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Vodafone $36 Per Month 50GB + Samsung Galaxy A11 on 12 Month Plan

  • Select the $40 lite plan which is currently $35 and comes with 40GB bonus data per month (normally it's only 10GB).
  • Select Samsung Galaxy A11 which is $1 extra per month.
  • Select the 12 month plan (minimum cost is $432)

Once your 50GB is used up every month it throttles down to 2Mbps so it's basically unlimited internet.
Credit to Gibspmuh

Cashrewards have $35 cashback on Vodafone 12 month plans with a handset.
Credit to Tomgum

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  • That’s a pretty good deal and not a bad phone!

  • Not a bad phone for $12.

  • Hmm, that Super+ plan for $55 a month. 200gb data, then throttled to 10mbps once you go over. For some, you could just about replace home internet with that.

    • That does sound like a great deal, assuming one can use this in a modem. $1 for an ok phone too

      • Maybe the phone is the modem?

      • It specifically says on the website that you can’t use it to replace home internet. No idea how Vodafone would police it though.

        • it says can't be used on a modem, may be works only in the phone from vodafone..

          • @aby7: works on any BYO phone

            • @BLAIL: Not sure mate, please read critical information, Vodafone always have tricky terms and conditions, found it "You must purchase a handset from Vodafone to use with this Plan and pay it off over 12, 24 or 36 interest-free monthly instalments. If you cancel this plan, your MPP will also automatically cancel and 100% of remaining MPP instalments will be applied to your next bill"

          • @aby7: Can still use hotspot on a phone however

  • This is nice if you like this phone and Vodafone in particular. Otherwise wouldn't the JB bonus $500 GC with Telstra 80GB $59pm a more flexible deal if you can get/wait for it?

    • I think your plan is in a different league considering it's almost double the price?

      • Have you crunched the numbers considering the gift card?

        • If you want a >$500 phone, sure. However if a student who's tight on budget and is ok with having the A11 (retailing at JB for $249), this is good for them.

        • 70% more data, 70% more cost per month, $500GC vs $250 phone.

          But then it only makes sense if you're going to use more than 50GB of data, which would be rare for most people. Definitely completely different plans for different people.

          edit:Actually, thinking about it, you can flog the phone for $150+ on ebay, making it maybe $280 for the 12 months. However 59*12 = 708, it wouldn't be hard to sell the GC for $400-450, meaning it's $250-300 for more data.

          So yeah, decent if you want the A11 and not use much data, not so great if you want to sell the A11 and could potentially use the data.

  • this phone has 2gb ram? hmmm

  • Don't forget $35 Cashrewards cashback.

  • I still remember those days when we can get $20 or $30 per month plans that come with a free (dumb) phone.

    • This phone is close enough. I mean who makes phones with 2GB ram in 2020.

    • I remember the 3/Crazy John days, and you could get reasonably good phones for $20-30 per month.
      Some examples:
      Xperia S/P/Arc S
      HTC Sensation XL/One X
      Samsung S3
      Various Nokia Symbian/Lumia

      (These are just a few off the top of my head).

      Roll forward a couple of years, all competition was purchased by 3 major players and now we are here. Who would've thought lack of competition would lead to price rise?
      (To be fair high end phones cost a bit more these days but still, the phones mentioned at the time of release where $500+).

      • It’s not really the lack of competition carrier wise, it’s the crazy price rise in phones that has occurred over that time.

        I would say the value that can be had for just a stand alone SIM only phone service is better than ever.

        • Sure the high end phones are more expensive but show me a $20-30 plan with a $500 phone included.

          Also I don't like the argument of more data, more minutes etc… these cost carriers nothing.

          • @OpayuOnam: Data is a huge cost to carriers. Probably their biggest cost.

            The cost of rolling out networks is huge compared to 10 years ago. Almost every tower now needs fibre optics to connect them to support large data transfer.

            There are significantly more towers required too, and with 5G, there will be tons more required.

            Also, the amount of spectrum carriers need to buy/lease to support all this data is also a huge cost.

  • Too bad Vodafone is bad around my area in Perth.

