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Coles Ultra Plus Advanced Clean Lemon Fresh Dishwasher Tablets 30 Pack 2 for $9.50 (Save $2.50) @ Coles


Went to pick some of these up & noticed they were on sale. Not sure when the sale would end but probably Tuesday midnight before the next catalogue. Hope this helps.

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  • Love these. Better than Finish and CHEAP!

  • Warning:
    Pharmaceutical Warnings:
    This product is not suitable as a complete milk food for children under the age of two years.


  • Coles Ultra powder does 50 loads for $4, and comes out perfectly clean every time for me.

    Half the price of these tablets, and made in Australia, fair dinkum. No BS "balls" or layer-cake, just works.
    I do use rinse aid in the dispenser, but one top-up lasts for ages.

  • Country of Origin:
    Made in Luxembourg

    Didn’t realise tax havens were struggling