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Alienware 55 Inch AW5520QF OLED Gaming Monitor 4K 120hz $3439.20 Delivered @ Dell eBay


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Device Type
OLED monitor - 54.6"

Adaptive-Sync Technology
AMD FreeSync
AlienFX lighting system, USB 3.0 hub

Aspect Ratio
Native Resolution
4K 3840 x 2160 (DisplayPort: 120 Hz, HDMI: 60 Hz)

Pixel Pitch
0.315 mm
400 cd/m²

Contrast Ratio
Response Time
0.5 ms (grey-to-grey)

Colour Support
1.07 billion colours
Input Connectors
HDMI, DisplayPort

Screen Coating
Anti-glare, 3H Hard Coating
Dimensions (WxDxH) - with stand
122.59 cm x 26.39 cm x 77.06 cm
Bundled Services
1-Year Advanced Exchange Service and Premium Panel Exchange

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  • +9

    Wow. Imagine playing with this monitor.

    • +19

      I can't, I'll be working all day to pay off this monitor.

      • +45

        You earn $3.5k a day? You guys hiring?

  • +34

    Be better off buying an LG OLED instead of this over priced monitor

    • +10

      This has DP as opposed to just HDMI.

      • why would DP be better?

        • for 4k 120hz

          • +2

            @Sertacv2: You get 4K 120Hz over HDMI in the currrent LG OLED TVs, both new Nvidia 3000s and Radeon 6000s support HDMI 2.1 now.

            The LG OLED TV also has low latency mode and Freesync… a lot more brightness.

            So really I don't see why this monitor is better than the LG in any way, just way more expensive.

        • +3

          Anything but a 3000 series GPU can't do HDMI 4K 120Hz. DP is the only way for older cards to work at full refresh.

  • +15

    Gaming monitor lol. It's a TV

    • What's the difference?

      • +11

        response time, connectivity, refresh rate are the main difference in specs

        • +1

          All of those things are the same on both OLED TV and this apart from having a displayport.

      • +1

        Presumably without the spyware that plagues modern TVs. You know where it watches your screen and sends reports on what you watch back to the TV company and who knows where else.

        This is serious by the way for those that think it's a joke - it's a real thing and many of the newer TVs are doing it - have a read about it.

        • +2

          Just don't plug it in to the internet. Simples.

          • +1

            @Drogo: Yeah good call - mine has never connected to the internet.

            However be aware some Samsung models were busted searching for and connecting to any unsecured wifi networks in the area!

            • +1

              @bono: Crazy. I did notice on my TV once I entered valid WIFI data it was impossible to remove it. All I could do was enter bogus details.

            • @bono: To be fair, just dont use any of the smart features and apps. I dont. I have my TV connected to my HTPC. Haven't even watched regular TV as it has no antenna connection, so the amount of data my TV collected about me is pretty useless at this stage.

              If your TV does like to connect to open wifi networks, it's also not hard to simply connect the TV to your own router, and then to block its internet access there.

              • +1

                @FuRyZ: The TVs are doing a thing where it watches the displayed data. This is marketed to advertisers as 'Automatic Content Recognition', from some reading I did on the topic.

                A lot of the newer TVs are apparently doing this even when it's not coming from the smart features. You read that correctly! The TVs even snoop on what's sent in by inputs e.g. HDMI.

                The only solution as far as I'm concerned is to keep it off the network.

                But then Samsung and maybe others started snooping for unsecured wifi networks to send their stolen viewing data back to base. In the near future these abusive companies will probably start using inbuilt mobile phone sims to transmit the data.

                Hence why some people have been trying to buy commercial displays to avoid this snooping, and may want to buy a monitor rather than a TV! And to avoid Samsung TVs. Apparently Sony doesn't currently snoop for unsecured wifi networks, though the reading I did may not be updated for the recently released Sony models. You will have to do your own research if you want to avoid being snooped on by the company you gave megabucks to for buying a TV, and all the related advertising companies they end up selling the data to.

        • +2

          There's also the security aspect, as it's essentially an IoT device and potential malware target.

          What worries me is that although you can currently skip connecting TVs to the Internet, the number of TVs with that option may dwindle as connecting gets normalised to the point that the benefit to manufacturers of making it effectively mandatory outweighs any potential backlash from those who'd rather not connect their TV and accept all the applicable policies. The refuseniks will be left with crappier options (fewer products to choose from and/or having to waste time or money on hacks).

        • Google TV dongle and remote. Problem solved.

          Although, seriously, most people should be more concerned with their laptop search history and mobile advertising algorithms before they get paranoid about TV's sending viewing info back to the company. The only thing I'm concerned about with my TV is the microphone to listen in to voice commands - I draw the line at that.

        • -1

          So it knows what I'm watching.. then what?

