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Vaalia 900g Yoghurt Varieties $3 @ Woolworths


This range of yoghurt is currently 40% off, making it cheaper per 100g than even Woolworths brand yoghurt.

Varieties are natural, French Vanilla, blueberry, and Luscious Berries.

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    Vaalia contains the special combination of 3 probiotics including LGG and BB-12.

    LGG probiotic can help strengthen your immune system.*
    BB-12 probiotic and dietary fibre for digestive support.*

    incl. L. acidophilus, Bifidobacterium, Lactobacillus GG).

    Which other Yoghurts have the above probiotics?

  • I really like the taste of this Vaalia natural yoghurt and would eat more of it if the sugar content was less than 5%. I also really liked the taste of a low fat Jalna natural yoghurt which I haven't seen anywhere for quite some time, so I assume it's been discontinued. I see Jalna full fat and Jalna fat free natural yoghurts, and have even tried blending them, but that doesn't work for me.

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    The berries flavour will always have sugar, as it has fruit. Also the lactose for lactobacillus cultures to grow. In fairness, some people do eat yoghurt thinking it's good for them. Some yoghurts are shockers. This still has some added sugar. Prefer this over Stevia and the other 'natural' sweeteners though. At the end of the day almost everything ends up as a type of sugar anyway. Enjoy it and burn it off.

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