  • OK, I will ask the noob question…
    The Super Plan costs $45pm and offers 100gb of data, then throttles the speed down to 10mbps, 'infinite' data from that point on.
    It's understandable that Vodafone would put in that rider to discourage folks from seeing this as a substitute for home internet but how would they know, and what would they do?
    HD vid runs at less than 5mbps so if all you need is email, browsing, some small file transfer and a single stream like Netflix and Kayo, won't that work?
    And the handset is about a $200 value on eBay.
    With the $35 Cashrewards the net cost of a year of unlimited internet would be about $320.
    Am I missing something here?

    • You will find it hard to get $200 for this phone. As for 10mbps it's good enough for Netflix and general use. Remember the ADSL days.

      • Might do, but otherwise a nice Christmas present for a family member.
        But 10mbps is still enough to stream (no gamers in my house), and I have just noticed no early exit fees on the plan if it turns out to be a dud.

    • I signed up to this plan https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/568326

      I got the 60 Gb $45 plan.

      Since I signed up they have increased the full speed allowance from 60 Gb to 100 Gb.

      The 10 Mbps shaped speed is great for my streaming uses.

      I've used 283 Gb so far this month (mostly Kayo, Binge, Netflix and iView). I hotspot the phone to a laptop connected to a TV.

      Works a treat.

  • Can add international minutes to this plan?

  • Hows voda these days? Used to be vodafail

    • To be honest, I was using Vodafone before switching it to Telstra and am living almost in the heart of Sydney and 4g speed Vodafone is way faster than Telstra. Day or night.. it’s my experience tho. .

    • Vodafone is sux in Melbourne city including no connection in the heart of cbd like Bourke street Mall or city BigW or indoor pubs in cbd. Since I switched to prepaid with other network i have no issues at these locations.

      • phone signals generally suck in big tall concrete steel buildings, or concrete basements where city bigw is - like really, nothing works at the basement bigw in QV. come on bro.

  • Are these phones unlocked? Would like to use the plan with my current phone and the a11 as a work phone.

  • +1 vote

    Was able to get 12 months Amazon Prime as well from this deal. Thanks OP

    • How did you get the Amazon Prime membership please?


        At the confirmation page, under Hot Offers (where they include the bonus data and savings for the phone) one of the lines had 3 months Amazon Prime for $0/mth. When I went to try linking the free prime to an Amazon account it came up as 12 months free Prime.

  • Not a bad deal but I'd personally go for a Redmi Note 8 pro and this deal for cheaper.


  • Would this SIM card work in a 4g Modem router?

  • Sorry, I'm layman in this. Could someone please explain how it would work lets say if I cancel the plan after 7 months .. ?

    Original Monthly device payment X 7 months = $21*7 = $147 . RRP of $252 - $147 = $105. So do I pay $105 to keep the phone?
    I would have really paid only $1 X 7 months = $7. RRP of $252 - $7 = $245. So do I pay $245 to keep the phone?

    Thank you

    • $245.

    • Although Thypeople replied that it would be $245, I actually think it's $105.

      They usually apply a credit to the phone each month. Instead of repayment of $21 each month for 12 month, they would apply a $20 credit each month for 12 months. So after 7 months you would have received $140 credit play the $7 repayment. Therefor you would only owe $105.

      • Yes .. I think you are correct …

        I could extract this out from their terms and condition.
        "The remaining balance is calculated by taking the undiscounted RRP of $252 divided by your device repayment period (for example 12, 24 or 36 months) and multiplied by your remaining months."

        So according to this info I can calculate it this way,
        $252/12 months = $21.
        The remaining months would be 5.
        5 months X $21 = $105.

        So you are correct.
        Thanks mate …

  • I signed up but received an email and a phone call to say my order has only been partially approved. I was approved for the $45pm SIM card but had been rejected by the credit check for the $1pm phone.

    I rang them and a guy pushed through the order however the confirmation has a different reference number so I gather my $35 Cashrewards payment won't be honoured.

    I also can't create a log in yet to see if the Amazon Prime offer is available.

