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Nvidia Shield TV Pro (2019) $318 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ The Good Guys Commercial (Membership Required)


NVIDIA SHIELD TV PRO (2019) 4K DOLBY HDR Streaming Media Player

NVIDIA Tegra® X1+ Processor
Dolby Vision HDR & Dolby Atmos transform your TV into an entertainment powerhouse
4K HDR Streams
256 Core & 3GB RAM
Upscale HD video to 4K using the power of AI
Built In Google Assistant
Gaming Ready

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  • Hmmm VERY tempted 🤣 must resist

  • getting closer to sub 300

  • Sorry for the noob question bu will this let me play my PC games with a wireless gamepad on my TV? And if the PC is in another room, will the bluetooth signal somehow be extended to where the Shield is plugged in or does the PC have to be within bluetooth range of the PC as well.

    • Steam link is available on it, Aswell as nvidia gaming.

      The controller gets connected to the NVIDIA and passed through to the PC.

      • Thankyou Apok. So only games in my Steam library are playable and I have to buy a separate, special Shield controller?

        • Xbox controllers work. Pretty sure ps controllers and maybe even switch pro controller should be fine. Steam has profiles for controllers.

        • Steam link essentially mirrors your PC display on your tv. So while it will default yo Steam (big picture mode) when you start it up, it's easy enough to go your desktop and open up anything you like.

        • I use steamlink on one of these, works really well. I use xbox one controllers - works multiplayer as well - I've done 5 player wii games through steam using this.

          You can add non steam games to your steam library, and play them - emulators too.

          I've heard Nvidia GameStream works better, I have an AMD card though, and their equivalent is pretty crap from experience.

      • Nvidia gaming? Are you talking about the Geforce Now platform (not available in Oz)? I own a shield and have played a few Google Play games… which gaming platform should I join as a newbee…? Is it just an app to download on the shield?

  • Anyone happen to know where i can get an AUS adapter plug for the power supply?
    I bought mine from b&H video when they first came out and even though the plug can be changed to any country it only came with a US connector plate so i'm using a travel adaptor at the moment which isn't ideal.

    Cant find just the aus plate for sale anywhere and id rather not pay for an entire power adapter. Example of the interchangeable plugs : https://www.ebay.com.au/i/264601340365?chn=ps

    • Isn't that just a USB adaptor 5.2v 2.1A. You may just need a USB-A to USB-A cable with any decent phone charger.

    • I sent a message to customer care and asked them for one - they sent it out to me for free. Try your luck!

      This is what I sent them:

      Hello, I purchased my Shield device from Amazon in 2015, and at the time there was no Australian Power Plug adaptor provided.

      Now that the device has been launched in Australia, is it possible to get an Australian Power Plug adaptor/Duck Head?

      I've attached my original invoice from 2015, and a screenshot of my device serial number.

  • love my 2017 model, working as new. Must resist this offer.

  • Can you pay with gift cards on Good Guys Commercial?

  • In the market for a new TV, most likely LG 55BX when the price is right. Can't decide if I want to jump on a shield or if I'll be happy enough with the LG OS and save my money..

    • I just use the Shield on my projector only since you need an OS and need to pass through dolby atmos direct to a receiver. Most TV OSs, Chromecasts or Xbox handle everything else pretty well but don't do Dolby audio well.

      Depends what you need to do on a TV really. If you want to stream games or run a a plex server, pass through dolby Atmos etc then the shield is great but for just Netflix, Prime, Plex player you don't need a shiled.

    • I have a CX and a Shield. Only use the Shield for Kodi / Framerate matching (when I can be bothered) and Gamestreaming. Otherwise the LG WebOS is very impressive and fast.

    • I'm using a B9 and the only thing that's lacking for me is a Kayo app. Twitch was recently added.

  • I am using the previous version. It's still very good. Don't think I need an upgrade

  • Sorry to post it here, could someone please do me a favour checking the price for this one on TGG Commercial: https://www.thegoodguys.com.au/netgear-orbi-high-performance... thanks heaps!

