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Lenovo IdeaPad S540 with Ryzen 7 4800U 16GB RAM 512GB SSD $1,142.10 Shipped @ Lenovo Education Store


13.3 inch QHD screen 2560*1600 at 300 nits, 100% sRGB
16GB of ram
weight 1.2kg
56Wh battery
Ryzen 7 4800U

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  • I ordered on 3rd of November and just noticed that the "Expected to ship" date has been brought forward from 16th Of November to 10th November (today).

    Has anyone else's date changed?

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      Yes my "Expected to ship" date has also been brought forward from 16th Of November to 10th November (today).
      And the accessories came via DHL from china in just a few days.
      So if the laptop ships out today i could probably have it in my hands on Saturday as DHL deliver on weekends as well.

      • Here's hoping it's accurate. But based on previous comments about Lenovo shipping dates I won't hold my breath!

      • Yeah mine updated to the 10th as well, heres hoping its accurate :)

  • I ordered on 5 November, it is showing expected to ship November 30, 2020.
    ….fingers crossed

    • Same here, hopefully it will be shipped on time in order to claim $180 from Amex…….

  • I just received a reminder email from AMEX that my Lenovo offer will expire on 17th Nov. The transaction was shown in my transaction history in pending status after I made purchase on 4th Nov (and I did receive offer used email from AMEX on 4th Nov). And I checked again in my AMEX account and this pending transaction is disappeared. Should I call Lenovo to make this charge again?

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      Same for me. The purchase showed up as pending in AMEX activity, but disappeared a couple of days ago. However, the amount is still taken out of my available credit limit.

      • You are right, it still deducted from the credit limit. Will check with Lenovo tomorrow.

      • I have called AMEX, they explained that the transaction of $1142 has been removed from the user view as it is not settled in 72 hours. But they have approved it and the fund has been sent to Lenovo. They can see this transaction in the internal system. The settlement will be processed from Lenovo end, I think it will start when the laptop is shipped.

  • Shipment got changed to the 10th expected. No change yet though, not looking likely :(

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      I take that back, it's just been shipped!!!

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        Yes i got the email as well saying its been shipped.

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    Ok, so this deal has expired (I had a quote in place but Lenovo have removed it as there's no longer any units available)

    But interestingly enough a very similar (non education) unit has now become available. Basically the exact same as I can see except:

    The Good:

    1) Doesn't require EDU email
    2) $100 cheaper
    3) Ships in 2 days not 2 months

    The Bad:

    1) Ryzen 5 4600U instead of Ryzen 7 4800U
    2) 8Gb not 16Gb RAM

    So I'm trying to work out if that's still a good price ($1050) for a good student laptop?


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      It's a reasonable deal.

      But for $100 more to get a more powerful/core CPU and 8GB more ram, real pity couldn't get the upscalled model!

    • it's a decent model, i have it at the moment.

      if possible though, i'd hold out and wait to see if the higher end model gets a sale again soon. i bought the 4600u/8GB model and got shafted a month later when it dropped from 1200 (what i paid for it) to 974. then the higher end model dropped in price to 1142, so that was a double shafting.

      i'm in a bit of a unique situation because my laptop is a lemon and keeps going to sleep after two minutes no matter what - currently in a back and forth with Lenovo support for them to take it to get repaired. if they don't come to the party, then i'll just have to sell this one off and buy the higher-end model when it's on sale again.

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    I ordered on the 5th November, initial shipping date was 30 November, it now has changed to 18 November…..

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      Thanks for the update. Checked mine and it is changed to 18th Nov too.

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    My shopping date has been updated to 18 Nov also.
    Looking good.

    • Updated to 17 nov now

  • My order date was October 26, delivery date still November 25… They can't seem to explain why my order date is later despite the order being earlier….

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    Not sure if its the same deal but I just ordered this same laptop on the educational site for $1180. Very happy with that!

    • how did you pull that off mate, is showing up as 1269 for me on the edu store :(

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        See below

        • ok thanks mate

        • asked the Lenovo chat rep, and they said i can't apply additional coupon codes on top of the 1269 price :/

  • That's a good price. I can only see it as $1269

    • Yes, this deal has expired. Price has gone back up to $1269.

  • There is a pop up discount code for 7% off which brings the price to $1,180.

    • Does that need a minimum of $1500 spend to qualify?

      • Nope. Worked for me.

    • didn't pop up for me, asked Lenovo chat rep and they denied me.

  • I did not check if there is any minimum requirement.

  • Tracking says delivered to my residence at 4am, and was signed off by someone. Definitely wasn't me. Called DHL, told to just wait and see what happens….

    • Exact same thing happening to me.

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        DHL said it is still coming, but lenovo are saying they have no idea why this is happening and have contacted DHL for clarification

        Edit: and like that it just got dropped at my door step no door bell

        • Thats very poor form from DHL.
          I just had a look at my doorstep now.
          Nothing Yet !

