Nvidia Shield TV Pro 2019 $317 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ The Good Guys Commercial (Membership Required)


Membership Required

Some users have reported being able to price-match in-store
If you are successful in price-matching, you can use 10% off gift cards via Union Shopper or AGL Rewards reducing the total price to $285.30 (Cheapest price so far)

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The Good Guys Commercial
The Good Guys Commercial


  • Really want one of these at ~$300 - hopefully during Black Friday sales.

  • These were 300 during computer alliance 20% off ebay I think. I missed it due to time zone but wanting to get one too for that price.

  • Same price through eBay if paying with Afterpay and using PAY4A coupon

  • Assuming the Harvey Norman lattitude pay deal expired? That was cheaper

  • You can't use giftcards in TGGC.

    • Some users have reported being able to price-match in-store
      If you are successful in price-matching

      But you are right, gift cards can not be used on TGGC

  • Isn't this standard pricing?


    I thought the last deal only expired cause they ran out of stock for a while.

    I would assume these will be reducing in price soon enough as the RRP in the USA is $199 and the high Australian RRP is no longer justified in the face of new competition from Google TV and in particular the new Apple TV devices which I'm looking forward to learning more about.

  • I assume this is an android device ?

  • I had problems with mine purchased off the eBay promo recently not being able to sync at 1080p or 4K. Its stuck on 720p - tried changing HDMI cables and ports to no avail. My old Xiaomi Mi Box and that still syncs perfectly. Got in touch with Nvidia customer care, and they're going to replace. Seems to be a few others experiencing this issue on their support forums

  • Hi onhunt, thanks for this post. AGL Rewards only gives me 5% discount for G Guys. Can you tell me how you got 10% ?

    • I don’t have access to AGL Rewards. I was going by the linked post. I do have access to Union Shopper which offers TCN gift (The him, her or kids) cards at 10% off via same gift card provider as to AGL Rewards

  • I love my Shield Pro. The 720p+ to 4k upscaling is no joke. Obviously not the same as native 4K but it can make a huge difference depending on the content.