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Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Professional Monitor Headphones, Black $157.63 + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon UK via Amazon AU


Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Professional Monitor Headphones, Black

Limited time deal

Plenty of info in previous posts about these cans

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +14

    I find it so amazing that the price of these headphones has stayed exactly the same for over 10 years.

    • +2

      Audio hasn't really changed ;-)

      • The AKG K361 and AKG K371 called, they asked what's up.

        • +2

          They must be pretty advanced to organise a call between them both to me. That's impressive.

      • Isn’t there a Bluetooth version of these now?

        • Yea it's pretty good

        • You can always McGuyver your own bluetooth for you headphones (I think you'd have to crack them open and remove that annoying locking mechanism though).

    • +2

      It shows how great these headphones are.

      • +2

        I didn't think they were that great.

        • Lol same, mids felt recessed to me

        • My first impression was the same. I’ve stuck with them for a while now regardless. For the price I think they’re still worth it though.

      • They're OK headphones but not great

    • i bought them for about 180 four(?) years ago

      • got mine for 130 about 2 years ago

    • a few years ago they were actually a fair bit more, looks like they're finally starting to come down again.

      • Yeah. I paid $250 for one a few years ago but that was local Australian stock at JB Hi-Fi.

    • +1

      Agreed. I used to use them for DJing. Pretty sure i scored these for $149 several years back. Good monitors.

      • +1

        Yeah same here. Sound quality is amazing. The extra detail i can hear when listening to music or film makes these worth every cent.

      • -15

        Good monitors? Do they do 4K, 144Hz?

        • +2

          These headphones probably not for you if you don't know what monitoring is.

          Stick with beats by dre.

          • -4

            @IllBuyThat4aDolla: I mean /r/woosh

            But lol are you seriously trying to get elitist over a set of M50s? Really?

            • +3

              @Munki: This is ozbargain.

              If you're after the best value monitoring headphones this is it.

              Not sure what else to tell you.

    • +2

      with technology evolving so fast, you would expect the price to drop.

    • got the Non X version they are flaking and sadly I haven't used them enough, seem they disappeared for awhile from being posted here.

  • I will just wait till the lockdown is over and fetch my v-moda crossfade from the office

    should really be just another.. year.. dammit Dan

    but here's an upvote regardless. stellar cans

    • +7

      Now why would you do some thing silly like leave a good pair of expensive headphones at an office.

      • I usually keep mine at the office as that's the main place I use them…

      • +3

        locked in a locker
        also I didn't know I wasn't coming back the next morning
        bastards sealed the office

        • Stole*


    • The important question is which model of crossfade

      • crossfade wireless
        used wired mostly, though

        • Are they based on the m100 or m200, i've heard mixed reviews on the m100 some say it's muddy, some say its the best basshead set of cans

          • @Hamez89: they are same as M-100 when used wired
            switching to XL earpads makes a big difference

    • Really want to get a new pair of crossfades. My LP1's were amazing until the pleather just fell apart. :(

  • very good but is there any wireless setup under 200$ with really tight bass?

    • +1

      Maybe the AKG N700NC MK2? It's pretty decent bluetooth ANC for $100-$130 these days. I wouldn't pay more than that for it, and I certainly wouldn't bother with any more expensive ANC headphones aside from maybe the Shure Aonic 50, and that's still wildly overpriced. Bluetooth still has too bridges to cross, but Bluetooth 5.2 with the LC3 codec looks promising.

      If you meant desktop/lossless wireless, HyperX Cloud Flight at $120-$150 during a sale and then a pad change, otherwise the Audeze Penrose at $400 on pre-order.

      • What pads would you recommend? I've got an Arctis 7.

        • Nothing specific sorry, but I'd imagine PU
          or sheepskin leather pads would be a nice step away from the stock tuning, maybe perforated ones if you're worried about upping the bass too much.

          Just measure your pads and don't get them much thicker or thinner if you don't want to mess with the soundstage. AliE is great if you want to keep things affordable.

          Most people just EQ the Arctic 7 a smidge,: Google for details on that.

