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13,000 / 7,000 Everyday Rewards Points on Signup to Electricity/Gas @ Origin Energy


Received by email:

Add good energy to your everyday.

  1. Sign up to the Origin Everyday Rewards Plan

  2. Pocket 13,000 points for electricity, 7000 points for natural gas or 20,000 points for both (points will land after approximately 45 days)

  3. Stay on your plan to collect 1 point for every $1 (incl. GST) charged on your bill for usage and supply

T & C states you have to remain a customer for 30 days to get the points. No cancellation fee.

In VIC their gas rates are very competitive especially in summer, electricity less so.

Note: Credit check is performed on signup.

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  • Have had massive issues dealing with origin Energy to come back out and fix their own dodgy smart meter install. Avoid. Avoid. Avoid.

    • Could not agree more. Multiple issues with them failing to honour discounts, getting bills wrong multiple times, revising historical usage going back multiple years and illegally demanding payments, just appalling. I hope they have improved since, but I was a customer of theirs for over ten years and I'd never use them again.

  • Link your membership number in the next step to get our exclusive online Everyday Rewards plan. You’ll get guaranteed energy pricing on your plan, plus these other great benefits!

    • One-off, 5,000 bonus Everyday Rewards points on sign-up
    • Collect 1 Everyday Rewards point for every $1 (incl GST) charged on your energy supply and usage
    • Pay no extra for 25% GreenPower and support renewable energy generation. For 25% of your electricity usage, the equivalent amount of electricity from renewable sources gets added to the grid.
  • Not seeing any sign up bonus mentioned. Targeted, or does it appear later in the process? I'm currently doing some comparisons and ACTEWAGL and Origin are the main players.

  • Do all electricity plans require a credit check or just this one?

  • If you have a targeted Everyday Rewards card number and enter it in the signup, it'll will calculate bonus points at that stage - 5,000 for any rewards card holder, and more if you got a targeted email. HOWEVER that sign-up (using the link in the Everyday Rewards email) it only offered me a 13% discount in the case of the Victorian Default Electricity Offer, whereas just signing up via the website (Origin Go plan) offered a 14% discount.

    Let's say I just went to their website and signed up for Electricity and Gas. Going by their estimated yearly cost (for my area), electricity + gas would cost me $2,383 with 5,000 everyday rewards points. Using the targeted Everyday Rewards mailout, electricity + gas estimates to be $2,454 ($71 more) but I'd get 20,000 everyday rewards points.

    Given that every 2,000 rewards points allows me $10 off my shop, the benefit to the targeted offer would appear to be $100, whereas a regular website sign-up would be $25 value. Therefore, the targeted offer gives me $75 worth of rewards value, but potentially costs me (if I was their average user) $71 in higher rate. I'd take my chances and sign-up at the lower rate.

    Note: % discount may depend on state and postcode. Good luck to anyone who manages to get 14% off AND 20,000 points! :-)

    • The data on the OriginE site and the linked Energymadeeasy (AER) site are different so good luck calculating anything accurately if you live in the ACT. I've already advised AER that some ACTEWAGL and Origin plans on their website are actually not available. AER has said they will contact both who will then have 2 days to update plan info on the energymadeeasy website. Not holding my breath.

    • Note that you only need to be a customer 30 days to get the points. So you can sign up, get the bonus points and then leave for someone cheaper (eg Tango).

      • my area Tango shows more expansive than origins everyday rewards offer.

        Besides never heard of tangoE before. Reliable???

    • The website was showing 14% for me until I entered my actual address and it changed to 13%, which is exactly the same as the offer. Was already going to sign up to Origin for gas, this deal makes electricity worthwhile as well for the first year.

  • Cashrewards is $135 cashback at the moment which is better value but requires 75 days as a customer. don't suppose you can do both?