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Razer BlackWidow Lite Stormtrooper Edition Mechanical Keyboard $75.91 + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon UK via AU


Been looking for this keyboard in black or white but saw this today, the cheapest I’ve seen.

US layout (thank you), Orange switches with O ring you can attach for silent typing.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • This actually looks good and easy to clean. May get this for the office :)

  • How hard to attach the O rings?
    Do you have to take every key apart?

    • Yep. Not too hard

    • You only have to take off the keycaps, that's all

    • It comes with the key detachment tool to do it. It's a simple task just may take some time.

    • Pro tip: if you're not already intimately familiar with the layout of your 'board take a photo of it before pulling all the keycaps off. You'll thank yourself later when you're reassembling it and trying to remember where some of the less-used keys sit. Or, just take one off at a time, but this isn't always easy if the gaps between caps are tight.

  • Anyone know how quiet 'quiet' is? I need this… but… it's for the home office, and my wife will go The Shining on me if I'm clickety clacking all day every day.

    • Equivalent to cherry brown, so not the quietest but not loud at all and should be fine.

      Personally I'd rather spend the cash on one of the 1000 clones on Amazon that are also TKL, backlit, but have lag free wireless with removable USB-C cable for charging that cost less than this.

        • I own this one in black with red switches and wireless. It isn't in stock/listed at the moment but it comes back every few days or weeks.

          There's a lot of other brands/designs in the similar products section.

          I did have to open mine up and jam in some wadding (fireproof aquarium filter foam that I had lying around) as it's quite hollow. The foam in my case makes it sound better and not have a hollow ringing through the chassis if I type with gusto. I also changed the keycaps to my old Logitech G710 caps as that's what I'm used to and I put on the o-rings from the G710+.

          • @studentl0an: So, just so I'm clear, you completely modified the keyboard to make it work well? Not being facetious, I'm genuinely interested as I had and returned the exact same keyboard (red switches) as the metal plate was cracked (between 0 and 9). I also found the ping distracting but couldn't find the right foam to get the plate/PCB to fit together right. I liked the keyboard but I'm not sure I can be bothered to go to the lengths you have to make it into something I'll enjoy using. The font they used on the keycaps is awful too so I can understand why you swapped them out. Shame really as it's a great price and is close to being a great keyboard.

            • @Orrelljet: Tecware Phantom might be a good option at around that price point. If you can stretch the budget further, Durgod K320 is amazing.

              • @saboofa: I've actually been looking at the K320. Big jump in price and not wireless - which might be a deal breaker as I much prefer the clean, cable-free look - but tank-like in build compared to even some of the big brand names and offered with a genuine plethora of switch options to choose from. Will check out the Tecware though as I'm not familiar with it. I was moments away from pulling the trigger on a velocifire earlier today (TKL02WS or WM02WS) but amazon reviews on connectivity failures and battery life stopped me.

            • @Orrelljet: I had some spare foam lying around that worked well. I think it's the type common in soundproofing, aquarium sponge filters and pelican style hard cases. It's very porous, so it be stacked and squished in.

              It looks like this:

              It can be found cheap in bulk if you search Amazon or eBay for soundproofing foam. It might also not be a bad idea to try and wedge some rubber grommets or soft plastics if you have access to them. I think the fix is is applying pressure between the plates in the center of the keyboard, so anything that can be squished in between should work, maybe even cardboard?

              I've been enjoying the keyboard after the slight modifications. I would have returned it if not for fixing the echoing ping noise. It's common on keyboards and not just cheap ones. I used a Corsair one a while back that had the problem although not as bad. The Kogan mechanical keyboard I got a few years back did it just as bad if not worse than Motospeed.

              I'm still on the lookout a brand that is wireless TKL with white LEDs as I'm not a fan of RGB. I'd also like a rotary encoder for volume control but I don't think I've seen one that ticks all the boxes yet around the $60 mark.

    • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gey7Qnvx80E&feature=youtu.be...

      Are you sure you are okay with not having a numpad for home office?

  • Not a Star Wars fan, but do I want this just to replace my terrible microsoft membrane keyboard - Very undecided…

    • Bought it anyway, can never have too many keyboards right?