        • Are there are largish screen size 'dumb' LED or OLED TVs or monitors for sale in Australia for a reasonable price - say 50 inch for less than $600 or so? I just want to be able to watch Freeview TV on it and plug a laptop into it via HDMI or DP cable.

          • @lazywombat: goodguys did have the linsar 50 inch 4k dumbtv, for $294, however it looks like they all sold out months ago.

        • Don't forget the issue with the TV's and unsecured IP Cameras!!!!

      • Probably doesnt have an antenna

      • Use a TV as a monitor and you will know.

      • +1

        What's the difference?

        Monitor has DP, TVs don't.

        TV has a tuner and built in OS. You'd be able to plug in a USB drive and play movies straight off that, which you couldn't do on a monitor. You'd have to plug it into your desktop instead. This may not sound like a big deal but if you're watching HDR movies, you'd get native support from the TV, whereas Windows 10's HDR support is terrible and will wash out your colors.

        TVs have built in speakers but some monitors do as well, though they won't be good quality, and the 3.5mm passthrough will be full of noise and poorly amped.

        Monitors usually have better response times, but OLED TVs are just as good.

        TVs come with a remote. And you can watch, you know, TV on it.

    • +1

      i think this will benefit nvidia users as GSync requires DP for nvidia…

      • Good point.

      • +7

        It does not. NVIDIA have been supporting Gsync over HDMI for some time now. Over a year I believe, I have been using it since I got my LG C9.

        • Have you tried 4K120Hz with a 3000 series card yet by any chance? I can't get it to work on mine with a 3080 for some reason. Purchased a fibre optic HDMI 2.1 cable too.

          • @elli0t: No i havent because i cant get my hands on a 3080 lol. There is a known issue with 30 series cards and 4k 120hz GSYNC. LG is releasing updated firmware to apparently fix it but only in USA and Europe so far (maybe more i am not sure). Of course, as usual with these things Australia will have to wait to get the support but it will come. Actually kinda makes me feel ok with not having a 3080 right now because my C9 is my only gaming display lol.

          • @elli0t: Can I ask where and what cable you bought? I'm having issues with 4k passing to my projector via a 10m HDMI cable from my receiver. Randomly clips and it's very inconsistent, some days not even doing it.

            • +1

              @db87: I got this one: Cruxtec HDMI 2.1 8K Optical Fiber Cable 20m (HS8K-20-SV).

              I've also ordered this one to try as I've heard some people have had success with it:

              Thread here:

              • @elli0t: I'm passing through 4k60 so I'd want to hope that could cope. I don't have the HDMI cable specs on hand and it was bundled with my package at an inflated quoted price of around $100-200 But when eliminated, most of my problems go away.

                Edit: just to add, it IS a high spec cable but I definitely can't count it out as being a potential problem. Not when the issue is as intermittent as it is. I even suspect it only shows its hand too when the signal is a full 4k signal as opposed to an upscale 1080 signal. With only streaming content as a reference, it gets hard to pinpoint.

                To add more to the puzzle, the receiver went back under warranty as the first suspect with a faulty HDMI board, only to reproduce the same issue months later. :s

                I'll bookmark it and add it to the ammo pile when I hit up the retailer.


                • @db87: No worries. My cable seems to work fine for 4K60 and 1440p 120Hz, but can't seem to do 4K120Hz. Not sure if it's the cable or the TV firmware.

        • +1

          you are correct…

          it seems that ever since 16 and 20 series GPU, they allow Gsync-compatible mode though HDMI

    • +1

      A TV that doesn't have an input for digital TV…

  • +1

    How do we define it it's a monitor or a TV? Traditionally monitors have finer resolution and higher ppi but obviously now it is not. 4K is very common on TV nowadays. Then a 55' 4K TV is a lot cheaper even at the top notch. Input lag is no longer a problem as well. Why pay the extra?

    • +1

      Input lag is no longer a problem for casual players on TV's, but probably would make a difference for more competitive players.

      Better response rates and extra features like gsync/FREESYNC add to the cost. But probably not enough to justify the price tag unless you really want it

      • Response is same on OLED TV and monitors, basically instantaneous. Current OLED models also have Freesync.

    • +3

      You literally can't plug in a TV antenna.

    • +2

      If it can't receive digital television broadcasts, it's a monitor.

    • +1

      This has no TV tuner, no smart apps, no program guide. Also has displayport for connecting it to a PC. Definitely not a TV.

      On the panel side of things this is a true 120hz and not just interpolated frames that TVs advertise as. It also supports AMD freesync to reduce tearing and has a 0.5ms GTG response time for low input latency.

      • OLED TVs also have Freesync and native 120hz, it's not interpolated.

      • Also response time and input latency are two entirely different things.

  • This or the cx 48 that is due to be released in Aus?

    • the CX55 … 48 will cost the same.

    • +8

      Get the CX. This is an overpriced LG supplied display from 2 years ago (all OLED at this size are supplied by LG Display). The LG C9(2019), CX(2020) all have HDMI2.1, this does not and that is why is more than 2 years old.

