Nvidia Shield Pro 16GB 4K Streaming Media Player (2019) $318 @ Harvey Norman


Not as good as the previous deal using Latitude Pay, and still $1 more than Good Guys Commercial, but otherwise one of the better prices available right now.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman


  • Very good price, for anyone without TGGC

  • I am using this with my Sony A8F. Not getting proper dolby vision. HDR10 is god but DV doesn’t work. Anyone has that issue?

    • Check the Whirlpool forums mate. If it's a known/common problem, it will be in there.

    • Let me know what you find out cause I also got an A8F and thinking of buying this.

      I assume the Dolby Vision logo doesn't come up when you play DV content?

      • I play same movie in the in-built tv app and then play the same in Nvidia. DV logo appears in Nvidia but screen doesn’t lit up like it does in inbuilt tv app. If I disable DV in shield, HDR content lits up really well

    • Do you really think you'll notice a difference? I can't between my 9000H and my Samsung 4K TV without Dolby Vision

      • Depends on the movie. Some movies are produced with DV well and for others there’s almost no difference between DV and HDR10.

        • I’m convinced now more than ever that a well sorted TV negates any noticeable difference when looking at HDR and regular range, let alone DV. My old man has a high end pre HDR Sony 4K TV. It’s picture quality was way better than my previous Samsung HDR 4K TV (including colours), and my new 9000H is equal at best, there is certainly no distinction when watching them. On paper and in testing these litany of acronyms give measurable results, but in real life there’s no way to tell if the TV is a good one. Resolution on the other hand is instantly discernible.

      • There may not be noticeable difference between DV and HDR but standard 4k and DV is dramatic difference

        • I disagree. I think there is no real noticeable difference between straight 4K and DV if you have a good 4K TV and a high bitrate source.

    • Ain't these TV's already capable of accessing web, netflix etc … whats the purpose of Nvidia Sheild then ? 🤔

      • If you have a new TV not much, however if you want gaming and games direct from your PC then you want this.
        Or if you have a smart TV but want android tv (now Google tv) as the operating system you want this.
        Or if you want a smooth OS experience for years as well as loads of software updates
        Or you have an old tv and want the best media player you want this
        Or you want the best

      • Its faster and smoother OS. If you gonna install VPN, lots of apps, NVIDIA will be the way to go

    • Not a Sony TV but I ran into the same issue and what fixed it was going into my HDMI CEC setting and enabling Advanced. Check if there's a toggle there.

    • Disagree, have had an xbox one x and ps4 the shield is far better as a media player. I do agree the price is high though. Should be lower 200s.

      • 100% agree with you. No way a console outdoes the Shield as a media player.

        • just curious, what about Xbox series-x? I got pre order coming soon, should that be good enough? without me buying NVidia?

          • @Kooratz: I can't speak to the technical specs of the console as I'm not educated in them. It all comes down to what you're going to use it for. If you don't mind your PC doing most of the work when streaming to the console, then it should be fine. If you want your PC's processing power free for other things while it's streaming, then you should get the Shield.

            But this is the Pro where you can host Plex on the unit itself. So it really does come down to how you'll use it.

            • @Dagmar: Is this good enough as a Plex Server? Heard that storage might be an issue, but if I dont plan to store that many movies etc - should it be fine? When storage is almost full, I can always delete those that I dont want to watch anymore right?

              • @onepiece: There is only 2 reasons to buy the Pro; USB storage and hosting a Plex server. You would use an external HDD for your media and install Plex onto the Shield. You can use the internal storage but you'll run out quick even with standard definition.

                I personally use my PC to host the Plex server (6TB USB 3.0 external HDD with my movies and shows) and stream it direct play to my non-Pro Shield.

  • This or the New Chromecast with Android TV? And why? (assuming I don't care about gaming). Thanks in advance.

    • New Chromecast will do youtube HDR, the Shield will not. The Google TV user interface is better than the android TV user interface imo as I find it more accessible. (tldr: If you just need a streaming device and not overly concerned with surround sound working, the chromecast is a better buy. If you need something that will play pretty much any video and sound format you throw at it, then the Shield is what you'd want.)

      Chromecast will do Dolby Digital + Atmos, but doesn't play nice with soundbars currently (Netflix seems to have indicated it's an app issue from what I've read). I have a K850 and cannot get surround to work at all with Netflix or Prime, you will find posts with others not being able to get surround with sonos also. Others including myself have to keep it set to stereo output only else there will be no sound output. Direct Play via Plex does not work for me either with the k850 as the video just stutters. Have not tried Kodi.

      When connected to a receiver, Dolby Digital + atmos will work if your receiver accepts it. In plex with direct play on I couldn't get Truehd + Atmos to work, the receiver just picks it up as DD and will play the 7.1, just not the height channels. Did not try any video with DTS:X or DTS formats but the chromecast doesn't support those anyway.

      Only tried about 4 local videos but I could not get 1 of the 4 I tried to play, did not check to see why as I'm not going to be stuffing around. I've yet to run into a single video my shield won't play.

      • Hey mate, thanks for the info.
        Can you please clarify something.
        I plan on getting one of these for my mum as a replacement for her dead WDTV media player.
        She has no internet, and I just want a player that can play HD movies and TV shows from an external HDD.
        As some files will be large, the Nvidia Shield needs to be able to read NTFS (not just Fat32).

        Can you confirm that this should meet our needs?

        • SHIELD TV is compatible with the FAT32, exFAT, NTFS, and HFS+ file systems.


          Sounds like it would be overkill for your needs, which is a good thing. The shield is compatible with most things. Built by nvidia with nvidia support that its now had for years, the thing just works. Lots of power, can run a media player doing what ever and a vpn in the background with no hicups, my $30 box certainly cant. Supports every format. Kodi loves it. And apparently the AI assisted 4k up scaling is really good.
          Im definitely getting one….just now, or wait?

  • Can anyone pls recommend a basic(not expensive) game pad that can be used with shield and android mobile phone Samsung S20 Ultra
    Tried EB games, jbhifi they cannot confirm:(

  • Can someone confirm it VPN apps like PIA or Nord can connect using WireGuard (not OpenVPN) on this?

  • Thanks. Just used all my giftcards and got it for $58.

  • whats the advantage over atv? i have the atv as i want to use my stereo homepods.

    what speakers can you connect to nvidia? bluetooth only like jbl etc?

  • Seems to be $199 in the USA now so this could be the standard price going forward. People should wait till black friday now.

  • What's the best app to use on shield to play 4K ATMOS movies from a usb drive?

    That is an alternate to plex streaming?

  • This box is just brilliant. Best purchase I've made all year.