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[PS4, PS5] PS Plus November 2020 Games - Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, Hollow Knight: Voidheart Edition, Bugsnax (PS5)


PlayStation Store is offering PlayStation Plus Members:

  • Middle-earth: Shadow of War and
  • Hollow Knight: Voidheart Edition (PS4 Digital Download)
  • Bugsnax (PS5 Digital Download) - Available 11/12/20

Credit Slickdeal

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  • Hollow Knight is hard but man is it worth the effort. Great indy game and from an Australian developer too.

  • +1 vote

    This is Australian PSN and not the USA one? I'm still deciding which one I'll get.

  • Worth mentioning PlayStation plus collection for PS5

    Days Gone
    Detroit: Become Human
    God of War
    Infamous Second Son
    Ratchet and Clank
    The Last Guardian
    The Last of Us Remastered
    Until Dawn
    Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End
    Batman: Arkham Knight
    Battlefield 1
    Call of Duty: Black Ops III – Zombies Chronicles Edition
    Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy
    Fallout 4
    Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition
    Monster Hunter: World
    Mortal Kombat X
    Persona 5
    Resident Evil 7 biohazard

    • Noob console player (aka pc person) question - do you get to keep all these games or just the three mentioned in the op?

      • This is for PlayStation Plus Subscribers.

        While you have an active subscription, you can play these games.
        The monthly games need to be claimed for them to remain in your library permanently (with a subscription).

        I'm not sure if the PS4 Collection above also needs to be claimed before it is no longer offered, but I would suspect so - you can reactivate cancelled subscriptions and any previously claimed game will remain in your library, resurrected for play again.

    • Wait, did they add more? I remember there being 18 :O

    • I am shocked Horizon Zero Dawn isn't here.

    • This is an impressive launch list for PS5 - might not be many great new games, but some of these are doozies and the whole list could take hundreds of hours to complete if you haven't played them yet!

    • Does anyone know if you can claim these games if you aren't fortunate enough to have secured a PS5? Can I add these to my cart and check-out using a web browser? Or are these available any time to PS+ subscribers?

      • "The PlayStation Plus Collection will be an added benefit to the existing PS4 benefits that PlayStation Plus members receive for a single subscription price – no additional membership fee required. Once you redeem a game from the PlayStation Plus Collection, you can keep the games for as long as you are an active PlayStation Plus member. PS4 games redeemed from the PlayStation Plus Collection and played on the PS5 console will see benefits such as increased loading speed and improved or more stable framerates with PS5’s Game Boost"

        So the question is how long these games will be in the collection. You'd have to "buy" them on launch, then you can access whenever so long as you're still a PS Plus member. I'm sure you should be able to "buy" them even if you don't have a PS5, but not 100%. It would make sense that you can buy them - I have done this in the past before I bought a PS Vita and it would mean you have an intention to buy a PS5, but I guess the point is that these games won't be available for PS4.

        • Wait so assuming you can snag them without a PS5 you'd still need a PS5 to play them (even though they're literally PS4 games), WTF?

          • @bender000: It's a promotion for early PS5 buyers to have a large library of PS+ games in case they are coming from XB1 and have no past PS+ PS4 titles. Will give them something to play for the next 6 months until the big releases hit.

    • If you don't have PS5 can you get those gets prior you games under PS5 console? Purchase them under PSPlus sub on PS4?

    • do these need to be claimed within limited time as well? (with so many stock shortages it would be a shitty move if it is so)

  • Awesome lineup this month

  • Great move by Sony releasing bugsnax through PS. That will give my kids something to play with without me spending $80.

  • Shadow of war. What a game!

    • I just sold an unplayed copy with my PS4 so be good to add to my library for if I decide to play it. I have heard plenty of good things about it.

      • I’ve got a copy that came with my PS4 Pro. Time to trade it in to EB.

      • Better than the first one IMO. Got to the stage though where I felt I was grinding it so I moved out. Put quite a lot of solid hours into it though…!

        • Thanks for the recommendation :)
          Have no idea why i never got around to playing it.
          Was packing up the pro for the buyer i sold it too and was like oh this game is unopened.

        • exactly me, played the shit out of the first one, initially loved the second one but halfway through went meh played this to death already (in addition to basically being the same combat system as all the Batman Arkham games so yeah it wears out its welcome)

    • Shadow of Mordor is better imo

  • Didn't Shadow of War have issues with egregious use of loot boxes? Did they end up toning down / getting rid of those like EA did with Battlefront 2 or are they still in there?

    • Still there I believe. But they arn't invasive. You can play through the whole game without ever feeling like you need to buy stuff

    • They fixed it a little while after launch. I played it a few months ago and didn't have any issues beating the game without dropping another cent on it.

    • Yes, sort of. They do exist, but it's easy and possible to smash through the entire game without them.

  • Hold up a second… this sounds like some bullsh*t…

    "We’re also thrilled to announce PlayStation Plus members who own a PlayStation 5 console will receive Bugsnax (PS5)** when PS5 launches, beginning November 12"

    This reads like you have to actually own a PS5 to claim that game. Surely if you just have the subscription you should be able to claim it and add it to your account. I did this with PS4 games for months before I bought the console, which meant that as soon as I bought it I had a collection of games available to play. I was claiming PS Vita games for years despite not owning the device (I had PS+ for PS3). In the end I actually bought a Vita purely because I had so many games for it that it didn't make sense to not own the machine in order to be able to play them.

    Does anybody know how this works? Do we actually have to own the PS5 to claim the game, or just have a subscription? I suppose the other possibility is that they add it to the PS+ Collection so it'll be there for PS+ subscribers on an ongoing basis rather than just the one month.