    • +2

      I went into my local Harvey Norman to ask about the 48 inch CX and the TV sales guy didn't even know it existed (tbh no surprise there). He rang the LG rep while I was there and was apparently the online LG pre-order was the only way to secure a CX 48 and they only had ~250 of them available with no plans to release the TV in Australian stores. Obviously this is just my experience so take with a grain of salt, but doesn't bode well for those of us who are waiting for CX 48 inch TV's.

      • +1

        Yeah I got the pre-order email you could only buy then direct from LG

      • I got the same response from my local Betta store manager, he didn't know the 48 was a thing anywhere.

  • Imagine being in the niche that buys this kind of monitor without long term saving up. Life goals

    • Credit cards are the new reverse savings.

      • haha yeah but that brings up a whole new conversation

    • You mean people that don't live paycheck to paycheck?

      • yes and no, e.g. im not someone who lives paycheck to paycheck but my whole PC costs about 70% of this monitor. Im just saying, would be nice to one day make enough that something like this is a feasable option for me.

        • +3

          Sorry I wasn’t referring to you specifically, I didn’t mean to try and infer anything.

  • +3

    This monitor is probably a LG display supplied from 2 years ago but cost more than the current LG CX OLED which has HDMI 2.1 and other advance features which this monitor does not have and it won't bode well for gaming on the new graphic card that are coming out soon.

  • wow, the pricetag….I almost thought its a typo! no, not even if I could afford it…
    A Great Deal though 😆😆😆

  • This is a must have item.

  • +2

    image bhurn?

    • Yeah I'm guessing they buried their heads in the sand rather than fixed this?

  • +1

    how do people game with larger monitor like this, especially when used with PC? even for a 34", i think we need to step few steps away from the desk to get that best view.

  • +5

    Thx op, ordered 2

  • No HDR?

  • waiting for the 60 inch version

  • Will this work with my Super Nintendo?

  • thx op ordered 3 to have full 180 immersive experience

  • Haha, 4 poor bas+$#s have purchased this at $4299 a piece in september.

    • Anybody (sensibly) buying this is far from poor X)

  • HDMI 2.1 or bust

  • +2

    No HDMI 2.1 so no 120Hz over HDMI, no HDR, low brightness and prone to burn in. Thanks but no thanks.

    That said, up voting beause it is a good price for this particular monitor for those who must have it.

    • Dell have specifically made this dim to combat burn in, apparently it's only 112 nits at full brightness

      • That's like the Acer Nitro xv273 at minimum brightness :o

        Even the LG CX OLED TVs are very aggressive with their auto brightness limiters

  • What graphics card would you need to run AAA games at max settings, 4k and at 120hz? Is this even possible atm?

    • The 3080 can drive most games comfortably at 4k/60fps and beyond.

      I'm interested in high refresh 4k displays because I can get the best of both worlds. Sharper text and more room on screen for productivity, smoother scrolling with fast refresh rate and the option to run games at 4k beyond 60fps. I can always play games at 1440p on a 4k display (I know not ideal) but saves me the desk space of 2 displays. That said, 55" is way, way too tall to use for productivity on a standard desk.

  • Hi All.

    First time poster here.

    Not sure if I'm doing something wrong but when selecting the eBay link this monitor shows up with a price tag off $4299.00.

    Where do you get the $3439.20 from?


    • You need to enter the code to get 20% off

    • Add the voucher code PD20TEK at checkout to get 20% off.

    • +1

      Pass on this.. there are better monitors out there for the price.

  • Cool.
    Thanks guys.

  • +1

    3.5k, only 400nits peak, no hdmi 2.1 , 55inch, Biggest scam ever. I dont know how its a deal.

  • I wanted one of these, but it's not good for consoles because 120hz is only via DP. And also it has no HDR support which is shocking for an OLED screen.

    Only 1 year warranty?

  • +1

    I just took delivery of my LG CX 48 yesterday. I've been playing Doom Eternal at 4k/120hz with my 3080 and honestly, the experience is almost too good for words. The insane HDR, colour, picture quality, response time, input lag…..everything, its absolutely game changing. My housemate has beaten Doom on a 1440p/144hz IPS monitor and he said they don't even compare. It's a religious experience.

    • how much did you pay for that?

      • $2799 delivered. Could get the 55 for around the same price or even cheaper on sale, but I went the 48 for a desktop monitor

  • if I bought this I will need extra 5000 for 1 3090

  • -1

    If someone is this filthy rich to be able to justify this over a TV, would they really be on OzB?

    Food for thought…

    • +1

      …they don't have lots of money because they pay full price for stuff.

  • -1

    lol why buy this when the lg oled series is way cheaper

    and for ppl who don't know

    oled > tn > ips/va in terms of pixel response time

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