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M.2 SSD USB Enclosure ORICO SSD Enclosure Qi Wireless Charger Stand Smart Wi-Fi Plug $9.99 + Del/Free With 4 @ ShoppingSquare


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  • I read this as ssd enclosure and qi charger 2 in 1 device lol

  • The ORICO enclosures are excellent for fast transfers with SSDs. I already have heaps as tempting as it is to buy more.

    • Can confirm. Bought four of them with the last promotion. Worked a treat and easy to put together.

  • Enclosure speeds are capped? Not for NVMe speeds, yes?

    • Cap by both the enclosure and the usb port that it is plugged into

    • NVMe and Sata need different adapters for the M.2 FF. Usually if it can read one it cant read the other. Usb C can exceed SATA speeds but not NVMe.

      • USB 3.1/3.1 gen2/3.2 gen2 = 10Gbps can exceed SATA (6 Gbps)

        USB-C is just connector type, does not necessarily be the above, can be USB 3.0 or even USB 2.0. Thunderbolt-3 is also using USB-C connector, at 40 Gbps.

        It has become more and more confusing…

    • m.2/SATA to USB 3. Not for NVMe.

      m.2/NVMe to USB 3.1 gen 2 enclosures are not at this price point.

  • Does any know if there are adaptors for using NVME Or M2 with msata port? Qotom has only two ports : sata and msata.

  • Can anyone vouch for the wireless charging stand? Looks very similar to other ones I've seen, but I'm a bit dubious.

    • I had this charger and it worked well for about 6 months and then died.

      • I have this "FAST CHARGE" charger.

        Was great but now acts strange after a year - the LED now flashes using all the colours (I previously thought it's only steady blue while charging) and I need to unplug it and plug again so it stops flashing and starts charging.

        • I've discovered similar problems with a similar charger when the power supply is insufficient. Make sure you use a power supply that can support 5V/2A or QC or above.

    • I bought this the last time it was on sale, I'm not impressed. Not really fast as you'd expect, nothing more than using a cable is my experience, and the lights are super bright, I wanted it for the bedside table, but even covering the lights with bluetack, almost the whole thing glows (I took the white). Also, I would have expected this to come with USB-C, which it didn't, micro usb is the connection.


  • Was interested in the smart wifi plug.
    But seeing some mixed reviews on Amazon. People either love it or hate it - and it's got me worried they are faking reviews.

    Can anyone vouch?

  • OP is the M.2 SSD USB Enclosure usb C output or micro B?

  • Is there such an enclosure,..

    m.2/NVMe to SATA?

  • Promotional items? More like, we found a box out the back…

    iPhone 4 cases anyone?

  • Can someone tell me where/which to buy an external adaptor to suit a "Samsung 970 EVO Plus NVMe M.2" so I can migrate to please, it's very confusing.

  • Any of this cases suitable for MacBook Pro SSD 2015 that I've removed from dead MBP? Thanks

  • I accidentally bought a Samsung 860 EVO internal drive thinking it was a portable one. Will this caddy suit?


  • Can attest to the ORICO Enclosure. I have a 1TB Crucial MX500 in mine which was being used as my Steam game library before being switched over to my Xbox game storage in preparation for Xbox Series X.

  • This is USB to SATA, NOTE: not compatible with M.2 SSDs.

    How many people know the diff between M.2 form factor has B-Key, M-Key, etc. lol


    USB to SATA, get JMS580 chip
    USB to PCIe (NVMe), get JMS583 chip

    Those chips support UASP + TRIM.

    I got one Orico PVM2 for about A$25.

    • This is a massive pain it he ass at work for the support guys if they try to recover from sata m.2 or a nvme .. b-key, mkey .. anyone else out there wouldn't have a clue about the difference (unless techy themselves) ..

      • The NVMe (non SATA III) SSD thing is quite a mess, even for hardcore tech guys without proper research.

        I took me a hour to figure out what to buy: NVMe SSD + enclosure…

        NOTE: All Samsung EVO Plus are M-Key (connectors), to make it easy. Orico enclosures are pretty good ones, make sure to get the ones with UASP + TRIM support.

  • Found out after a quick browse on Amazon, advertised as NGFF generally refers to m.2 SATA, not compatible with m.2 NVMe.

    It is very confusing, NGFF should be m.2 and not specific to SATA, but somehow in marketing term seems to refer to SATA and not NVMe. Best to read the whole thing before purchase, usually seller will mention either it is a m.2 SATA or m.2 NVMe, cannot be both.

  • Same on Amazon:


    This says m.2 NVMe not m.2 SATA. Add says NGFF. Very confused!

  • I received my products today (charger, USB-C-to-USB-C, and USB-A-to-USB-C) and I'm really happy with them. I'm actually sad now that I didn't order two of the wireless chargers—instead of a not very exciting pack of batteries.

    Thanks @danilochan!