Hetzner - NextCloud-Based Storage (100GB @ €2.90 ~A$5.00 Per Month)


I came across this provider when looking up the best value option to set up my own cloud storage without having to install a NAS and configure that to be accessible remotely.

Pricing-wise, it appears to be very competitive compared to other providers of NextCloud-based storage and even the established ones i.e. Dropbox, OneDrive. Everything is run from Hetzner's interface for billing and account changes and NextCloud for the actual storage side i.e. admin access, apps etc.

It is fiddly to provision and the translations dont always work but its good value seeing that your data is in the EU so subject to GDPR rules and they have two factor authentication on both account and storage admin sides (ive got a Yubikey programmed for both).

Here's the pricing details~ex-VAT (it will show the pricing with VAT included when you go to the site but during the sign up process, just make sure you select Australia as the billing country and they will charge you the ex-VAT price; billing also appears to be on an arrears basis as I signed up a month ago and only now getting billed for that month if you do monthly billing (annual pricing is just 12 x monthly price) (invoice was sent to my email).

100GB: 2.90EUR (~$5.00)
500GB: 4.90 EUR (~$8.20)
1TB: 7.90EUR (~$13.00)
2TB: 9.90EUR (~$16.50)
5TB: 21.90EUR (~$36.00)
10TB: 39.90EUR (~$66.00)

All plans are flexible so no contract and you can upgrade and downgrade as you wish.

EDIT: To cancel, you just need to give them 30 days notice and thats it…whatever you owe that month is what you pay.

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  • So is VAT added to the prices you have included? The prices you have in the description and in title should be the post-tax price

    Sorry read it wrong. Ignore

    • The prices I have are pre-VAT as I selected Australia as the billing country..by default it will give you the German price which includes 16% VAT. If I need to put VAT inclusive then ill edit the whole post.

      • haha Yeah lots of text, too early in the morning… So didn't quite grasp that changing the country to Australia will remove the VAT

  • Some things I noted:

    • The servers are in Germany. This is bad from a latency and environmental perspective. Up to you if you care about these. The servers being in Germany means your data is subject to slightly better privacy laws than if it was hosted in Australia.
    • The company has been around since 1997 so you can be reasonably confident that they won't just pack up and disappear tomorrow.
    • No mention of support of Nextcloud's end-to-end encryption feature. This means that they can have access to any sensitive documents you place there.
    • Point 1: latency isnt too bad as I treat it as a storage solution that I only access when I need to back up or move things.

      Point 2: That's a good point…at the bare minimum, if you aint comfortable anymore then backup your data from them to somewhere else then cancel and all you lose is that month's fee.

      Point 3: This one I am not sure…..in their FAQ they say that they cannot request any new features to NextCloud as NextCloud themselves are open-source and they just use what NextCloud built and any new features have to be posted on NextCloud's GitHub. To me, I interpreted that as well they use the full suite incl encryption. Worse comes to worse, just encrypt your files prior to uploading but again, its your call.

  • Try idrive, you get 10TB for around $60 a year.
    5TB backup and 5TB sync. They have apps for most NAS appliances.

    I have a link somewhere for $3 for the first year

    • How is it do cheap? Will they disappear in the near future?

      • They have been around for ages. Since 1995.
        Anything important backup to multiple providers.
        I also use wasabi just find idrive better value and the app for my Nas is great.

    • Had a look at them as well but got put off with the pricing. I dont need 5TB so didnt see value in the offering (its $59US so roughly AU$85 for year one and $100 for years two onwards).

      Still, its good value for those that need that much storage and for relative ease of use compared to the NextCloud-based providers who seem to target power users or those that value privacy (some providers are domiciled in Switzerland and Austria where strict data protection rules abound and which you will pay premium for).

  • https://allsync.com/pro

    50GB for 0.08 Euros per month, 500GB for 3 Euros

    I signed up. Service is good but beware of end to end encryption - i have had zero luck getting it to work. Not sure if it just isn't mature enough in Nextcloud (I notice AllSync is a version behind current which wouldn't help) or AllSync's server setup.