          • +1

            @jasswolf: Cheers, I really appreciate your reply. Don't want to spend much before I change my PC audio setup similar to Optimum Tech. Already changed the EQ, just wanted to see if I can push it a bit further without spending too much.


    • I got the bluetooth version of these for $220. Great cans.

    • https://au.camelcamelcamel.com/product/B015R7ADNO

      these guys drop to sub $200 once in a while
      I got mine in gunmetal color here


  • I bought the gun metal version on prime day for $153 two weeks ago, haven't received yet.

    • Same. AusPost just updated my APG tracking early this morning that it's finally hit Australian shores.

      • Mine just got delivered today (from prime day). Gotta get used to the sound signature but not sure what people are complaining about with the pads - mine are super comfortable.

  • +15

    I'd recommend the M40x over the M50x, commonly regarded as having better tonal balance and control - and it's cheaper!

    • m40x are flatter so many people probably won't like them as much out of the box

    • +1

      I'm not am audiophile but I've heard that the m40x was better than the m50x. I already owned the m50x and decided to try the m40x.

      I went back to the m50x. The extra bass is worth it. Makes everything sound overall better.

      • +1

        Interesting - having heard both, I found the M40x noticeably smoother and more enjoyable than the M50x. Different strokes for different folks I guess!

  • M50x < $170 = Instant up vote :-)

    • +2

      $157.63 if you already have Amazon Prime. It's worth paying the extra $6 for a months worth of Prime to make it $163.63 total.

  • +2

    Anyone know where I can get replacement ear pads?

    My pair are pretty old now, and they vinyl on the ear pads and headband has cracked

    • Z reviews recommends Brainwavz Hybrid Memory Foam Earpads… But he really hates the m50x's haha. That being said, it's way more comfy now and I could wear it for a full day of WFH. Check out the video though as he recommends extra padding for them.

      • Thanks.. I never found mine to be particularly comfortable but I kinda always just put up with it.

        I purchased a pair of ATH ADG1Xs earlier this year cause of WFH and they are infinitely more comfortable.

      • On Brainwavz - I wouldn't recommend buying from their official store if you go with them, they aren't shipping anything out due to Covid. I had an order that didn't get shipped out for roughly 4 months before I ended up cancelling.

        • That's unfortunate. I ended up getting mine from fish pond as they did afterpay. Got it in a month though.

        • Oh boi! I was about to say this hahaha They didn't ship my earpad for 4 months.
          But I got it last week, which made the longest shipping I have waited…

      • I have the Brainwavz Hybrids on my M50x too, and love them

    • I have a blue and tanned edition of the m50x, and couldn't find the same coloured head band and ear pads, so bought black ear pads and a black headband cover from ebay. Avoid ebay velour ear pads though as they took away all the bass from the headphones and made them sound awful.

  • +3

    alot of people (myself included) think that the m40x are significantly better. Most people would be better off buying m40x + hm5 or some other replacement earpads since the stock ones are almost pancakes.


    • I have the M40x with Yaxi pads and they punch so well above their weight. Fantastic, in fact.
      The stock pads mush my big ears pretty good, but the Yaxi are awesome.

  • This is annoyingly tempting as I'm running m40xs right now and am finding the bass lacking.

    That said, I overall do enjoy the flat response of the 40s and a slight bass increase doesn't justify the price.

    I've got KZ ZST Pros on the way, hopefully they fill the gap for me.

    • I'm told the 40's have more balanced sound, especially so for the lower price. If I had more than anecdotal proof of that i'd do a swap with you haha

  • +1

    How is that a sale? I paid this much for my pair like 8 years ago, and I've since learned you can definitely get better value for the price.

  • Loved these until the headband cracked and peeled everywhere. Replacement seemed too much trouble so they got binned.

    • +1

      I got a wide black ribbon and wrapped it all around the headband and safety pinned the ribbon shut. No more pleather rain

      • Thats not a bad idea. Might have to look at that. Originally I looked at wrapping bicycle bar tape around it. But thought it might make it a bit hard.

