[PC, PS4, XB1] Thrustmaster Open Wheel Add on $245.26 + $23.80 Delivery ($0 with Prime) - Amazon US via AU


Was looking for a wheel to replace my broken Thrustmaster Ferrari F1 wheel and came across this one which appears to be cheapest compared to local stock which are $300+. It works on pretty much all Thrustmaster wheel bases released in the last few years.

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  • What's the advantage of this over a normal wheel?

    I've got the T300RS wheel

    • I have the older F1 wheel attachment, not specifically this one. But to answer your question, no advantages other than nostalgia. Turn the wheel left, the car goes left. Turn the wheel right, it goes right.

      I do find however, with mine (again different version) that the button placement is a whole lot more comfortable plus mine has rotary dials which makes it easier to adjust on the fly vs pushing up/down on the d-pad.

      But again, nostalgic benefits as I can easily race on the normal wheel too.

    • shorter turns, i.e. 360deg

  • Is this a good starting point for sim racing. and do i need anything else

    • You need the actual unit this plugs onto, this is just the wheel. Then you'd want pedals as a minimum to feel more in control than mapping the buttons on this to accelerate/brake. A gear shifter optionally if you'd like (but this wheel has the shift paddles on it too).

      If you wanted to get the wheel+servo+pedal in a cheap entry package, you might be better off with the Logitech G29 if you want the clutch, or Thrustmaster T80 without a clutch.