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Controlled LED Strip Lights $21.52 (28% off) + Delivery (Free $39+/Prime) @ Findyouled Amazon AU


♬【Upgraded APP & Remote Control Design】Easily dim and switch the light with smart phone app control, play with 16 million colors, 28 dynamic mode, control color changing speed.Ideal for your rooms, bedroom, dining room, kitchen, desk cabinet and holiday decoration
♬【Amazing Music Mode】findyouledLed strip lights built-in high sensitivity mic.When the music rings, the lights colors will change to follow the rhythm or melody. The sensitivity to different types of music is adjustable
♬【Timing On/Off Function】Choose the specified time, findyouled lights will automatically turn on/off during work day/weekend according to your schedule, which will save a lot of energy and cost, suitable for people who are afraid of the night and need to get up at night. It is more convenient to use the automatic shutdown
♬【Ajustment and Memory Function】Adjust brightness 1% to 100%. It is easier to use without having to circular click a button to select the brightness. The boyko led strip lights has a memory function, and the next time the led strip lights is turned on, it will return to the previous mode without repeating the settings
【Safer and Cuttable】—16.5ft waterproof led strip lights are certified by CE,FCC, RoHs, and UL Listed,12V Low voltage, Low heat, no radiation. It's equipped with short circuit protection enables the lights to work more than 50,000 hours and safer for children. Covered with silica gel provide IP65 waterproof performance and better bend-ability, you can cut it every 3 LEDs along the cutting marks and link to be the perfect size.
Discount price:21.52
Original price: 29.99

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    For those wondering its Bluetooth controlled, not WiFi.

  • just bought some from you yesterday…..for $26.90……damn it!!!

  • Anyone know of a way to get my PC to turn this on via bluetooth when I boot it up?

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      You're better off getting a USB powered model.

      • Are you able to recommend one? Looking to light up the back of my desk when my PC is turned on

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          Difficult to know a specific model…..

          If you dont mind a fixed colour and brightness this super cheap option would work perfectly…


          If you want adjustable colour and brightness you need to ask the seller if the lights "automatically illuminate when USB power is switched on and the colour setting is retained".

          Many led light sets default back to a standby position when power is switched off then on. Not suitable for your use.

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      You can use 12v from molex or SATA power outputs from PSU. This is what LED strips for PCs use, they don't use 5v as that would leave less power for other USB powered devices on your computer and potentially take away a whole USB port.

      I have one of these for my PC lighting.

      What motherboard do you have? It's possible it may have RGB headers already on it.

      • Yeah I've got an Aorus x570 Master, it has several RGB/ARGB headers on it. I just don't have a clue how to wire them up without the cable plug.

        • There should be instructions for your MB that state if they are 12v or 5v (or a combination of both) and how to plug strips directly into them.

          You don't need a kit like this listing or a PC specific kit that draws power from molex or SATA, you have the luxury of being able to hook strips directly into the RGB headers without a needing dedicated power or controller that comes with the kits.

          I highly suggest that you go that route as you will be able to sync up your RGB lighting and you paid extra to get RGB controllers in your motherboard after all. If you were to purchase a kit like this or a USB powered one you are making more work for yourself and losing more money.

  • any chance to get the same discount on the 12m one?

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    I strip in the dark mostly……


    • +2

      I get that reference, Newt.

  • Total noob here. After cutting it, assume i need to get a new power adaptor to connect the spare strip? What do you call it and any suggestion of a decent one to get?

    • +7

      If you want to use it all off the one controller then you won't need another power supply, you use wires to connect the cut off strip back to the main strip.

      If you want to use it as a separate strip then you will also need another controller in addition to the power supply. You don't really need a decent power supply, any 12v ~1a power supply that comes with most routers or cheap electronics will do the job - these are low power LEDS and don't need anything fancy to drive them. The controller can be purchased cheap on eBay, just search for 'LED controller 12v', something like this https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/12V-RF-WIRELESS-REMOTE-DIMMER-CO...