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            @techno2000: Ok i have received it finally.
            DHL explained to me that all these laptops had come in one big shipment from Lenovo in china and that was "delivered" at 4 am to their warehouse.
            They then are sending it to individual customers using 3rd party couriers.
            They then sent me an sms with a link to 3rd party courier zoom2u which gave me a accurate idea of whats happening.
            It even had a GPS tracker.
            I had to shout to the guy as he was about to enter another house on the street.

            Anyway finally have it!!

            Amex credit should land soon on my card.

            • @techno2000: Great news! Please let us know how you feel about this laptop!

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                @goevencheaper: I've been this this laptop late last night and tonight, so far it has exceeded my expectations for the price.

                1) Great build quality. Solid frame, very sturdy screen. Yet it is so light!
                2) Screen is very nice. Displaymate calibration - stock it's actually slightly towards the green hue. Great colours. For a laptop very good, especially at this price. The glass panel really does make colours pop.
                3) Touch pad is great, much better than my MSI laptop, i'd say it's very near to the Surface book 3 I had.
                4) Fast. Freaking. Fast. This CPU is phenomenal.
                5) Laptop keyboard is very quiet, nice excursion, tacile feel is very pleasant.
                6) Quiet. Fan barely blips up.

                Cons so far:
                1) Screen brightness. At max it's just enough for outside use.
                2) No 1TB option for storage.

                Overall: $1100 for a laptop of this power and quality is incredible. Unbeatable value if you ask me. I've used a lot of laptops, and something like this you would not expect for anything less than 2k.

                • @euk: Hi Euk, this sounds really good, I am looking forward to receiving mine. Thank you sharing your thoughts!

                • @euk: Does yours have any sleep issues? I leave mine for two minutes without touching it , or touching the surface its on - and it sends itself to sleep

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                    @adrianhughes1998: Go into the bios, and turn off human detection

                    • @euk: Couldn't find the option, where is it exactly please

                    • @euk: You sir/madam are a genius. Thank you so much. Have done multiple reboots on battery / powered on , and it doesn't go to sleep now.

                      After hours of Lenovo phone calls, googling on Dell/Lenovo forums, trying registry and everything else under the sun - it's fixed it.

                      Must be cos of the IR camera used for Windows hello.

                      Going to make a complaint to Lenovo support though that they couldn't figure out it was a simple bios option.

                      My webcam doesn't work but might be down to drivers, also the intel ax200 WiFi card doesn't always connect straight away. Have read multiple user complaints on forums so guessing it will be fixed eventually by driver updates.

                      • +1

                        @adrianhughes1998: No worries!

                        You need to enable webcam in the vantage software.

                        I find the wireless connects instantly, must be unlucky.

                        • @euk: must be unlucky, sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't with the wifi. also had wifi updates with Intel cards with other laptops i've owned, but eventually they did get ironed out. so not too worried yet.

                          Not sure about the webcam, because it was working like a few weeks ago. the light comes on and the microphone still works, but no image is displayed. only thing i can think of is the windows 10 H2 update wrecking it. uninstalled then reinstalled the Realtek webcam drivers for the laptop , no dice yet.

    • Same here. Thought it was very odd!

    • Any comments on the first touch of this laptop?

  • +2

    The $180 amex credit has landed on my card.

    • Hi Techno2000,

      Are you saying that the actual credit will not be given back until you receive the Laptop hence the date of arrive as per the conditions of Amex need to be met.

      I ordered mine on the 3 and expected ship is 17 Nov, expected arrive is 26 Nov. My credit card is still not charged, hopefully can be charges later today to at least $180 back.

  • Just checked and my laptop is shipped, tracking is is provided. It is also expected to ship today 17/11. The AMEX transaction has not yet settled though, hope it will show up in my trnx list tomorrow.

  • Can anyone suggest a dock that supplies power and can reliably drive dual QHD (2k) monitors @60Hz from this laptop?

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    Thank you all for your comments.. I just purchased for $1180 via educational store. Chat nicely and they can do it for this price. IdeaPad S540 (13", AMD) Iron Grey
    Part Number: 82DL0032AU
    Quantity: 1
    Ships in 6-7 weeks*
    Shipping: FREE
    Total: $1,180.00
    YOU'RE SAVING $619.00

    • What specs did you get?

