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Free Club Plus Membership (Was $5) with Free $10 Credit @ Supercheap Auto (in Store)


Page 13 of the new Catalogue.

The $10 credit offer is for Club Plus members with valid email addresses only, and is valid only for the recipient to whom the offer was sent. Only one $10 credit per Club Plus account will be applied. Credit can be redeemed at any Supercheap Auto store or online at www.supercheapauto.com.au.

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    wow, any minimum purchase ?

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    In store only, right?

  • I thought this deal was standard.

    Did it a long time ago so can't remember

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      No. It is FREE Sign Up.

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        Oops missed the free part. I think I paid 5bux and got 10 credit.

  • Damn, I just signed up yesterday. :(

    • +1

      I did a couple weeks ago.
      Thats ok, it was always going to happen this way🤣

    • +1

      what? no price promise??

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    Was very confusing without the catalogue link earlier. Reverse the title please.

    Free Club Plus Membership (Was $5) with Free $10 Credit @ Supercheap Auto

    It doesn't mention anything for existing customers. :(

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    So it's new users only?

  • Deal is FREE MEMBERSHIP for new Club Plus members.

    Normally $5: Supercheap Auto Membership $5 & Get $10 Credit in Card
    Membership includes $10 joining credit, occasional future credit & offers, and the useful Price Promise - credit if a price goes up after you bought it!

    • I just join it like half an hour ago
      can I get the membership fees refund lol

      • Could point to catalog promotion & ask for a refund.
        Or claim the price increase on your membership's Price Promise ;-)

        • What can I do via EMail or instore?

          • @FB00037887: The deal starts in two days and it was purchased too early.
            No staff member would refund a membership due to this, hence neither will work.

            • @silverrat23: No harm in trying! But it's only $5 (with $10 credit).

              SuperCheap offers credit for price reductions (like in a sale) after you've bought, for members. If it was a normal stocked product, they would offer store credit.

              I've been successful in similar situations - even over $1000 with a bank. If you don't ask, you can miss out!

          • @FB00037887: Try either. It would be easy for head office to add a $5 credit to your account. They've done that for me.

    • +1

      just join the trade club and you get 10% on everything off, same discount as on club plus and I joined trade for free 3 years ago. Not sure if things have changed. Wasn't even asked a proof that was working in the trade.

        1. Do you still get the occasional free $10 credit people on the Club Plus card get?
        2. Did you have to give an ABN?
        • I don't shop on SCA often so not sure about those $10. And no, I did not have to give an ABN. I just said I'm a car mechanic.

          • @sergeyv: Thanks.

          • @sergeyv:

            Sign up for a Trade Direct Discount Card in store today, we will require your ABN number and contact details to initiate sign up.

            How did you do it?

            EDIT: Nevermind, I guess 3 years ago they didn't require any checks.

            • +1

              @TheOneWhoKnocks: I am literally a car mechanic but I don't have an ABN as I am an employee and 3 years ago I told the the same and they just signed me up. Might as well try the same I guess?

    • +1

      and the useful Price Promise - credit if a price goes up after you bought it!

      You sure about that Bruce?

      • +1

        You know I meant go down (but my puritanical phone wouldn't let me write that)😉

  • +1

    Sweet I'm signing up!

  • Do you have the full catalogue? Sorry can’t wait 2 days :-)

  • +3

    Anybody knows what constitutes a "new member"? Do they check for an AUS mobile number or just a unique email is enough?

    • +4

      probably - don't use the same mobile number, change your name and address in your other account(s) to something else (Mr. Snrub, 742 Evergreen Terrace) and don't go to a store you frequent (in case they recognise you).

      it's possible they do a search on previous orders or have your name/address indexed but i doubt it. just play dumb and say oops sorry i forgot.

      and obviously don't open your wallet with all the other cards clearly visible when signing up for a 'new' membership.

      • Yep, that's how you do it…….alias number four and a free $10 coming up.

    • +1

      unique email.

      i've got multiple accounts sharing the same mobile number

  • Mine showing this!
    Join For $5 And Get $10 Credit!
    Am I missing something? :/

    • +1

      in 2 days.

      • Oh I was seeing this on app and didn't notice it mentioned in 2 day.

        Thanks mate.

        • +1

          It's in-store only. Was at my local today and saw the cashiers actively promoting it asking customers to sign up for free with the free credit.

  • +1

    I went instore today and signed up for free. Lots of signs up promoting this OP

    • I went instore today and signed up for free. Lots of signs up promoting this OP

      Why didn’t you post this deal earlier?

  • How many existing members you reckon will ring up and ask for the $5 refund? Especially after their headache of an issue with the Wheelies not being able to be deleted - they want to roll out another headache for themselves.

  • -1

    How come this is a future dated deal? I literally joined last weekend for free. I bought about $40 stuff and the check out staff asked me if I wanted to join for free…

  • -3

    lot of votes for a meager deal?

    • +1

      501 votes here for $2 bonus on $4 spend…it happens


    • +1

      Free $10 is meager? Seriously…

      • you can buy quite a lot for $10 if you browse through the sale section.

    • +4

      Your OzB membership is hereby revoked. Make your way to the exit now : : : : : : : : : : : : : : >

  • How many times can you sign up?
    Ie, can my wife sign up?

    • Yes, of course your wife can sign up but you need proper ID to pick anything up so your pet hamster etc probably not

      • +2

        Never had a problem picking up for my pet hamster, Mr Snuggles. Just showed the ready to pick up SMS / email.

  • +1

    Still showing up as $5

    • In store only according to the catalogue.

      Offer available in store only

      Online is still showing $5 fee.

      • ok thanks, I missed that bit of information - my bad….

        • All good, I just added it to the title now.

    • Oh thanks

  • Walked in and did it without a purchase. Although they asked if I bought anything and seemed hesitant to give it to me. I was waiting for a while lol.

  • Should go to the shop and directly ask for membership, then see if the $10 is in the account before buying anything.

    • Can anyone confirm, if you sign up and active in store with email address, is the $10 credit instantly available so you can buy something after signing up?

      • Wondering the same thing as well. I signed up on Friday afternoon, received an email that said once I completed the application I would get $10 credit. Completed it on Friday but still no sign of the $10 credit.

  • Got my free membership today, The guy at the counter did not enter my email address, so I had to call their call center number to get my membership activated with $10 credit.
    Any recommendations on what I can spend the $10 credit?

    • When the in store sign up finish ?

  • Does the $10 have an expiry date?

    • +1

      According to FAQ, it is 56 days.

      Do I receive a sign up credit when I join?
      Yes, if you pay the $5 joining fee you will receive a $10 Loyalty credit is issued and is valid for 56 days.

  • +1

    unfortuantely it appears to apply to your next purchase, not the existing one in store : (

    • ^ This, kind of. Just go in store and sign up for the membership only before buying anything.

      I know that now after I bought a couple items earlier today. Signed up for the Plus membership on the spot. Couldn't use $10 credit until it was active.

      Rep at the counter said it takes a while for the activation email to come through, silly me listened and didn't bother checking. It basically came through straight away (couple mins after purchase) Didn't check emails until I was home. Credit was there instantly after activating, missed out on getting $10 off basically, bugger!

  • signed up in store without buying anything when home activated email still no $10 credit. how long do you have wait? or do you have to call up and ask them ti credit it to account manually?

    • I logged out of my account after activating and then back in and the $10 appeared.

      • Did your method but didn't work for me.

        • +1

          Trex, no credit after days - I had to email support - then they credited our account $10.

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