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A2 Full Cream Milk 3L $5 (Normally $7.95) @ Woolworths (Limited Stores)


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Normal price is $7.95 online at Woolworths

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  • Not in-store?


  • Cheap for 31 milks..

  • Couple of warnings about this company:

    • They advertise A2 milk as an alternative for lactose intolerant people. Surprise surprise, it doesn't work because it still contains the dissacharide that your body has trouble enzymatically digesting: lactose. Can attest to sitting on the toilet for hours shitting blood and becoming very dehydrated.

    • The taste of the milk is the same as the normal Coles and Woolies brand milk. I guess this could be a plus but still doesn't taste as good as that Devondale stuff.

    • Independent research has found too little evidence to suggest that A1 proteins do any harm to your body. Their milk is not any healthier than normal milk (if anything, it'd be less nutritious).

    • idk peeps, if you're going to splurge some extra cash on milk, may as well get farmhouse gold or any other brand that isn't as deceptive as A2 have been

    I mean yeah yeah, I'm just salty that dining A2 gave me haemorrhoids and anal haemorrhaging.

    • R u ok?

    • Maybe stop drinking milk at all?

    • Have you tried lactose free milk for a comparison to test your theory?

      • I'm not sure what you mean by 'theory'. Humans have long been known to be lactose-intolerant and we've long been able to metabolise lactose into monosaccharides.

        Point is, lactose free milk doesn't have lactose and yes I do drink it daily without painting the toilet bowl red.

        • I think you mean humans are unable to metabolise lactose if we're inherently lactose-intolerant.

          It's been a while since I read up on A2 milk, but I don't think they marketed themselves as alternative for lactose intolerant consumers, as their difference is in A2 beta casein which is a protein and not sugar (lactose), so your initial statement is incorrect. Their claimed point of difference is the A2 protein is different to the "standard" A1 protein commonly found in milk and may be more suitable/healthier.

          • @Craze: I mean yeah that's what I meant. Some humans are known to be lactose intolerant and it's been that case since forever.

            You're right, I just read up on their FAQs page and they've now rectified it and acknowledge that their milk is not suitable for lactose intolerant people. I remember the first and last time I drank it in 2014, I did so because my dad recommended it after reading and showing me their website which irresponsibly claimed some lacrosse intolerance and milk allergies were caused by A1 proteins. Glad they no longer are allowed to spout those lies.

          • @Craze: "may" be

            There's no genuine scientific evidence that it has any actual benefits. It's just marketing BS. Not a bargain at all.

    • damn was eating chicken for lunch when i browsed through your haemorrhoids comment. thanks………..

    • I really hope you're ok… Can anyone link us to a fact-based article on the benefits A2 milk?

    • It has been known for ages that A2 is better than A1.

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      A2 protein doesn't do shit for you but I think it is the best tasting milk in the supermarket. I don't buy it though, due to the price. Norco comes 2nd for me (who I buy).

      • I really like the taste of Norco and that it’s local. Hubby reckons they all taste the same - I can taste the difference but haven’t tried A2.

        • Nahhh they're not the same. A2 is a bit fuller flavour but not worth the $ imo and they're Kiwi not Aussie. My work gets dairy farmers and it always tastes a bit "thin"/watery to me but I still drink it daily, well, precovid.

          Yeah, I buy Norco exactly for that reason. Riverina if Norco isn't available. Norco do ice cream now, and I bought a tub to try from woolies and enjoyed that so that was great. Happy to support a coop!!

      • I'm surprised, maybe they've changed their formula since 2014.

        Devondale's always going to be my top (since I can't drink normal milk anymore). I remembered they were really creamy, but spoils a little quicker than other milks.

    • Disagree A2 is best, at least China thinks so. All power to the CCP

      Hail to the CCP and pro Beijing

      They will ban imports on everything except milk and dairy products!!!!

    • A little misleading.
      Everyone knows A2 milk contains lactose. If you are indeed lactose intolerant, of course you're going to be sitting on the toilet all morning.

    • I am not lactose intolerant. Normal milk gives me indigestion almost instantly and screws up the rest of my day. On suggestion from GP, I tried A2 milk and I do not suffer from indigestion when I use it instead. From then on, I drink only A2 milk.

    • Definitely taste better than wws/Coles milk

    • Works for me and yes I've tested the variables diligently.

    • I will say this much, I've found A2 Milk consumption to not trigger my post nasal drip any where near as much as A1 Milk. Anecdotal evidence, I know but I'll avoid other milk as much as possible if I can.

    • Maleny Dairy's milk is the creamiest, most dollopy milk I've ever had. Best!

    • The extra cost of this milk will likely go into marketing and executive bonuses.

    • I find it hilarious that being so severely lactose intolerant you decided to just go all in and see what happens :D :D

    • I've never seen them advertise as being an alternative for lactose intolerant people. My mother-in-law is lactose intolerant and she has her own lactose-free milk.
      They DO advertise as being good for A1 protein intolerant people - and my wife fits this category. She can't stomach "normal" milk but is fine with A2.
      Just do a quick google search and you will find many testimonies from normal everyday people who can actually drink this milk and not other brands.

