Samsung 860 EVO 500GB 2.5" SATA III SSD $85 ($71 after CB) + Delivery (Free C&C) @ BPC Technology (Budget PC)


Cheaper than the previous deal if you can C&C in VIC

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BPC Technology (Formerly BudgetPC)
BPC Technology (Formerly BudgetPC)


  • Centrecom @ $91 delivered + Samsung cashback is a better choice, if you want it posted to areas where postage is over $6…

    • Cheaper than the previous deal if you can C&C in VIC

      • I'm not sure it would actually be any cheaper. More or less the same really, but only if you don't value your time.

        • cost of getting to/back from the store
        • cost of a face mask
        • 30-60? minutes of your time

        I don't think the $6 difference would cover all that.

        • A true OzB'er would C&C even if it means saving $1.

          Same mentality when driving a little further if it means saving a couple cents on petrol.

          And the fact that this post has more votes than the Centrecom one suggests otherwise.

    • Last time I went to CentreCom they had a flash hourly deal with extra $5 off a Samsung SSD like this, as I was buying I told them about the cashback and they tried to charge me full price, said they couldn't do cheaper deal because of cashback.

      I told them it was the vendor cashback and he needed to give me the advertised price.

      Got into a heated argument about it, he was really trying to push it.

      I don't buy from CentreCom any more.

      • Woah fair enough! Guess they didn't understand the basics of customer service hey?

      • Last time I was at centrecom for a minor purchase they demanded my name at checkout "For warranty purposes". I said I didn't want to provide it. They insisted it was law, I let them know I was damn well aware that it was not, under a certain amount. They insisted it was required for proof of purchase, I said a receipt and my bank transaction records are all the proof I need to make a claim .

        At this point they're causing quite a scene in front of other customers, and they asked me what my problem was and I said I'm conscious, nowadays, of handing my personal details to companies that simply don't need them due to data breaches etc.

        I threatened to leave without buying the item so they agreed to put it down as a "cash sale".

        I hand over my card and they read it, enter my name in their (profanity) system, and put it on the invoice. And don't tell me about it. When I flipped my shit at them they basically said "so what", and weren't interested in discussing the matter further.

        Never going back to that shithole again.

      • Centrecom have been screwing us around also. MSI mobo was faulty sent it back to Centrecom. They had it for a month before they concluded it was a manufacturer fault. They said that they would send to MSI for rectification and that it could take up to 2 months. We advised them that we would rather a replacement from Centrecom and that they could work it out with MSI. Centrecom refused. We requested a refund, Centrecom Refused. This is after we pointed out our consumer protections under the ACL. CentreCom still refused replacement/refund. We now have to wait and are considering a VCAT matter against these practices. Long story short, I'm with you @nathland, will never do business with Centrecom and steer anyone away who asks me of them.

        • Reminds me of MSY. The ACCC took action and fined them $200k in 2011 and $750k in 2017 for consumer guarantee misrepresentations.

      • +4 votes

        I used to work for CC, they are sharks, they like ripping people off but ignore who their customers really are.
        My bosses were Asian and they were extremely racist, as soon as customers would leave, they had wild tongues insulting those customers in a racist way.

        They forgot the people that were working for them were predominantly of Australian descent.
        This aside, they also ripped me off with pay, telling me I was on trial so my pay was less, I had the last laugh when I left as I had an account owning of $800 that they never asked for.

        I generally buy from Scorptec or MSY, but ta the end of the day, business is business and we all eventually get screwed anyways.

        Fwiw I would file a complaint to ACCC with their practices of trying to charge you more because of a manufacturers promotion.
        If they had it advertised irrespective of promo or not, that's what they sell it to you for.

  • I posted a cash back request to Samsung last ~20th of September.

    Still yet to see the money!

    • I can check for you the exact time, but mine came about 2-3months later from a June deal - so yep just keep waiting and it'll come eventually!