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Pine O Cleen Household Grade Disinfectant Wipes, Lemon Lime 180 Pack $8 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Hi All,

First deal so be gentle please :)

Was looking for surface wipes during my late night browse and came across these on amazon. No discount - seems to be the advertised price but way better economics compared to other wipe bundles.

Works out to be 22 wipes per dollar which is close to when they are half price at colesworth ($5 for 120 or 24 wipes per dollar).

Hope this helps someone who needs to buy "name brand" wipes.

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  • Save your money and just buy it from Aldi, smells exactly the same as Pine o Clean


    Edit: Just noticed it was first post by OP, sorry for being too harsh

    • All good and not harsh at all. Have tried the Aldi ones and just don't like them as much (too wet and leave streaks on the surface). To each their own I guess :)

  • I think we've tried all the wipes and prefer the coles brand ones. They're more soapy than the others which makes wiping things easier. I think the worst might have been the aldi ones (they dried out quick and weren't as durable)

    • Now that you have mentioned it, yes aldi ones are not as moist as the Pine o Clean ones. But it doesn't impact it at all if you're wiping quickly on a small surface area. If you're wiping over a big surface area then I suggest you use a cloth.

      You're not meant to wipe over a big surface area anyway otherwise you're just spreading the dirt over the area