      People are not stupid, if something works for them they will keep buying it - even despite deceptive practices from competitors (the "naturally contains A2" re-labelling exercise from one particular brand that changed nothing about their product for instance)

      You will find that a lot of the mis-information comes from vested interests, but guess what? The market share that A2 have managed to gain has vindicated this product.

        1. You are right, they no longer advertise as an alternative for lactose-intolerant people. But not too long ago, they did. See: https://www.vice.com/en/article/59jy3k/-a2-milk-lactose-into...

        2. Forgive me but I find it hard to believe anecdotal evidence. Until a double blind study is done, I'm almost certain there is some placebo involved. Because if you do a quick Google search, you'll a plethora of independent reports that confirm A1 has negligible harmful effects on human (just as A2 has negligible harmful effects too). I'll trust scientific studies over customer testimonials any day.

        3. People can be stupid and having market share doesn't vindicate you. Theranos.

          1. Just read that article. A2 didn't say at any point that their product is an alternative for lactose intolerance. What they are saying is that many people who think that they are lactose intolerant, actually aren't in the first place. It's up to each person to find out from their medical professional what their condition is.

          2. Fair enough. For those that it has made a difference, they will continue buying it regardless. If it doesn't make a difference to you, for sure just buy the cheapest milk - I do that for myself at the office because my wife won't be drinking it. Although I do have to point out that even though A2 is a New Zealand company, the milk is fully sourced from Australian dairy farmers. From articles and interviews that I've read, they get paid much better than farmers who supply Woolies/Coles so I don't feel as guilty whenever you hear news stories about dairy farmers being driven to the brink by low milk prices.

          3. Actually I have to give you this one. Point taken lol.

          • @edvoon: From the article:
            "Researchers, on behalf of New Zealand's a2 Milk Company, say most of these self-reporters aren't lactose intolerant at all, but rather that they have trouble digesting one of the proteins in most North American milk, called A1 beta-casein. According to these researchers, these people would be fine if they drank milk containing only A2 beta-casein proteins—otherwise known as A2 milk."

            It's bullshit to assume that they're creating this distinction. Because most people who report as lactose intolerant are lactose intolerant. I've never seen a doctor about my intolerance because I don't need to; I can put 2 and 2 together. I take Lactase pills, symptoms aren't as bad. I take any dairy product, stomach aches galore. A1 intolerance sounds like some made up fairytale to sell their product. Smells fishy.

            I can attest that in 2014, they had a whole subheading on their website dedicated to targeting lactose-intolerant/milk-allergic people. At the time, I had a suspicion I was developing an intolerance to lactose (I wasn't born with it; used be an avid milk-drinker) and so tried it. Had some of the worst shits in my life. Probably wouldn't have tried it if they didn't target. Glad they've cleaned up their act now, but saying 'most people who assume they're lactose-intolerant actually aren't' is dangerous misinformation because it is very wrong. You know when you're lactose-intolerant.

  • +5 votes

    It appears that milk contains a mix of A1 & A2 protein. A2 milk apparently contains more of the A2 protein, but still contains A1 too.
    The conclusion from the Australian Consumers Magazine is that:

    "With no substantial evidence to suggest that A2 milk is better for health than regular milk, you're better off basing your buying on taste and price."


  • I just want milk that tastes like real milk

    • We need raw, regulated drinking milk legalised here for that. Other countries have done so, i.e NZ. We just need to do the same.

      • Easy.. drink the milk from your own species perhaps?

        • Your annoying kind just makes me want to eat more meat. You do nothing but tarnish the cause because you're the kind no one wants to associate with from sheer embarrassment, kind of like hanging out with the unhygienic loser kid.

          If people want to be vegan/vegetarian they will. Bullying and being an annoying pest won't help.

  • Thanks for posting. This is the best milk I have tried. Tastes great too.

  • I'm a shareholder, so please keep that in mind.

    A2 state their difference is the absence of the A1 protein, which is what is said to cause discomfort. They market themselves as having a milk that is easier to digest, something to do with the A1 protein being a mutation that happened somewhere along the line.

    There have been studies, but funded via A2 mostly, which has displayed results of less irritation from drinking A2 only milk.

    If you don't believe in the marketing, I also think A2 also pays their farmers a higher rate, but I don't have a source to link.

  • Came for the comments. Not disappointed.

  • i do not think my local wws even stock those 3L, only 1L and 2L

  • Can't find any store in qld with availability

  • I stick with soy milk.

    • You mean estrogen milk?

      • "Soy is unique in that it contains a high concentration of isoflavones, a type of plant estrogen (phytoestrogen) that is similar in function to human estrogen but with much weaker effects. Soy isoflavones can bind to estrogen receptors in the body and cause either weak estrogenic or anti-estrogenic activity."

        You dont know a damned thing, breast feeder.

  • Boggles the mind how you lot can drink milk from an animal not of your species, but would (most of you) shy away from actual, real, HUMAN milk.

    Cow's milk is meant for cows.

    • Just because I drink bonsoy doesn't give me the God given right to lecture others about their personal preferences on what they're consuming. Who am I to dictate that?

      That boggles my mind!

  • Expired just like the milk