    $10 monthly fee above $500 outstanding balance
    Card payments will be subject to a 1.6% surcharge"" better off with humm bpay i think its free if you pay it by end of month and link it to credit card free. other wise its $2.50 monthly fee only.