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Curash Water Baby Wipes 6 x 80 pk $16.79 + Delivery ($14.27 S&S Prime or $15.11 S&S) @ Amazon AU


Cheap wipes for the bubb back in stock at a slightly higher price. Looks like Amazon has price matched Chemists Warehouse which has free delivery for $50+

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  • Any good??

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      They are pretty good

      Better than huggies
      They don’t tear either

      • Bullcrap, curash is too wet and every time I take one out it will pull the next one get pulled out halfway making it almost impossible to close the lid, every single time. Huggies almost never have this problem.

  • These make my bits burn

  • Contains Phenoxyethanol. Should be avoided for babies.

  • Thanks OP… I find them even better than the infamous WaterWipes…

    • Keep an eye out they're often on sale.. at least once every other month. I may have overstocked last time thinking that they never go on sale as well.

      Watch out for Woolies though - I ordered online and they substituted it with scented wipes (which both cost less than these and naturally aren't great for sensitive skin)

    • In some ways they are, others they're not.

      Curash (relative to WaterWipes)


      • Cheaper
      • Thicker
      • Textured
      • Wipes/absorbs better


      • Not biodegradable

      Neither are biodegradable, which is definitely bad. However, WaterWipes are really not biodegradable, they're mostly polyester. Polyester is essentially a plastic, it doesn't break down. At least WaterWipes own up to this, admit it's not ideal and are trying to find a solution.

      However, Curash don't even have a statement about environment friendliness; so they're probably not too different from WaterWipes.


      I challenge anyone using these wipes to wipe your face/lips with these. You'll probably be a bit shocked.

      It must admit it took me way too long to realise this, especially since my daughter had recoiled and cried every time we attempted to wipe her face with these. Of course, we didn't keep doing it, we used a damp cloth instead. Anyway, once I realised it wasn't just us touching her face she didn't like and that the wipes themselves sting, I felt pretty awful.

      Curiously, the Curash Fragrance Free wipes (the cheaper ones) don't sting anywhere near as much. We stocked up on WaterWipes recently. However, prior to this we were using the Curash Fragrance Free ones for my 2yo, and (the expensive) WaterWipes for our (now) 5 month old.

      • I have used these to wipe my face, and kids’ faces (baby and 4yo), no issues.

        The only one I don’t really like is the green packaging one, aloe and chamomile? They smell way too strong.

      • Used them myself and no issues. Like anything- if the product doesn't react well with you, don't use it. It doesn't make it a bad product.

        • Sensitivity / pain thresholds certainly vary among us, so you may deem it to be minimal and a non-issue; and that's totally fine. However, it's probably worth noting that stinging isn't a matter of not reacting well with a particular person. It's a chemical reaction, not a biological one. The chemicals involved are corrosive, so anyone using these is experience an extremely mild chemical burn. It's obviously perfectly safe, they wouldn't be selling them if it wasn't, but it will be burning everyone's skin, whether you feel it or not will vary from individual to individual.

          This is a different than what people refer to as "having a reaction" to a product (e.g. a rash), which is a biological response (as opposed to being purely chemical).

          Granted, every mass manufactured baby wipe is going to be corrosive to some degree, chemicals are required as a preservative, or else bacteria could grow in the packaging! It's just the chemicals in these particular wipes are objectively more corrosive than those in WaterWipes.

          The reason WaterWipes are able to pull that off is specifically because of the aforementioned lack of biodegradability. Polyester (plastic) isn't an organic substance, so there's no naturally occurring bacteria in the wipes themselves that need to be killed off; instead they just use grapefruit seed extract to prevent bacteria growing in the water. To my knowledge every other baby wipe manufacturer use natural/organic fibers (cotton or bamboo) to make the wipes themselves, organic materials naturally have bacteria growing in them, so the preservatives (or rather anti-bacterial agents) need to be much stronger. These anti-bacterial agents need to be corrosive. that's what kills the bacteria!

          That's why WaterWipes have the reputation they do, they fundamentally are less corrosive. However, they downright suck for the environment. So if you're environmentally conscious then they're probably the worst baby wipe on the market.

  • Not quite as good as the past $12.75.