      • Right. Can always grow an extra pair of hands…

      • I really want one because I've gone white with a lot of things, but I have a media controls/volume roller on my current keyboard and I find that way too convenient…

        • For those without a roller or media keys, I've been using a program called Auto Hot Key for the last 10 years that I've set the top F row of keys to be media keys. Very easy to setup and start with windows.

          It is especially useful for laptops where the Fn key needs to be pressed as you can make those media keys useful without holding the function key. This is how Apple sets their keyboards but sadly Windows has never implemented it despite being one of the most asked for features the last decade.

          • @studentl0an: I mean… Razer synapse you can reconfigure the whole keyboard if you want. I just wouldnt know what to do with 3 mechanical keyboards…

            • @ATangk: Razer synapse is bloatware that requires you to sign in with a validated email address and be online to use. It's malicious software in my opinion, not even Logitech does that and they get a lot of flak about G-HUB.

              Also, not everyone has Razer products while Auto HotKey can be used on any Windows PC. In my opinion Auto HotKey is a must have for laptops that require 2 hands to be used for volume control such as my Asus GL702VS.

          • @studentl0an: +1 for AHK. Most useful tool.

            I went the other way kind of, my G610 has media buttons but not the sleep button I used to use.

            Used AHK to use one media key to power off my monitors via DDC then put machine to sleep (have LED backlights running from monitor USB which stay on if monitor is in standby mode), and another just to power off monitors.

            Used a double tap so I could retain media functions on single tap.

            So AHK turned out to be much more useful than just having my sleep button in the end. Just wish my monitors worked with the power on command and it would have been perfect.

    • You won't regret going to mechanical. You'll thank yourself when you start using it. Very satisfying

      • Personally I absolutely hated mechanical keyboards, my typing WPM dropped dramatically and the overall experience was very uncomfortable

        • I somewhat agree with RC13. Mechanical keyboards feel nice to type on, but the keys need to travel a longer distance to actuate. Maybe RC13 has short fingers.

          • @Tinkle Ass: I actually have really long fingers. I just found the keys "mushy" and felt like I was typing underwater. Tried Blues, Browns and Reds and they were all equally bad

  • White backlit?

  • Grabbed one, Cheers OP. Should match my white stormtrooper build nicely :)

  • Too bad the symbols on the 2 top rows of keys are not backlighted :(. Same with the other Razer Blackwidow keyboards

    • By symbols do you mean the function keys on the F-key row?

      • All of the secondary functions aren't backlit iirc, from the ones you mentioned, to the ! @ # etc. on the number row, to even { } \ : " < > / secondary functions on the main part of the keyboard. They're not even transparent, they're silk screened or whatever onto the key caps.

        Kind of a dealbreaker for me too, I'm looking for a TKL replacement for my G413 and I find it's complete backlighting of keys to be useful.

  • Micro USB :(

  • What keys does this have? Cherry mx?

  • is this wireless?

      • why is it so hard to find a Bluetooth mechanical keyboard?

        • its not

        • So for the last few years you can get wireless TKL keyboards with 0 lag for around $60.

          Here's one example:

          I own the red switch wireless version in black which isn't listed at the moment (they go out of stock really fast). If you look at the similar products section you can find full sized, TKL, 61-key mechanical keyboards with or without wireless and RGB. You can get bluetooth but the 2.4ghz USB receiver ones are like using a wired keyboard (no lag or funny stuff).

          • @studentl0an: The link is not for a wireless version…

            • @Sr11: It is, it literally says it in the link name too. If you have a look at the options for the different keyboards in that link you will see 10 versions listed currently. There's a wireless in black with blue switches and if you look at the pink ones there's wireless in red and blue switches. Also if you check back every few days you will find a wireless with red switches. Also, if you look in the "Customers who viewed this item also viewed" or "Products related to this item" in that link, you will find many other wireless mechanical keyboards from other brands. Also, you can search 'wireless mechanical keyboard' on Amazon, Aliexpress, eBay or other site for them.

              • @studentl0an: Thanks. Will browse through some options on the page.