    • Same, approved for the plan but not the handset.

      Told them just to cancel the application as I wasn't satisfied with the explanation.

      • I thought it was hilarious and insulting that when it comes time to paying the $1 each month…. they don't think we're good for the money.

        Voda: Where's our dollar? baseball bats a table
        Me: Some things came up and I don't your dollar right now but you know I'm good for it. I'll give it to you next month I swear!

  • Tethering permitted but for personal devices only and not as a substitute for a home internet service

    How can they enforce this

    • Detected the IMEI of each device you put the SIM in and if it isn't a phone then they could disable your service if they wanted to or charge you more.

      • doubt this. i believe it would be more so, the reliability of having 20 devices connected to 1 sim, then people call up saying why isn't it reliable.

        then they will just say well, not designed for you to treat it as a public wifi hotspot.

    • Probably detect the number of devices thethered. I think it's reasonable to see maybe 2 devices connected at the same time. But if you have 10 devices connected from smart watches, chromebook, Alexa, smart tv, alarm system,laptops, PC, tablets, then your probably using it as a home internet

      • They cannot see this info. Guybrush is correct except there is no risk they can charge you extra, the worst they can do is cancel your service and you'll have to payout the phone.

        • In that case I am really tempted to put it in my B818 from Day 1 and see how long I can ride the 10Mbps gravy train.

          • @Guybrush57: Well remember that you'll be charged the full cost of the phone, not the $1/mth. They'd send you a warning first I believe, this is going off of what Telstra do so do a bit of research

          • @Guybrush57: I was actually thinking the same thing. However, after doing some research I am not so sure about the idea anymore.

            Vodafone will get your IMEI number as soon as you turn the modem on. They most probably will search it against the database (www.imei.info). If it comes as a modem they may enforce cancellation of the service. Not sure if they do it routinely but it's a possibility.

            Modifying IMEI is illegal and can entail up to 2 year imprisonment (unlikely but the risk is there).

            Connecting the phone to the router via USB is a headache unless the router is ASUS. Plus, you need a spare phone lying around. There is a way of connecting the phone to computer and then feeding internet through router. You still will need a spare phone, plus computer should always be on.

            So, in the nutshell, unlimited internet is doable for a small household/apartment by using your phone as a hotspot. Trying to use it as a home internet for larger households creates too much headache for a relatively small gain.

            More than happy if somebody proves otherwise as I would be happy to go that path.

            • @AFOS: I am baffled that modifying an IMEI is punishable by death (well a 2-year sentence). Why should it matter what device you put the SIM in? Data is data and if you exceed your data and get shaped then the shaped speed is the same on both devices. If anything it would save them money if we were to use our modems since we won't be nationally/internationally texting or calling.

              • @Guybrush57: I couldn't believe it myself. However, Telecommunications Offences and
                Other Measures) Act is saying:

                474.7 Modification etc. of a telecommunications device identifier
                (1) A person is guilty of an offence if the person:
                (a) modifies a telecommunications device identifier; or
                (b) interferes with the operation of a telecommunications device
                Penalty: Imprisonment for 2 years.

                Of course, it is unlikely that anyone is going to do any time in case being caught fiddling with their own equipment. However, potential hassles far outweigh possible benefits.

      • a wifi extender can mask those connections?

        • A wifi extender would actually give the game away. It's like someone wearing a balaclava to hide their face when stealing…in any pre-coronavirus pandemic era of course!

  • Is it dual sim

  • I've switched to Telstra BYO XL 180gb for $65/month after discount for 12 months. And I've realised i easily go through almost 10gb a day just basic streaming and other things. This plan would be unsuitable for a regular data user.
    BTW it is simple to Hotspot a bunch of devices and also to chromecast. Main annoyance is when the person with the main Hotspot plan takes their device away from home which then renders chromecast etc useless as they need in essence their router to get started

  • Is this for new customers or can current customers sign up?

  • Any benefit upgrading from A20 to A11? Apart from a slightly cracked screen, is there better value internet deals for 40+GB?

  • renewed one of the plans, on backorder until mid november.