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Baseus Bike Motorcycle Phone Holder Rear View Mirror Handlebar Stand Mount A$15.98 Delivered @ eSkybird


Lock with One Twist.
Universal Bracket for Motocycles, scooters and bikes.
Support handlebar and rearview bracket

Don't forget to apply code OZBG039 at checkout.

Another bike mobile holder deal:

Baseus Motorcycle Bicycle Phone Holder For iPhone Universal Bike Mobile Phone Stand A$16.98 after code: OZBH035

Baseus Bike Motorcycle Phone Holder Rear View Mirror Handlebar Stand Mount Details:

Brand Name: BASEUS
Compatible Brand: Universal
Charger: No
Material: aluminium alloy
Type: Motor Holder
Material: Aluminum alloy+ABS
Fix Position: Handlebar / Rear View Mirror
Suitable: Universal for 4.7-6.5 inch Phones
Support pipe diameter: 21-34mm
Adjust Range: 27mm
Usage: for Motorcycle Motor Bike Phone Holder

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  • Links says,

    Buy one, get one free

  • How much time does it take for Delivery? I ordered Bluetooth Fm transmitter from eskybird in August, still hasn't received it.

    • +2 votes

      hi aviralc, please send me your purchase number, I will check the parcel tracking details for you.

      • Hi Anwenx, My purchase number is 20090809v4434936


          Hi, I checked your order bought on Sep 8th, parcel was shipped on 12th, last update was Oct 16th at airport waiting for departure. We have some parcels same day at airport on Oct 16th,just arrive in Australia this afternoon, so I think your parcel may soon arrive in Australia. After in Australia, it will soon arrive at your place. Our people have sent tracking detail to your email, please take a check on your email.

    • If it was sent by free shipping/china post, it will probably be 3 months.

      • it will probably be 3 months.

        3 'business' months.

        Don't forget to add an extra few weeks for the Lunar New Year coming up…

      • +1 vote

        hi bamzero, the free standard way need to wait for freight airplane in this period, so sometimes it can arrive in 30 days if it catch the plane right after shipping out, sometimes it may take about two months, but very few more than 3months. The eskyfast shipping way now is more stable, from the data we track with all our buyers' to Australia, the delivery day is around 15days

    • +4 votes

      That's ridiculous, 3 months shipping is a quarter of a year!

      Then combined with deliberately confusing wording around 'buy one get one free', i'm negging this deal

      • I guessing you haven't bought anything free shipped from China post COVID? Getting anything in 2 months would be fast..

        Need to use their priority line, direct AU, eskyfast shipping, whatever they may call it, if you want to stand a chance to receive in 2 weeks.

        • I'm online shopping a lot, get at least one thing I can recall in less than 6 weeks. It said one month upfront.

        • I'm online shopping a lot, get at least one thing I can recall in less than 6 weeks. It said one month upfront.

  • What's the legality of using this with a motorcycle?

    If I use this to hold my phone while it records my ride, can the cops fine me for "using" my phone?

  • Good deal if someone can wait.
    I would buy two holders if shipping time were faster than a few months.

    • +1 vote

      Hi yabol, thanks for your comment. Buy two will ship with eskyfast shipping way, which is now more stable and fast way, can arrive in Australia around 15days.

      • When buying two the total price is $31.96 and eskyfast starts from $39.
        There is nowhere in my order saying this will be eskyfast shipping.

        • +1 vote

          yes, purchasing $39 more will shipping with eskyfast. If you purchase 2pieces and more, our warehouse will also ship by eskyfast way recently.

  • I am wondering why people are not voting for this deal ?

  • Any recommendations for bicycle phone holders? Looking for a one for my 16 year old to fix in his bicycle. Thanks

    • The best, and Australian, is Quad Lock. Sold in most bicycle shop. This deal should fit fine with a bicycle too, but can't comment on how secure phone will be or build quality.

  • Very bulky and heavy for a bicycle. I suppose, could be useful for those delivery guys, normal cyclists usually know where they are going.

    • I have a light phone holder for my bike, it's really delicate. This bike phone holder does look heavy but it does look like it could take a knock also,
      at 154 grams for the Baseus compared to my lightweight 70 gram phone holder, that's only 84 more grams or the same weight as having a sip of your water bottle!!

      • 84 grams is about the difference of DT Swiss hubs 350 and DT 240 I was considering (for two wheels). I think the difference between the wheels was about $200 roughly. BTW, Quad lock is 22 grams.