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Apple One: Free One Month Trial @ Apple


Apple One includes the best services to keep you entertained and informed, as well as iCloud storage for your photos, files, and more. Services include Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, iCloud, Apple News+, and, coming in late 2020, Apple Fitness+.

If you are looking to continue after the trial
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  • Not bad considering I’m currently paying $13 for Apple Music and $1.5 for iCloud.

  • +1

    Kinda thought apple arcade would have more AAA content for the asking price.

    • +2

      Gameboy has AA content. Who has AAA?

      • +2

        The GameBoy Pocket

  • +1

    Don't forget Apple TV+ is free for a year with a purchase of nearly every Apple product.
    Personally for me I would only use Apple TV+ and iCloud, so would be cheaper to just pay for iCloud.

    Are people using the other services? What are your opinions of Apple Music?

    • +2

      Apple Music is good but since everyone can get YouTube premium for like $3 a month not rlly worth it imo.

      • Yeah I use Spotify for like $6 a month. YT would be cheaper but I have built such a profile on Spotify that it would suck to change.

        • How you guys getting yt and spotify for $3/$6?

    • +7

      Apple Music might not be the cheapest option out there, but given that I have the whole Apple ecosystem at home, it's just more convenient.

      Since I'm already paying for Apple Music family already, converting to Apple One is a no brainer for me.

      • +1

        Except it doesn't get rid of ads on YouTube… That's the main reason I'm on Google Music

        • Does it really? Sponsored videos is basically an ad.
          Supporting the ecosystem that gives you ads and makes you pay to get rid of them. Whilst at the same time selling your data to every buyer out there.

          • @sunnyc: You assume I am watching sponsored videos… Plenty of content out there, most aren't actually sponsored. I love watching Twoset Violin, the most sponsored part about them is their own merchandise they are trying to sell.

            Whether you pay or not, there is ad revenue generated for your views. And whether you pay or not, the data is being collected. I would rather pay to not see ads, than to sit through 10 seconds each few mins, everything else being equal.

    • +2

      Already in too deep with spotify lmao

      • Yeah same here, waaaayyy too much effort remaking all the playlists.

        • +5

          You can just transfer them with SongShift app to any music app

          • @Pricebeat: Wow. I had no idea this was a thing. If I do make the switch I will look into this.

            • @JoKing: I just did and it transferred all playlists and also let me know a couple of songs it couldn’t find

              • @Pricebeat: So you went Spotify -> Apple Music?
                And it remade all your playlists?

                • @JoKing: Yes. I have done vice versa before

                • +1

                  @JoKing: I just read this update as I haven’t used it for a while

                  Update: October 21, 2020
                  With the release of SongShift v5.1.3, you will again be able to transfer playlists from Spotify to another service. The only caveat is, you have to have created the playlist yourself, or the playlist must be collaborative and followed by you.

            • @JoKing: I can highly recommend SongShift as well.

    • @joking   

      Are there any good titles to watch on apple tv plus. I got 1 year free with iphone purchase. Never used apple tv plus

      • +1

        I enjoyed See (with Jason Momoa) and I have heard Morning Wars is okay (Steve Carell, Jen Aniston).
        There is also Home Before Dark and The Banker.

        Look I wouldn't pay for Apple TV+ but there are a handful of decent shows on there.

        • Thanks for that.
          I just set up apple tv plus few months ago and it struggles to play on Samsung devices, doesn't work in any browser. Only works in iPhone and macbook

          • @Modesty: Yeah it's limited only a few non-apple devices. My LG TV just got the Apple TV app though.

        • I loved Home Before Dark, Morning Wars, Defending Jacob, The Bankers, Little America, See, For All Man Kind…

      • +4

        Ted Lasso is brilliant. Ive really enjoyed it.

    • -2

      Not anymore… new apple devices give you 3 months tv only now

      • +1

        Are you sure? According to Apple that is not right, still 1 year.

  • Surely someone will find a way to get this subscription from India for around $7

  • Good deal if you if you already have 2 or more Apple subs. I have family music and iCloud already. Personally I find Appletv and Apple arcade a bit underwhelming but you essentially get them thrown in with this deal.

    Regards Apple music vs Spotify, they both have benefits. Apple Music curated playlists are great, I find the “best of” artist playlists better put together then the Spotify ones. Spotify though has a better recommendations playlist than Apple.
    I like Spotifys layout better.
    According to audiophile tests Apple Music is slightly less compressed, but I can’t hear any difference.
    I tried a few years ago using apps to convert/combine my playlists , they made a mess of things , but maybe they’ve gotten better since then.

  • +1

    Shame News+ is only on the top plan!

  • +1

    Apple tv plus is also included in student apple music subscription via UNiDAYS.

  • It includes dota?

  • +1

    If some starts a family account for the top tier, I’m keen. Cheers

    • same here

      • Starting one. Pm me if still keen

    • I wonder how strict they are/can be on family accounts.

    • Count me in. Been looking for iCloud family recently and this seems better. Cheers

      • Starting one. Pm me if still keen

  • If I am already a Apple Music subscriber do I need to wait until the end of my billing cycle to take advantage of this ?

    • You will get refunded the remaining amount.

    • If you cancel Apple music subscription, you may lose your playlists.

      • Last time I accidentally cancelled Apple Music all of my playlists came back when I resubscribed

  • Anyone got a family spot? Hit me up. I am willing to start one as well if anyone wants to :)

  • "Update to the latest iOS, iPadOS or macOS to get Apple One."

    can't we get this to watch apple tv+ in windows ?

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