      • Sorry, gonna ask you as you seem to know your stuff… but as it says it's linkable, and it's low power, would it be possible to buy a few and link them together? I know that you can buy longer (as per link below for 10m), but I'm thinking if I need 15m, I'd prefer to buy three 5m rather than two 10m.

        • +2

          The PSU that comes with this kit is rated for 3amps at 12v, or 36 watts.

          It really depends on how many watts the LEDs draw. It's possible you could use 2x 5m strips and still have ample current headroom. It's also possible that 1x 5m strip would use all 36 watts but very unlikely as with 150leds per 5m strip that would be 0.25 watts per LED (high for these types of accent LEDs).

          I'm guessing that 2x strips (300 LEDs) could be powered at full brightness, but it's impossible to tell without knowing more about the LEDs themselves and it's possible I'm wrong and all 36 watts are needed per strip.

          You can always purchase a better PSU and use it with these LEDs and the controller. That way you could get something like a 12v 6a PSU, hook it into the LED controller and then you can daisy chain another 5m strip. It's better to have more current headroom than not as the PSU will run cooler and more efficiently if it's not being taxed at full output.

        • @tomsco - I believe even the 10m ones come as 2x5M strips and not a single 1x10M strip

  • hows this compare to cheaper ones off ebay?

    • +1

      Bluetooth control and comes with the power supply? The few listings I've looked at that are cheaper seem to come with one or the other and not both. I'd cancel my order and purchase from eBay if I could find a cheaper one.

      • Thanks for this comment. Noob and wasn't sure if this was worth it.

  • Best thing about this kit is it actually comes with the AU power adapter. Good price. Bought 2.

  • +1

    @zoelin615 - Can I cut it in half and use in 2 different places ? lets say, If I use only say 2m of this on the TV table, how do I use the rest ?

    There is only 1 white controller but 2 black 4 pins. I am assuming even when I cut the strips in two both needs to be used in the same place as they need to be connected to the white controller. Please correct me if I am wrong here.

    Interested in this product but I would probably need 2.5m used in 2 different places like the TV table for TV backlit and Kitchen island

    • I answered this in a comment above.

      • +1

        If I cut the strip, why/how am I 'using wires to connect the cut off strip back to the main strip', when I need to use the cut off strip at another location to the main strip?

        • This kit comes with one strip, one controller and one power supply. If you wish to cut the strip and have 2 separate strips, there are 2 ways to go about this.

          1) You connect the cut off strip back to the main strip to share the power and LED controller. This is done by soldering wires between the solder pads on the strips where you cut them. The end result is both strips will work together and in sync.
          2) You purchase another power supply and another controller to drive the secondary strip as a standalone strip. Both strips will be separately controlled. You will still most likely need to solder in new pins to the pads on the cut off strip as that's how they connect to the driver.

  • Can these be powered by a battery?

  • Thanks OP bought one, keen to see the lights in action

  • 12v power, so can you connect directly to car battery or need something to regulate output current ?

    • +2

      Yes and no. Car batteries do not stay at 12v, they typically range between 10 and 14.7 volts. 10v when cranking the starter and 14.7 when cruising around with the alternator charging the battery.

      These and any other LEDs should self regulate current based on voltage as they are a diode (provide resistance in a circuit). V=I/R. So if the LED rated to pull a certain amount of milliamps at 12v, upping it to 14.7v will cause more current to be drawn as the resistance of the LED is the same. More heat = bad for LEDs. You could always get a cheap buck converter off eBay to regulate the input voltage to the LED driver to be a solid 12v.

      If I'm wrong about any of these please chime in as I'm always happy about being wrong with this stuff - means I get to learn something.

  • is there a wifi version of this that's controllable via Google Home?

    • +1

      Plenty of interchangeable wi-fi controllers/remotes available on ebay / aliexpress for a couple dollars.

      • can you send me a link to an example? I thought the strip itself has to support wifi ..This one is bluetooth. How would changing the remote control to a wifi one work?

  • +1

    Might be a silly question, but other than obvious connectivity differences, is Philips Hue light strips worth the price tag over these?