    • we have to see next month, hopefully we can add the game to our library without owning PS5

    • I suspect it will only be the PS5 version available for PS+ subscribers via webstore etc, so just slightly badly worded. Since it's available on PS4 for purchase, they do need to protect that revenue somehow.

    • I suspect people wont be able to claim the PS5 Bugsnax unless they actually have a PS5 console before this item drops off for the month. I could be wrong but I seem to remember something a few weeks ago with news about PS Store changes where games now need to be claimed though the consoles PS store. I think it mentioned a web browser redemption will no longer possible once the new update occurs.

      • +10 votes

        This new PS store is utter garbage. I NEVER use the store on my console. It's so much more convenient to just browse it on my phone during the day, buy whatever I want to buy, start the download and by the time I get home it's installed and ready to play.

        The changes they've made are possibly the biggest retrograde step I've ever seen any online store make. They even removed the wishlist, ffs. One of the most basic, fundamental pieces of functionality of ANY online shopping platform.

        It is just bizarre what they've done with it.

        • You can't see the DLC and add-on on the game page anymore too. This is not an upgrade.

          • @henrikoez: The whole thing feels like they've got halfway through building a new storefront then just given up, said "f*** it" and released what they'd done. I can't think of a single change they've made that I would consider an improvement on the old store - literally everything they've done to it has made it worse.

            • +3 votes

              @AngusD: One improvement. You can add PS+ games to your library with one click.
              Previously, you had to add them to your shopping cart, and then go through the checkout process.

              Otherwise, yeah, the store has definitely regressed, from a user interface perspective.

              • @deek: It doesn't even show the name of the damn games! Only an image. If the image happens to show the name clearly then great, if it's small or in a difficult to read font or just not present at all in the image then you've got no idea what the game even is.

                • @AngusD: Hmm looks like they just updated it so at least it now displays the name below the image, which at least removes one issue I had with it.

        • I honestly hated the old version as well. Lack of wishlist kills me. Literally the only thing I liked.

      • App was updated today.
        Can still claim Games etc through the app

    • its the PS5 version only, PS4 owners have to buy the game if they want to play on PS4

      Plus subscribers surely can claim the game from 12/11 - 04/1 but can not download it unless its to a PS5

    • I've never been able to get the free VR games without a VR registered to my account. I assumed PS5 was the same. You'll need to register it to your account.

  • Do I need to play Shadow of Mordor before I play Shadow of War?

    • Not really. The story takes a back-seat to what is the main focus: Playing Scooby Doo with some dumb Orcs

    • you don't have to but I'd recommend playing the first one so you know the story of celebrimbor/talion and why they merged. It's pretty cheap now days so why not.

      • I would recommend not playing the first one. Even though the story through 1 and 2 is great… the games are very very similar and you might find it a bit too much of a grind.

        Just play 2.

    • I recently finished Mordor and am maybe halfway through War now. You could watch the intro scene for SOM and then SOW gives you a 'Previously on Middle Earth' kinda thing - Mordor is still decent though if you feel like it.

    • Not really but I would start with shadow of Mordor. It is amazing (shadow of war is good as well)

  • Talking 'bout Bugsnax!

  • Oh finally a good month - I've got Hollow Knight on the PC (and Xbox Game Pass) and it's a really wonderful Metroidvania game. It's pretty similar to Ori and the Blind Forest, although a different art style and a lot more difficult.

  • BugSnax:

    Bugsnax (PS5 version) will be available to PlayStation Plus members beginning on Thursday, November 12*** until Monday, January 4, 2021.

    • Cool was wondering how long it would be up for post-launch orders like me.. Hopefully 2021 orders can still claim too

  • What would be the cheapest way to get a subscription?

    Long time PS owner but have only play single play games

    Would there be a deadline to get bugsnax?

  • As a new PS5 user - should I be buying PlayStation Plus (yearly subscription) from US cards?

    (I'm new to playstation..)

    Does anyone know of any good deals?

    • the contents and promotions are mostly the same between US and AU PSN now.
      it will depends on your preference and currency rate.

      • Would be better get a subscription from a low currency such as Brazil for example?

    • Definitely cheaper to go for the US account option for PS Plus as they have deals on subscriptions much more than we ever do. You can also claim your subscription on the US account on your Playstation whilst still using your AUS account as your main, as it will be able to play games online via the US accounts sub. You will just have to claim your free games each month through the US account store and then play them on your AUS account.

    • For PS4 games, they are region based. Save games played in USA version generally won't work for AU version of the same game (vice versa). You will most likely create a separate account in USA PS store for using US PSN. Another issue you need to consider is when the AU version is on sale, would you eventually switch back (on your main account), if yes, you will lose all the games collected (unless you extend the USA PS Plus).

      Even if you played those 'free' games on your AU main account, those games are still USA versions. It is unclear whether PS5 games will stop this multi regions setup (best not to assume that will change).

      • Yep this. US yearly sub is $60USD which translate to $85AUD. You're paying $5 more than us. If you plan on purchasing dlc for locally bought games, have fun with that can of worms. US pan plus accounts were good value in the ps3 days where our dollar high, now it's not even worth it.

  • Now that's a good line up 👍

  • So if I currently own one if thise ps plus games on PS4 digitally e.g. bloodborne and download it on ps5, will my save work?

  • Stoked with this month of games after what seems like low-tier releases for months.
    I've thought about purchasing both of these titles and had both of them in my wishlist before that got taken off the PS store functionality -.-

    Now to hope for a good deal on PS Plus annual subscriptions in the next month!