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[VIC] Bonus Chicken Wings with Purchase of $63 or More @ Market Seoul Soul


Hey Guys,

I just want to share with you that I found an absolutely awesome deal!

Market Seoul Soul, Korean meal kit online store in Melbourne, just started the free chicken wing event.

Any of you purchase over $63, then you will have free chicken wing and shipping!

You don't need coupon, they will send you automatically when your order is more than $63.

This promotions until last 6th of November. Do not miss your chance!


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  • good tasting food tbh. been ordering from them every week. Seafood Soon Tofu is divine.

    • Ive ordered it from the box hill store through doordash a few times and the taste was great but the portion was rubbish. Only filled the container half full.

  • +9 votes

    Reported twelve times, comments have been removed. Please explain how this is a bargain?

    • -9 votes

      just order $63 or more like you order Ubereats and they will just send you free fried chicken wings.

      The box contains 450g of chicken wings and sauce.

      • I don’t order Uber eats. I also don’t see this as any sort of deal or bargain.

    • Now that OP finally declared its association with the shop, which means he or she had been flat out lying when being questioned earlier by our alert communities. We had comments deleted by the mod for "accusation" and it sure does feel like insult to our intelligence.

  • OP, do you work for or with this company?

  • Anyone else tried this and can see any value? Photos look nice, but no info e.g. on portion size & comment above suggests portions small.

  • Liar OP, marked as associated without originally declaring it.