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BWS: 20% Cashback (Cap $20, 11am-3pm AEDT) @ ShopBack


Note -

  • cashback is on the total amount excluding GST.
  • Extension tracking does not work for BWS, please click through from ShopBack website to ensure that your cashback is tracked.
  • Max one transaction per customer.

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  • Ergh looking forward to another straight out deal from BWS themselves, can’t be bothered waiting months for cash back to track again

  • Is paying with WOW giftcards allowed for cashback?

  • I wonder if it will stack with the $10 cash back for certain Lion cartons, like Furphy, etc.

  • Eying another bottle of glenfiddich 12…

  • For those hesitant and burnt from the recent eBay 10% cash back deal that did not track, you will probably have luck appealing the denial of claim by emailing screen shots of your click through and invoice showing time of transactions.

    • You'd have better luck drawing blood from a stone.

    • I almost ordered (using this deal..) and was..nah..let me wait for my ebay 10% dispute sort out first…if outcome is favourable will use them again, if not, will wait for all cashback due..take it and run…

  • +15 votes

    ShopBack cannot be trusted. Seen their latest attempt to win hearts and minds with astroturfing review sites with 5-star reviews?

    • I agree, my experience with ShopBack isn’t good as well. Recently I shopped on eBay with 10% + $5 additional deal, which the eBay price was only good with it, not without. ShopBack refused to pay because the individual seller was not registered with them!

      • Since when have Shopback been keeping a register of every eBay seller?

        • Exactly my point. If it’s ebay it shouldn’t matter from whom I purchased it.
          This is an extract of their reply
          “ We have investigated and found that the merchant has deemed ShopBack ineligible to earn commissions on this transaction which results in us being unable to pass the cashback along to you.
          ShopBack awards cashback on your transactions on the basis that the merchant attributes your order to ShopBack and pays us a commission, they are the deciding party on a sale being attributed to ShopBack.“

          The so called “investigation” is still going on but I’m not really hopeful seeing it getting decided on my favor.

          • @PrasangaD: That doesn't indicate it's an individual seller not being registered with shopback. Don't jump to (incorrect) conclusions

            That's just saying that eBay did not award any commission to Shopback. I'd have a guess to say it was probably as you didn't meet the eligibility (by using a coupon code when you weren't supposed to or part gift card when you couldn't or similar)

      • I am in same boat, but they havent refused yet, still under dispute..

    • I have seen the 5 star reviews too. Gave up with my latest claim with them and just returned all the items. Debra just copies and pastes responses.

    • Interesting to read the problems people have had with Shopback. I've never had a problem with Shopback but heaps and heaps of problems regularly with Cashrewards who have tracked incorrectly, not tracked at all and I always have a long list of where they want evidence. That's why I always go to Shopback first. For me, they've been great.

  • I don't understand "extension tracking does not work" means.
    If I go through shopback app, will it qualify?
    No activation required?

  • Better to wait for direct discount from BWS. They often have 10% off

  • I used the 15% with liquorland and it tracked within 2 minutes and their prices are lower to start with and I'll get 2000 flybuys points back. Now off to coles to spend my weekly $25 to get 7000 points.

  • ShopBack is terrible. I don't trust them either.

  • These increased cashback deals never track properly with ShopBack. If you don’t wanna waste your time with endless emails making a claim, don’t bother.

  • The recent eBay 20% off deal, shopback has got additional 5% + $10 they called upsize deal, the 5% comes but the $10 never, they can not be trusted? What should I do?

  • The last two of these have tracked for me. Last one had a unexpected extra $10 off too so very happy

  • These cash back deals should absolutely be banned for BWS. Last time both CR and Shop back failed as they do not work with the glitchy BWS sites. Then they had the audacity to email those forced to submit manual claims lecturing them on making sure they are using tr extension correctly. The reps on here admitted it was the site, not the extension!

  • I'm still waiting for tracking from the previous deal in early September! Chasing up robots is also pretty difficult. This is not to mention the recent security breach. Shopback cannot be trusted. I'm finding it extremely hit and miss with their services.

    • Yes now I use it only if it’s something I would anyway buy and if it’s only ShopBack offering cashback. I’d go for 1% cashback from cashrewards than 5% from ShopBack. Anything more depends on my mood to gamble

      • Dunno who keeps negging comments about problems with shopback. Must be their fanbois?

        • It's because for the most part, any perceived difference in tracking performance is placebo

  • I placed an order last week is there any chance I could cancel it as I haven't picked it up yet and reorder?

    no point as I'm noticed the bottle of champagne I bought doesn't come down to $163 anymore, so it's a lot of effort to save potentially 7% extra cashback

    I generally have no problems with the shop back but the last 20% Groupon didn't track at all they gave me $0.30 instead of 9 bucks

  • Thanks OP, held off on the 10% yesterday in the hope of 20% for today's offer. Fingers crossed that cashback tracks.

  • BWS most hopeless retailer of the year - it's impossible to reset password = impossible to buy - will just buy elsewhere

  • Maybe notgotyourback can address some concerns one day .eg TA doesn't hide from complaints on forums .

  • Are you eiligible for cashback if using this with staff discount?

  • Not tracked due to their system glitch previously.

  • Shopback has been hit or miss lately but I feel better if I'm pretending to have a slap at the pokies so I'm gonna order me a slab and hope I get the cashback

    Gamble responsibly.

  • I’m trying to order a bottle of Baron Samedi Spiced Rum, which normally sells for $52, but has a Member Exclusive price of $43. With the 20% cashback on top, it’d be a sweet deal, but the BWS site is bodgy AF. I’m a member, and logged in on the BWS site, but when I add a bottle to my cart and try to check out, it’s still full price right up until the payment screen 🙄

  • Shopback uses exactly the same tracking as Cashrewards for the most part (down to the individual affiliate network). I don't pick sides, but the constant blaming of shopback is ridiculous.

    Should be blaming BWS for dodgy implementation of their affiliate attribution.

    • I've used both for BWS deals and haven't had an issue with CR, but have had issues with Shopback. I think Shopback customer service do themselves no favours either with long delays before a copy/paste response.

        • "Your best bet for any of these is
          1) Don't bank on receiving any cashback, particularly if trying to stack deals."

          How is it a deal if you can't bank on receiving it? And past negative customer service experiences ARE relevant - people should be aware they may need to waste their time jumping through hoops and being blamed by customer service for issues that are not their fault.

        • Even after tracking, ShopBack can secretly decrease the cashback amount 2months down the track, which happened to one of my DELL large value orders.

  • Shopback needs to address their userbase, the data they've exposed and what measures will be taken in future to ensure our data security.

  • Can’t say I’m fussed with Shopback, takes half a year to see any proceeds. They removed Amazon so I stopped using it for ages, then Amazon came back and my last purchase achieved an amazing shopback credit of 0c. Waste of time.

    • Because you bought from an ineligible category probably…

      Blame Amazon, not shopback.

  • ordered, tracked after an hr, all g, cheers!

  • Untrustworthy tracking. Meanwhile Cashrewards tracking for Dan Murphy's is nearly instant.

    Today SB spammed their Trustpilot with fake 5 star feedback. So dodgy, and a terrible look after the major user data breach…

  • Today's transaction tracked within 3 hours for me.

  • Can't say I've ever had a problem with Shopback (or Cashback). Always use the app and keep the interactions as simple as possible so things go smoothly.