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Dell 24 Gaming Monitor: S2421HGF Full HD 1080p 144hz AMD FreeSync HDMI $215.20 Delivered @ Dell eBay


im not familiar with the product but i think its the cheapest 144hz monitor around at the moment also has bonus freesync for amd users

hopefully its useful for someone looking for a monitor

Thanks to caffeine69 for the info : this monitor has a TN panel (unlike more expensive competitor monitors like the AOC 24G2, which has an IPS).

first time posting on ozbargain forgive me if i missed any details

theres also other stuff in their store on ebay check them out

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  • w.h.e.r.e. t.h.e. p.r.i.c.e. i.n. t.i.t.l.e. ?

  • Need the price in the title mate!

  • As above, need the price in title, also the link to the product site.

  • added the price in the title my bad

  • For anyone wondering, this monitor has a TN panel (unlike more expensive competitor monitors like the AOC 24G2, which has an IPS). Still a great deal though

    • i should probably add this in the description just incase

    • IPS > VA > TN

      • What's that based on? I keep looking up the differences and forgetting again haha, but from memory my understanding was that they had different strengths and weaknesses. Although it does seem like money can bring the weaknesses of a particular panel up to a high standard nowadays haha. Isn't IPS traditionally strongest with colours?

        • You're correct, there isn't a "best" display panel.

          TN traditionally has the worst viewing angles and colour reproduction, but often achieves the best pixel response rates. That makes it generally better for uses that require those fast response rates like FPS gaming.

          IPS is better for colour reproduction and viewing angles, but poorer in the response rate department. Makes it better for watching videos or more everyday uses.

          VA panels are a middle ground between the two. Better colour reproduction than TN, and better reponse times than IPS. Makes them an ideal choice for casual/variety gaming, as well as general every day uses.

        • traditionally TN had good response times but crap colour and IPS had crap response times but good colour and VA is either mediocre in both.

          recent IPS technology allowed IPS to reach quite good response times (enough to run at 144hz+) like the S2721DGF so you get the best of both worlds.

  • Might be worth mentioning Freesync compatible monitors can now be used for g-sync.

  • Anyone knows what is the best 24" 1080p gaming monitor at the moment?

    • If you can get past the terrible aesthetics, the AOC 24G2 is definitely the best 24" 1080p for the money

      • Got the Benq mobiuz ex2510 for $305 while waiting for the AOG to come down in price; seems quite good.
        If you can score the AOC for around $250 that would be a win.

  • Can only give me some advice between this or S2421H fro $191>

    My plan is to do a dual monitor setup using a Free Standing Dual Monitor Stand for "educational" use. Most will be watching videos, PowerPoint, word, and research. Will play the odd game, but only like sim city 3000, sims 3, or railroad tycoon2 (so not really any decent graphics).


    • Both are FHD 1080p 24 inch monitors. In most cases I would recommend a 144Hz monitor over the 75Hz monitor. Basically anyone who makes the jump from 60/75Hz to 144Hz sees a HUGE difference in terms of gaming or watching videos/shows. Once you make the switch to 144Hz you can never go back to 60Hz. If you're looking to get a new monitor and use your old montior as your dual monitor set up theres no wrong choice here - seeing as both monitors are really similar in price.

      However this is all assuming you've got the adequate hardware - your graphics and ability to utilise a 144Hz refresh rate will depend on your graphics card in your computer.

      • Thanks for your answer. I might just make the jump and buy the 144Hz monitors. Just a little more and I will most likely end up upgrading my PC soon, so makes sense

        Thanks again