Cashback on Selected Samsung SSDs (up to $116) @ Samsung (Samsung Evo 1TB $174.95 | 500GB $94.95 @ Online Computer)


A new round of cashback deals for Samsung SSDs.

Offer valid on participating Samsung SSD purchased from Participating Resellers between 9:00 AM AEDT Thursday, 10 Sept 2020 and 11:59PM AEDT Saturday, 31 Oct 2020 or until stocks last. Claimants must submit online redemption form by 11:59pm (AEDT) on Monday, 30 November 2020. Data and other charges may apply. Exclusions apply. This offer is not valid in conjunction with any other offer.

Participating Resellers -


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  • Wish Amazon was in the list..

  • I wonder if this deal stacks, since Futu Online is K.S. COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY

    • I think it would stack. I recently purchased something from Futu_Online and received and Invoice with the name Kai Seng Computer Solution Pty Ltd at the top. The invoice stated the full price of the product.

      I'm fairly certain I saw a deal last year where Futu_Online was accepted (as Kai Seng).

    • If it does, would bring their 860 EVO 1TB down to $135.32 delivered, unless if it can't be stacked with PARTY21 code…

    • Has anyone successfully used this promo with Futu online in the past? Very keen on trying.

      • Will let you know. I just purchased the 4TB from Futu. From past experience, their invoice says KS Computers. Worst case, I'll be out of pocket $75 from not being able to use the cashback.

  • bought one today fml

  • may as well remove the $500GB link its out of stock

  • Any 2tb ones?

  • One day there will be a 2TB, NVME, TLC, DRAM, SSD for <$350.

  • Thank you for registering for the Samsung SSD End of Financial Year Cashback Promotion.

    Your claim has been reviewed and is not eligible for this promotion as per the Terms and Conditions.

    • I know I am not helping… It's more a cry into your shoulder… :)

      I didn't get End of the Year (calendar year) Cashback. COVID kicked in and my claim stopped in "Approved" state - I have never received the money. I don't know what went wrong… Maybe it was cashed out by Samsung employee… Lol… But any email communication with Promotions team stops as soon as I provide them my claim number. From that moment the email address is "spoiled" and they never reply to any emails from that address.

      If I register new email address and start new conversation from there they are responding within 24 hours and they are ready to help. But only until I provide my claim number - it goes to dead silence after that.

      Initially I sent my claim number in the first email and never get any reply. So I believed Promotions team was dismissed. But then I saw multiple new Cashback promotions popping up.

      Multiple contacts to general support didn't help - every time they promise to escalate the case and someone should reply to me in the next few business days. But that never happened.

      Doesn't look like Samsung cares much anyway.

      $70 is not the end of the world. But it just… like unsolved crime… I keep thinking about it. :)

      Also my next SSD later this year was WD. :)

    • not useful without details as to why it was rejected.

  • Crucial MX500 was 130ish, Samsung can do better

    • Yep. I don't know why this is rating highly. IMO it's not good enough.

      • Might have possibly something to do with the Samsung having a TBW of 600Tb Vs the MX500 having 360Tb - almost twice the write lifespan. While few people will write THAT much within the probable lifespan, recent Steam game updates seem to be doing a nice job increasing my bytes written to the drive on a weekly basis and its good to know I have plenty of 'TBW wiggle room'. Also new samsung's I've ordered for work (860's) are made in Korea so I feel confident in the quality and reliability of the drive.

    • Great find! Post it as a deal!

    • Participating Product expressly excludes "C grade" or "seconds" products, second-hand, refurbished or demonstration products, …

      Open Box - Samsung 970 EVO Plus 500GB

      Be careful as it may not qualify for cashback. You better ask Mwave before you commit.

    • Wonder how much mark up these stores got on these, last time cashback was opened this same drive could be had for $3 before cashback

    • Be careful as it may not qualify for cashback. You better ask Mwave before you commit.

      What was your result?

  • Are all you guys and gals OK? I am seeing lots of signs….:p

  • R U OK OzBargainers?

  • I'm angry at Samsung for their complicated RMA process. WD and Seagate both sent a replacement and requested the suspect product be returned in the same package, under a week to back up and running. Samsung has been a month on a SSD RMA, just got an email saying that the finance department will be another 21-30 days, and I had to pay to send them the product.

  • Is there a maximum to how many items you can claim cashback on?

  • Would be better if Samsung just sold competitively priced drives rather than stuffing around with these stupid cashback schemes/scams. I had my eye on the 2TB 970 Plus NVMe but Samsung want $600 less $75 cashback (if you can get it).
    I ended up getting the 2TB A-Data XPG8200Pro from Amazon for $390 from Amazon instead as I couldnt be bothered jumping through the hoops.

  • Cashback is annoying as shit..just give discount.

    • Yup i bought another one from samsung and it took two months to get the money and you have to open an account as well and add all your details.

  • But be careful. Futuonline prices are always jacked up for the discounts. Try searching with in ebay. Most of the time there is something similar or even less with out so called discounts. I heard that kogan has been fined for doing so. I don't know why some seller in ebay or ebay itself which allows that are spared.

  • Trying to make a cashback claim is like pulling teeth! I entered all the details and now coming up with invalid serial number. Have checked it like a 10 times and it looks correct. Have emailed Samsung to fix it. Looks like this same problem happened last time. I'm sure Samsung are doing this on purpose to discourage people from filling out the cashback claim … I'm sure some people will just give up and won't know what to do.