  • Logged in to GG Commercial but showing as $349 for me, any suggestions to make it come up at $318? Thanks.

    • no idea, still coming up as $318 for me

      • $318 for me too

        • Thanks for all replies. I rang Good Guys Commercial, it seems that they haven't set my account up properly. All pricing for all products showing up as the retail site price on the commercial site after I've logged in to my commercial account. The guy on the end of the phone sounded baffled and is handing this one off to the IT department.

          • @hoverboardrider: They have this weird thing where you can't seem to use the same email for the retail and commercial sites which got me, they have dyone strange account management

            • @buckster: I have different login email for the two sites (business email for commercial site, personal email for retail site) and I haven't logged in to the retail site for months so that's probably not it. Still waiting for the GG's to get back to me over 24 hours later…unfortunately I've always found them really poor at customer service every time I've dealt with them whether it's attempting to make a purchase, signing up to commercial membership, or whatever. I won't be holding my breath this time.

  • Can this device stream TVB channels from Hong Kong?


    • Unless you can find a way to bypass the region blocking on TVB Super, it cannot do so in Australia.

      I've tried a wide variety of paid VPNs but I couldn't get past it

  • Does this upscale SD netflix or whatever you are playing on it to 4k automatically?

    Or can only certain things be upscaled?

    • If you're watching something with a resolution of less than 3840x2160 and it fills your entire screen it's being upscaled.

      • You're talking about using the Shield specifically right? Stretching content isn't the same, right?

        • Yeah am talking about the AI upscaling

        • There's no such thing as "stretching". It's all upscaling. Unless you're watching SD or HD content in a small box with black borders on your 4K TV it's being upscaled.

          Nvidia's marketing is simply claiming their upscaling is better than say another media player or your TVs built in upscaling.

  • Worth an upgrade from my ageing W7 HTPC?

    I basically use my HTPC to view my MKV's on my NAS, Hulu / NBA Game time streams / iView and the like.. (Hulu via a US DNS service).
    Also, playing back stored photos and mp3's..

    Can the Shield handle all this??

  • can someone check the price of the tcl c715 65"

  • I am considering to buy a TV soon under $1000.
    My main purpose is to watch movies from Netflix/Prime/using my own ripped content using USB drive.
    I am not into gaming much.

    I have read comparison of Apple 4K TV vs Shield Pro as well. I am into Apple ecosystem with iPhone and MacBook only.

    Just wanted to know if I would need any of these devices or not?

  • so you can play PC games on your TV wirelessly? basically, it streams a video feed of your PC monitor to a TV? how does the shield interface with the controller input on the PC?

    • If your shield and PC are connected to the same network, and your PC has a compatible nVidia GPU, the Shield will "stream" the game from your PC over the network. Not too dissimilar to how Steam gamestream works. It doesn't just wirelessly transfer what is showing on your PC monitor, it effectively treats your connected TV as another monitor with the relevant adjustments to resolution.

      You will need to install GeForce and launch experience on your PC, and then all you have to do is add your desktop via the nVidia games app on the shield.

      The controller should be connected to the Shield itself and that will govern your game inputs. I've personally used a mouse and keyboard to the shield for games and it works wonderfully.

  • How do you get games on these ?

  • So if I don't have Good Guys Commercial account, I'm locked out of this deal?

    Is there a way to quickly get an account?


  • Do you just need an ABN to make a Good Guys commercial account?

  • I've been looking for one of these and this is a price I'm okay with, but like a lot of others don't have a Commercial membership so sh*t outta luck.

  • Any luck with click and connect? look like none of the store in nsw has stock.

  • They have long waiting queue. No point of placing order. Do check stocks before placing order.

  • This product has either been removed or is no longer available for sale.

  • Can Freeview be installed onto this for streaming live TV channels?

  • It's been removed from TGGC site so marked as expired

  • Slight price increase, $321.