  • I swear these originally start out around $120 a decade+ ago. Personally prefer the dt770s for comfort and sound. Not much more https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/575202

    • +3

      The M50X model didn't even exist a decade ago. Reviews for the older M50 model date back to 2012 too but that's slightly less then a decade ago. It definitely wasn't the M50X model which you saw. Even the older M50 model wouldn't have been $120.

      You obviously saw some lower end model. Probably the M40X model. It looks very similar to the M50X model. So yeah don't get confused.

  • I've had three sets of M50xs because the band and cups just don't last more than a couple of years of heavy use. However, the quality of the drivers is just so good that I can't bring myself to purchase a different set. My third set don't come unplugged from my soundcard these days, but if they were to wear out I'm pretty sure I know what I'd end up getting to replace them…

    • That's why I mostly avoid headphones with that pleather material. It's always the first to go and then costs more to replace than the headphones themselves.

      • +1

        The thing is though that I took these cans everywhere I went, every day, in every direction, in every weather and both of my prior two sets lasted 2+ years. They got rained on, dropped, tossed around, stuffed into and whipped out bags and pockets of jackets. I ran with them on when I forgot my earbuds so they got sweaty, and I never bothered to care for them. I'm firmly a 'stuff should be used' person and I reckon for the amount of use each set copped they lasted super well each time, hence the re-buy in each instance. It's not like I babied them, and they broke that next week.

  • Bought the older model (M50) in 2013 for AUD$113 from (american) amazon before the whole strayrian presence. Fast forward 2020, got some bluetooth with anc headphones last year (taotronics). Use bluetooth in-ear (buds) with aptx and bluetooth 5.0 too for light exercise and walking.

    Yes, Bluetooth has come a long way and you cannot overlook the convenience of no cords, cords that brush against you and get stuck with bags while travelling. Some say, it is the best thing since sliced bread!

    If you want to listen to music the way it was meant to be with clear rendition of layers of musical instruments bass, guitar (ukulele), violin and <insert any other instrument here> then you would want these. Yes these are ever so slightly bass heavier than the m40 however they are not muddy like the taotronics and XM3s with a V shaped configuration. Vshaped configuration is best suited to hip hop IMO.

    • What if you want both BT and to listen to the 'clear rendition of layers'?

      • Unfortunately, I haven't given any of the expensive models with BT a go so can't really suggest anything in the higher price bracket. For the use case of 'clear rendition of layers' of music given the price point of <$200, I'd happily deal with the agony of cords over BT. My personal preference and YPMV

        I think these guys summed it up best here:


            "While a few years ago we would have still recommended wired headphones for those who prioritise sound quality (and for the utmost sound-per-pound 
             performance, we still would)"
  • I bought the Limited Edition Matte Grey ones in 2016 for $185. Great sound quality, I bought a bluetooth adapter for them and quality is great on them too.

    • I wanted the green one but ended up with white.

    • +2

      What bluetooth adapter would you recommend?

  • I've put all the kinds of bandaids to fix/cover the problems everyone's had if you're looking to fix/improve? these cans.


  • People with bigger ears be aware. This headset becomes a bit tight after around 1 - 2 hours of use. If you are a gamer or watches movie with your headset on for long hours this one is probably not for your. I bought mine 5 months ago then sold it after 2 months because it really hurts my ears.

    Bought a Sennheiser GSP 350 in stead and couldn't be happier. It feels comfortable even after 5 hours of use. Gotta love German design.

  • +1

    These are bad for big ears. You’ll want to rip the cheap thin ear pads off there and replace them with something at least twice as thick. Thick memory foam ones. It’ll move the drivers further away from your ears, but your ears will stop aching after 30 minutes and you’ll be able to wear them all day comfortably.

  • Thanks OP. Needed some new headphones for Djing

  • Good headphones for those who actually know about audio…not for those Apple FaNBoYs.

  • Great headphones with great clarity. Bought M50 about 7years ago for around $150 and still working like a charm.

  • Do yourself a favour and swap the earcups for velour, stops the things being ear saunas and for me greatly improved the comfort.

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  • Has anyones shipped yet?

  • +4

    These have just dropped to $134.91 it seems.

    • +1

      Post it, great spotting!

      • +4

        You found this item first, you should go ahead and post :)

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