    • Make sure you type the serial number on the actual SSD and not the one on the box. I found that the box serial number has one character missing from the end.

      • Yep I used the one on the actual SSD.

      • Man I bought the SSD well aware of the promotion and kept the box but the SSD is already installed in the computer!

        Am I screwed?

        It's saying that the serial number is 15 digits but the one on my box is only 13? Even including SN I am just getting invalid serial number. Jesus.

        • +1 vote

          "Make sure you type the serial number on the actual SSD and not the one on the box."

          It's written right there in this thread you're replying to 🤦‍♂️

    • Having this same issue. Even looking at the S/N on the actual ssd but it's not working after multiple attempts.

    • I managed to make a claim but I'm not sure if it will work. I couldn't for the life of me find the sellers tax file number so I used the Transaction ID shown on my Paypal transaction details. The seller shown is from eBay - Academic IT Market (futu_online) but the package shows Kai Seng Computer Solution so, yeah that may kill the redemption for me.

      If you have trouble uploading images be sure to limit the file size. The upload form will just sit and spin with no error telling you the file is too large. My files were 1.47MB at 1920 x 1440.

      I had no issue with the SN on the back of the SSD. Remember there may be Os and 0s (mine had an 0). Serial numbers should never use these but they continue to do so.

    • I have claimed two drives this year, fortunately no issues.

    • BTW just an update. I never got a reply back from the promo email address, so I instead messaged them on FB and got a reply within 15 minutes, they said they will fix it and let me know when I can try again.

    • Normally don't comment, but also just wanted to add myself to the list of people who are having issues with the cashback claim process.

      Emailed promotions support - no replies (it's been a few days). Was given a dud number the second time I went to chat with their live chat agent, but managed to get through to "promotions team" from their call menus, and the guy kept telling me he had no idea about the promotion and that I was calling the wrong department (also couldn't give me a straight answer on who to contact).

      Third time on live chat, they kept regurgitating the same thing - pushing the same email address and that there is no phone number to call. I've sent an email through via the Samsung CEO complaints form above as a bit of a last throw of the dice.

      I remember having similar issues with another claim with Samsung in 2019 and now I remember why their customer service is one of the worst in the business.

      • Try messaging via their FB group: … I got a reply almost instantly, BUT they said they need to raise with their technical team to fix … but at least I got a reply

        • Cheers I managed to talk to someone on their facebook and they said they have escalated the issue after I provided some details.

          Also update: got a reply from "promotions team" after raising with CEO complaints. Sigh.

      • BTW I only just now received an email reply from Samsung Promo support … so all hope is not lost! Here is what they wrote:

        "Thank you for your email.

        We apologise for the technical error you are receiving.

        We have passed this along to management to review and will work on getting this serial number ready to be redeemed.

        Once we have been notified the issue has been solved we will inform you with an email."

        Lets see how long it take for them to actually fix the problem. Like a I mentioned before, I'm sure they do this on purpose in the hope that people just can't be bothered and simply give up on claiming the cashback

        • It's either that, or they also don't have their things in order and the serials aren't even in their system (which was the "answer" I got the very first time I was on live chat support). A similar issue happened to me ages ago with the Borderlands deal when they just straight-up just said that they couldn't give copies of Borderlands 3 because they didn't receive it yet (LOL!). It took aaaggeess but I finally got mine eventually, but the moral of the story is that it just seems like you can't rely on Samsung "Promotions" period.

        • Any update on your Cashback status? I’ve got the exact same issue.
          I couldn’t email them because I couldn’t select my product. The live chat was a complete joke.
          Me: The Samsung redemption site says my serial number is invalid and I can’t make a Cashback claim.
          Chat: thank for purchasing Samsung SSD
          - end of chat -

          • @FireRunner: Yep mine has been all sorted out … I did receive a reply from them via email, BUT definitely contact them via FB messaging - heaps more responsive compared to email

  • Is Computer Alliance included for this eBay deal? 1TB @ $159

    • Read the original post at the top mate, it says participating resellers: COMPUTER ALLIANCE

      • Yeah i seen that after my post also I was hoping someone can confirm they used Computer Alliance with no issues but I guess its early days yet, anyway big thanks for your reply and help,.. gave you a vote 👍😃

        • The irony is that the stock bought from Computer Alliance is so new that there are issues with claiming the cashback!

          .. but in all honesty in the past I've had no issues and bought a couple of Samsung SSDs over the years and successfuly got cashback. I assume this will eventually work.

  • Tempting, I keep having to delete stuff on my 512gb 970 EVO to make room for new stuff.

  • Is anyone having issues logging in to the redemption website? I've registered an account but it keeps saying invalid user/pass. Resetted the password multiple times and still no luck.

  • Would this be stackable with an eBay Voucher, i.e I have a $10 off $100 Spend.

  • trying to claim the cashback via samsung redemption website, kept on saying the S/N I've entered is invalid. hmmmm….. i guess they are not too keen to give the money back

    • same here, per other comments in this thread - you need to contact their facebook team, the 'CEO inbox' email mentioned, or the inbox to get that serial number authorised in the redemption form.

  • Last year had no problem submitting, and by timeline in my portal looks was approved in 3 days.

    This year no problem submitting just now:

    Your Claim Request has been submitted.
    Your Unique Claim Reference number _ for product MZ-76E1T0BW, _ has been submitted.
    Your reward will be sent to you once your claim has been verified.

  • Thanks Op. Need to remember to claim this once my 2TB drive arrives.