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Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros $79.95 - EB Games


Looks like its back in stock at EB games, hope people did not submit to the scalpers earlier


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    I owe you grub…. picked one up.
    Just for clarity, it's not in stock. It is another allocation batch for pre-order ($10 deposit required) for release date 13th November.

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      One sec, let me just check my crystal ball

      • Have you checked yet?

  • Great, bought one :)

  • Nice one, was losing hope that I am not able to get 1.

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    Yay got a 2nd one (not for scalping purposes).

    Now I can use one as a desk clock and the other for collection.

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      Yay got a 2nd one


      Strictly 1 per Customer!

      • I got one from Dick Smith a couple months ago but i am not hopeful they will even send it out as they cancelled a few others on the forum.

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        You'll probably find some come back into stock when they cancel duplicate orders.

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          fingers crossed but Dick Smith / Kogan arent too reliable

      • The initial launch had no limits, I know of people who ordered 8+ units each. Some to scalp some to gift their tiny humans as gifts.

  • looks like all EB stores have them for click and collect and delivery. Thanks picked one up.

    • This was a Pre-order….

      • Yes why the neg, pre-ordered one and I had a choice whether to have it delivered or collect in store at day of release which is 13 Nov

        • I dont know who negged you…. wasnt me.

  • 1st time I saw this. Snapped one up straight up.

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  • thanks, I missed it the first time.

  • Wow that was quick…

    • That’s what she said to me about you.

  • Bought the last one!!!

  • Got one just in time.

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    Gone in 60 seconds. I missed again

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    And…they're gone. Missed it again :-(

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      Same here, discussed it with SWMBO, added to cart, entering credit card details and then…gone :(

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    I'm normally a sucker for nostalgia, but holy shit I'm failing to see the value of this at $79.95. Is it just me? Am I going crazy?

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      Is it just me?


      Am I going crazy?


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      Yeah I'm with you. I grew up with Nintendo and this holds none of my interest.

      • Agree, if this were like a remake og Gameboy with 20+ games, 100% would be all over it

    • -2

      yeah these cost $10 when they were released.

      • -1

        No they didn't.

    • Completely agree. I'm even a bit of a Nintendo collector and this was at no point tempting.

      I think it might be for people who aren't aware of the numerous re-releases and don't have easy access to playing a version of it?

    • Lol nope your not alone man. I dont see the value at 80 dollars, for one game.

      I think this ones a little bit of a FOMO hype train type deal.

    • There are x2 factors you're forgetting.

      Nintendo stuff sells

      Probably half or more of customers are buying this purely because it is limited or perceived as limited.
      Like NES mini and Amiibo people want it because they fear not being able to get it later. There is also a lot of people aware of this buying it purely to resell.


      This system has a USB port and if its anything like the NES and SNES minis that would make it an $80 system that could potentially run NES or even Gameboy roms instead of just the 1.5 games included. Which sounds a lot more enticing.

      • This is why I bought 3…

        1 for hacking
        1 to keep as stock
        1 to keep in box for collection

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    Gonsky. Not 60 seconds but ~5 minutes.

  • damn really wanted one as a bday gift for myself haha oh well hoping there will be more stock at other retailers

  • I got one. Thank you.. Perfect Christmas present

  • Wow that was quick… Barely enough time for the confirmation email to be received.

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  • Grr, my subscription for "game and watch" and "game & watch" wasn't triggered. Maybe because of the colon?

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      Might want to get your colon checked, mate.

  • I think they will make a whole lot more of these soon enough….

    • Nintendo don’t mess around when they say limited run.

      • That's what they said about the Animal Crossing Switch

        • That was special not limited

          • @SpeedRunnerLink: Seems like you may be right… there's the problem with the internet, with even stores referring it to as limited edition, (incorrect) word gets around

            Googling Special Edition and Limited Edition gets you a mish-mash of places referring them in both ways

            • +1

              @aragornelessar: It's a little confusing.

              Issue is with Nintendo stuff once the item becomes harder to find and in demand then thats when its truly "limited"

              I've seen things for sale with Limited on it but they aren't in demand.

              For example the Pokemon DS games arent labelled as limited but they are worth a tonne as they are getting harder to find.

              however I've seen games like limited edition sets get sold for very little as they aren't in demand or massed produced.

              hopefully that makes sense lol

  • -3

    $80 for something that could be a $5 app or just pirated.

    • You think people are paying $80 for Mario Bros? Go check the prices for Game and Watch consoles on eBay and you’ll see $80 represents some hefty savings if you’re looking for that kind of nostalgia.

      • +3

        I am looking for that kind of nostalgia with the $10 price nostalgia.

      • Isn't it a bit of a large price for nostalgia though? I mean would they have cost $80 (well the equivalent with inflation) back in the day?
        Surely with all the advances in tech between now and the 80's it's a lot cheaper to manufacture these things.

        • +3

          They were $30 in 1982 (genuine Game and Watches that is, there were a lot of cheap imitations too). I still have all mine in my collection , lucky me I bought them as a kid and kept them neat and boxed, and one has a pricetag. According to the inflation calculator $30 in 1982 is $107 now…….

          Some of the cheaper ones were brands like Gakken, Time and Funs, they were everywhere

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    I reckon these ones were canceled pre-orders.

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    Damn missed again.
    I think there should be a bit of supply of these. Hopefully not as limited as they're perceived to be.

    The US Nintendo website states, "The Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros. system (releasing Nov. 13) will continue to be shipped to retailers through approximately March 31, 2021, and will be available for purchase while supplies last." - https://gameandwatch.nintendo.com/

  • why would eb put this up for sale at 11pm+ ???

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      Dick smith put theres up after midnight once/

    • +1

      Night owls obviously.

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    "Presold Out" that made me laugh for some reason haha

  • If anyone changes their mind I would love to take the pre order off your hands

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    I got one in the first lot of preorders. It might be an expensive piece but the Game and Watch series holds a special place for me. My grandparents had 3 when I was growing up and I played the shit out of them, I still have two of them which I inherited, just chucked some batteries in Parachute the other day and it still plays like a dream. This Mario one will look right at home nestled between the others.

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    Picking mine up tomorrow :o

    • Mine was delivered today from Kogan.

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