    • This is different ..only Bluetooth control.. Philips Hue is a wifi smart light and will work with Alexa and Google Assistant. Will have automation settings via App. Can be linked to IFFFT as well should you desire more creativity

    • If you already have a hue bridge, you could use a controller like this. You can buy 90 led per metre strips much cheaper than hue strips.

  • +3

    RIP ordered without applying coupon, have cancelled and re-ordered lol.

  • Will it do a decent white?

    • +1

      No. Need to get the rgbw versions that have dedicated white led.
      Depends how fussy you are really

      • Bathroom mirror back lighting?

  • Any estimate on lumens for the whole strip? ie to use as main light source in a bedroom or outdoor gazebo for instance.

    • Don't use as main lighting. Horrible CRI and very low wattage spread over a large area. They are to be placed where the strips can't be seen, but the light they give off can (unless placed behind a diffuser).

      • Main light source was a bad way of asking as main light in bedroom would remain when proper light is required. These would only be used for moodlighting so colour representation and low wattage wouldn't matter would it?

        • It's perfect for moodlighting.

        • +2

          Leds are on….Bow chicka wow wow!

  • +1

    Well that was an impulse buy.

  • +1

    Another impulse buy here :)

  • Bought this on prime day sale, really easy to setup but half the LEDs on mine were not working. OP are you able to help out?

  • Damn, limit of one now?

  • +4

    Just as a heads-up for those who may not know about it, this pricing is kind of in the same ballpark as buying a WS2812 strip and D1 Mini from Bang good, AliExpress etc. If you're happy bodging a few wires together and flashing the WLED firmware on the board you'll end up with something far better (imo) going that route.

    I get it's a different audience and you might need to buy a few bits and bobs (power supply?) if you aren't used to playing with that kind of thing but thought I'd throw this out there for people that aren't aware. WLED is a thing of beauty of you're techie enough to set it up.

    • Agreed although buying off Amazon has its advantages.

      Through AliExpress, I bought a 2x roll white strip, connector, power supply and a sensor all for $10. I setup my pantry with automatic sensor lights and a separate one at another place. Still going strong with minimal faulty LEDs years later.

    • So are these individually addressable?

      • No, don't think so.

  • If you need longer one of 10 meters then $38.49 for prime members


    • How does it compare with the one posted by OP except it's 10 m compared to 5m posted by OP

  • +1

    Had FOMO. Bought one.

  • Doesn't seem to be Google assistant or Alexa connected…am I right?

  • +1

  • is this ok for kids room? anybody put these in kids rooms?

  • Sorry for the silly question. What is the difference between this and the one below

    • Op one is Bluetooth and only 5m.

      The one you found is IR remote only but 10m

  • Can you control them with Google home

  • how is this performing on warm white or cool white?

  • 4 hours into operating my 5m light with the power adapter included, the power adapter popped and doesn't work. Fastest failure rate I've seen on something that wasn't straight DOA. All the other controls worked well but I can't use this now. Terrible quality 12v adapter.

    • is there a way to connect to a usb led controller? hows the white?

      • Not really, LEDs themselves tend to operate at a constant voltage (24, 12, 5 or other volt). 5V from USB can be stepped up to 12v but most USB don't output that many amps (around 2.4a max which even then is ~7 watts after conversion losses to 12v) before going to higher voltages over USB-C. So the cheap DC to DC step up transformers can work but probably not powerful enough and the LEDs won't be as bright as they could be. In this case it's cheapest and best to just get another 12v power supply for cheap or possibly have one laying around the house not in use.

        As others have said, there is no white LED so to make white all RGB LED will be needed = bad white.

        As far as a blown PSU goes, can't say I'm surprised but it's almost good luck in a way as you should get a full refund and be able to use the strip with a spare power supply lying around = Free LED strip.

  • do we know what the mobileapp we can use.. my package didnt came with any booklet not any instructions..

  • Anyone had issues with remote control that came with it. It does not work. Is there any trick that I am missing?

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