$10 off Any Purchase on Signup (E.g. Quix 25 Daypack $13.99) @ Black Wolf Online


I received an email that Black Wolf have updated their website, and appear to be giving out a free $10 voucher when you make an account. I could not find any coupon terms or conditions, a start date or an end-date, and was able to successfully use my voucher on a clearance item.

In addition, I got free standard shipping (for a $45 clearance bag), though YMMV. Single use only.

The bag in the description (available in multiple colours): bag

Email text:

We've got some exciting news, x

We are stoked to share that we've made some upgrades and changes to the BlackWolf website.

We've done all of this to make sure you have the best time online and can get back outside faster. In creating the new website, we've been incredibly careful of everyone's privacy, which includes your account password. To make sure you can keep making the most of the WolfPack, we'd love for you to create an account or activate your password.

As a way of saying thank you, here's a code that will give you $10 off your next purchase with us.

Your $10 off welcome code

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