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Extra 10% off Storewide @ Chemist Warehouse & My Chemist (Online & In-store)


Went past my local cwh and they displayed a banner outside. Another 2 day sale, 10% off entire store (inc current sale items). Best buys are swisse vitamins, its already 50% off, now another 10% off. Score! But of course there are exclusions: prescription meds, multibuys, pharmacist meds, gift cards and baby formulas.

Mod: Reminders:

Free Shipping Sitewide (Minimum Spend $20) @ My Chemist
$5 off $150 Spend with code 5OFF150 at Chemist Warehouse
1 Free Sample Product When Spending $30+ @ Chemist Warehouse (Delivery Only)

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    I think I'd rather support Blackmores than Swisse.

    • +50

      I'd rather support proven medicines, than expensive placebos

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        To be honest I find magnesium powder very beneficial along with Vit B. Some ( not all) are extremely helpful such as those with iron deficiency. Supplements are mainstream and not needed by many, but there is a place for them in this over used antibiotic world.

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        I’m grateful to all who habitually buy vitamins because profits cross-subsidise other things that I actually need.

      • but hey if the placebos work

        • +2

          By definition, placebos don't work. They're a mind trick used in pharmacology.

          • @AlexF: Placebos work for the profit of those companies producing them.

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      Both Blackmores and Swisse offer pretty average products, just look at their ingredients list and low concentrations on the active ingredients may shock you when compared with other brands such as Go Healthy, Thompson's etc…

      • gohtalthy thompsons linkky

        • +1

          Sure here you go: https://www.chemistwarehouse.com.au/shop-online/2997/go-heal... just compare the ingredients for the same products and you'll know what I mean

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            @MkVIGTI: Yes, but the problem is Go Healthy is a NZ company and you know what they do in NZ right?

            They like to make us think we are getting NZ produce/products, when in fact they are of Chinese origin…

            It has been going on for years.


            Importing vegetables from China, repackaging them in New Zealand
            and sending them to Australia as,
            ‘Made in New Zealand from local and imported ingredients’.

            • @nismo: That is freaking crazy.

              All because of a free trade agreement NZ has with China and scumbags on both sides…

            • +1

              @nismo: Umm I was referring to the products but since you brought up the country of origin I don't think Australia is any different…

              "Complementary medicine giants including Blackmores and Swiss will be allowed to brand export products with the respected "Australian Made" logo, after a review by the Morrison government.

              Recent court rulings had stopped medicine and supplements manufacturers from branding some products as Australian made where they were manufactured locally using wholly imported ingredients.”


      • Yeah once you start researching Magnesium as an example you quickly discover most of the products on the shelf, even including supposedly premium brands, use cheap molecules that are barely even absorbed by the human body.

        Thompsons seems to be one that is fairly consistently legit.

    • Blackmores is still an Australian-owned company, whereas Swisse has already been bought by a company in China so it is a foreign-owned company.

  • +2

    It would be a total of 55% off for Swisse stuff rather than 60%

  • +3

    Madness Sale = 10% discount. Noice.

  • +2

    Would be good to combine with this 👉 https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/576488

    • It should work right? Unless we use that additional free shipping coupon?

    • would they stack?

  • Is 10% off in store only? Not popping up online

    • Starts tomorrow

  • +1

    Crap, literally just bought something online!

    • +2


      • +3

        Only just found out you can cancel orders! 👍

        • can we pickup in one week's time? is there day selector or nah

          • +1

            @capslock janitor: I'm not sure if you can pick a day but I have left my order there for a while in the past and there were no issues when I finally picked it up. Can always call them and ask them to hold on to your order.

  • Musashi Whey

    • +5

      About 86kg.

      • Proof?

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  • -2

    Extra 10% off Storewide!

    It's not Storewide

    • +15

      Nonsense. The store I went to today was very wide

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        They weren't open on Tuesday.

  • Just in time for Christmas. VB Thirst is back in stock.

  • +13

    I don't trust their sales any more. They had an online sale like this last year and I was going to buy some voltaren. 10.99 before sale, 12.99 during sale, 10.99 after sale. Don't quote me on the exact prices, but it certainly inflated by more than the sale during the sale.

    • +2

      Yeah the supplements I bought last month are now 20-30% more expensive than what i paid. Gotta know your prices and play the market.

    • Me either.
      Also some things are cheaper in store than online.

    • higher

    • Anyone know that if I use the 5OFF150 code to get $5 off on the Chemist Warehouse site, will CashRewards or Shopback still pay their 1%?

  • Very expensive rice filled capsules.

  • +1

    Musashi even cheaper. Ripper deal!

    Gonna be bulldozing through those gym doors come November 8!

    • so not everything open from today?

      • Nah not gyms! November 9

  • What time will it start? Hmmm…

    • It started at midnight.

    • Already started but prices don't change until you look at individual items it seems

      • Ah didn't catch the exclusions (baby formula). No wonder there were no discounts!

  • +1

    Musashi has only ~75g of protein per 100g. This seems below average in my cursory googling? Surely bulk nutrients or my protein is better value considering this.

    • +4

      Taken from the labels of both….

      Bulk Nutrients WPC Vanilla - 23.3g per 30g scoop (77.1g/100g)
      Musashi 100% Whey Vanilla - 25.3g per 33g scoop (76.7g/100g)

      Don't waste your time on the "High Protein", Deluxe etc. Just get the 100% Whey. For $36 for 2kg, it's very hard to beat.

      • Bulk Nutrients is fine and alot more flavours, can just order anytime instead of waiting for any special deals

        • I usually do buy from BN but have recently grabbed a couple of tubs of Musashi's 100% Whey due to the price…they were half price about 6 weeks ago so it's not like you're waiting a long time between sales. You have to buy 15-20kg of BN WPC to get close to the price.

    • That… would be the protein content of WPC.

  • someone pick this up and let me know how effective it is ;) https://www.chemistwarehouse.com.au/buy/101325/victoria-bitt...

  • +3


    RRP: $96.99, this is real madness as coles sell it half price for $22 several months ago

    • Makes you wonder how much the cost price is.

    • +1

      I couldn't find 180 capsule pack on Coles online only 90 capsules for $45. Was it 180 capsules for $22 back then?

      • When I looked, the Coles ones were double the strength though (150 vs 300mg) so half count could be considered the same value…or wastage (no idea what the RDI is)

  • -1

    Usual high RRP and bullshit discounts.. most prices are regular pricing.

  • Is the site frustratingly slow for anyone else?

  • +4

    Not active yet on Mychemist?

  • +3

    For hay fever sufferers, great time to top up tablets and don't forget cashback from all the major brands.


  • Optifast pricing is correct. Was $34 a box of shakes last week and the price is the same then you get the 10% off.
    Ends up being the cheapest I can find by a couple of dollars per item.

  • I wonder if there'll be increased cashback to sweeten the deal…

  • Stack with Commonwealth Bank $20 cashback on $60 spend?

  • already 50% off, now another 10% off. Score!

    So cool OP you believe the RRP of vitamins is not inflated lol

    Normally a sign is every 2nd week a 50% special is happening :)

  • Other than Swisse vitamins (which I don't normally buy), none of the prices after the 10% discount seem to be any better than the prices when they are really on 50% off sale.
    Judging by Price Hipster, the prices are likely to be more discounted in the next special cycle.

  • when's next Sale??

  • Has anyone got their order processed yet?
    Mine still says processing order…

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