                Although the link says wireless, the description at the bottom for connector type says wired.

        • check the Royal Kludge ones… Linus was impressed with it…

          However, I noticed that the cheaper ones such as Royal Kludge, E-Element, Motospeed (similar to E-Element and Redragon) have this clanking metal noise from bottoming out and the spring bounce…

          • @4iedemon: Yeah it's not a good noise.

            When I opened mine up I saw that there's a lot of empty space between the key backplate and the bottom of the chassis. I packed that void with some foam, making sure there was some pressure between the plate and chassis, and the sound is gone.

            • @studentl0an: good idea!

              i tried o rings which reduced bottoming sound but didnt reduce the spring back… i might try that!

              • @4iedemon: You really should! I think it's a necessity with these cheap keyboards. That ping bounceback sound is horrible. I used the type of foam that is common with aquarium filters and also inside pelican style hard cases. It squishes nicely but also wants to return to the normal shape.

  • Bugger. Would have bought this instead of the prime day deal.

  • Nice one, bought one to compliment my BlackWidow Elite with Green Switch which is too loud for Zoom meetings.

  • fyi
    if you are wondering about the keys, they aren't cherry mx

    they are Razer Orange keys that are similiar to Kailh Brown keys. it is Tactile, has a Medium feel, 55g of acuation force, 1.9mm actuation point, 4mm total travel distance, it has a quiet sound, and 80 million keystroke lifespan

  • Sounds like a keyboard that you can't hit anything with!

  • Thanks OP. Was just ordering Motospeed one from Amazon and saw this deal. Ordered one.

  • Bought the yellow switches one for over $100.
    How does this compare to the one in OP?

  • Being a Stormtrooper keyboard, you'll miss every key you try to hit.

  • I've got the non-Stormtrooper Blackwidow Lite, and mine does have a pretty distinct ringing sound from bottoming out - the switch springs are too light for me.

    Otherwise, feels as good as any gateron brown/cherry brown keyboard I've used.

    (haven't tried the o-rings yet)

  • Thanks OP, bought one to replace my kogan mechanical keyboard :)

  • Is this USB B or USB C ? I see someone say above micro USB?

  • 16 dollar delivery now?

  • Huh…. I’m not impressed. No packaging the keyboard was shipped in the retail box and it seemed to have been opened already.

  • Just received my order - my first mechanical keyboard - I'm pretty damn happy about it tbh - thanks for posting

    • I got mine today as well, does yours have an echo when pressing any key? Its normal for mechanical keyboards but this one is a really hollow and long lasting ping which really annoys me.

      • Not really, it doesnt bother me tbh

        • Im on the fence on keeping it because international shipping back to the UK is such a pain, and that the white matches my setup nicely. But god I can hear the pinging going off right now because of the supposedly aluminium plate. My current keyboard has none of this.

          • @ATangk: Have you tried to add o ring?

            • @Edelweiss1: This ping doesn't seem to be affected at all by adding the o-ring. All it does is makes the keys harder to press, and the click noise isnt reduced by much. The ping, is separate to the switch noise and just echoes throughout the aluminium backplate.

              Just have to have louder music or something to ignore the sound…. Would be a PITA to use in a quieter office environment.

              • @ATangk: I might have to check mine when it arrives

                • @Edelweiss1: Specifically, you can even hear the ping when you're releasing the key. So having the o rings would not help at all here.
                  E: The sound is definitely from the chassis, as I can replicate it simply by lifting the front of the keyboard and dropping it.

                  • @ATangk: Hi Mate, Got mine received today, can't believe they just sent it on the keyboard box, not separated box for this keyboard. Hate this postage tag on the actual product box damn it.

                    but anyway, mine doesn't sound like you have mentioned. Its alright. However its bit more clicky than I was expecting.
                    Or I might be too much into those non-contact keyboards..

                    • @Edelweiss1: I know right… and the packing slip was inside the box. Most of the items I've ordered from Amazon UK have had barely sufficient packaging, or some very thin cardboard that has broken during shipping. They must have some different procedures for packaging there because this is over 50% of the items have not come 'complete'…