      • +1

        ● Processor: AMD Ryzen 7 4800U (8C / 16T, 1.8 / 4.2GHz, 4MB L2 / 8MB L3)
        ● Operating System: Windows 10 Home 64
        ● Display Type: 13.3" QHD (2560x1600) WVA 300nits Glossy, 100% sRGB
        ● Memory: 16GB Soldered DDR4-3200
        ● Hard Drive: 512GB SSD M.2 2280 PCIe NVMe
        ● Optical Drive: None
        ● Warranty: 1 Year Depot
        ● AC Adapter: 65W USB-C
        ● Graphics: Integrated AMD Radeon Graphics
        ● Battery: Integrated 56Wh
        ● Camera: 720p + IR + ToF
        ● Fingerprint Reader: None
        ● Keyboard: Backlit, English
        ● Wireless: 11ax, 2x2 + BT5.0
        ● Integrated Mobile Broadband: None

        • Wow you got the 16gb ram 512gb ssd version for 1180. Damn nice. I paid 1269.

          • +1

            @grantster: I'm so happy :) it was 1269 no pop discounts. So I talked very nicely to the chat op. :) Basically said my friends got it at this price 1180 and if I could possibly buy now at this price. She spoke to her manager and then said yup I could.. I was going to wait for black Friday but then thought maybe the price wouldn't change. I think it's a bargain :) I've been waiting for awhile for this :)

            • @highland: You got a good price. There's no deal on this model atm.

          • +1

            @grantster: Hey, you still got it at a good price :)

            • +1

              @highland: Yup very happy to get one. This is a great laptop.

  • You guys are lucky, my delivery date is 12 Jan lol. By that time the laptop is obsolete.

    • Mine is also 12 jan delivery, ordered on 13 nov.

      • Hopefully it comes sooner. But for the price and specs, it's worth the wait.

        • Yeah I hope so too. I ordered usb c hub and mouse as well which already got delivered.

        • +1

          I believe the ports in this laptop are not the latest/fastest? Any idea to get detailed information about display port? What's the maximum resolution output can be achieved using usb c to hdmi?

          • @Modesty: I'd probably just test it when it comes. Hard to tell unless someone's done a review on it.

            • @grantster: Please let me know, once you recieved and done your testing.

          • +1

            @Modesty: Although only USB 3.2 gen 1, I believe the main USB port is also a dp that can do 4K 60. I haven't tried though.
            edit according to the comments here, you can run two 4K60 (or 2k144) monitors at the same time (one on each USB-C port).

            • @Phoebus: Thanks for that.
              Is it best to buy usb c to hdmi cable or usb c hub. https://www.lenovo.com/au/en/accessories-and-monitors/cables... , I bought this hub but I think 4k @60 can't be done with this?

              • @Modesty: My order has not been delivered yet, but I intend to plug both this Heymix USB-c hub from Amazon which can supply power with HDMI out at high refresh, and this USB-c to HDMI cable from catch
                My intention is to have it with dual [email protected]
                I will update how it goes when the laptop gets here (It is in transit so hopefully early next week)

                • @DisabledUser58080: Hope ot gets delivered to you soon. Mine expected date is January 2021, please let me know how'd you go. Thanks.

                • +1

                  @DisabledUser58080: Update - Laptop arrived this morning.
                  Using on a folding aluminium stand next to two QHD displays, all connected at 60Hz,
                  plus KB/mouse/ethernet using the hub above,
                  a USB-c to DisplayPort adapter
                  (HDMI port is taken up by the Pi at the moment, but the above cable should work also if needed) .

                  So the "2 plug dock" setup:

                  Laptop USB-c 1 -> Hub
                  Laptop Usb-c 2 -> DisplayPort screen 1

                  Hub -> HDMI screen 2
                  Hub -> USB Hub on screen 1 -> KB, Mouse etc
                  Hub -> ethernet
                  Power-> Hub

                  The cable from the hub is quite short, so I may have to tidy up mounting it to the back of screen 2 or something like that.

                  This is the cable in the second USB-c I am using right now

                  Happy it is all working - so far, so good.

              • @Modesty: IDK. I suggest connecting the USB hub to the A port for USB devices. Power to one USB-C port and 4k monitor to the other USB-C port (DP over USB-C I think)

    • omg my delivery date just keeps getting pushed out further and further, at this rate I'll be finished with studies before it arrives hahahahaha

  • $180 credit has hit my Amex "Lenovo International Inc"
    Shipped 17th, DHL says in Sydney "On Hold"
    Hopefully should be delivered soon

    • All the same here. The AMEX cash back took 3 days after the shipment. Hope I will receive it tomorrow.

      • The laptop is delivered at 8am this morning, happy!!!

    • +1

      $180 Amex credit hit accounts yesterday and the laptop is scheduled for delivery today, very happy.

  • I see this deal is back on, 1269 though for 16gb model. Still good buy.

    • Via education store

  • My one appears to have pretty bad light bleed in the top left of the screen noticeable when it boots up.
    Everything else is good, so wondering if it is worth bringing this up with Lenovo?

  • Apologies if this has already been posted but… How do you go about getting a login if you don't have a .edu (or whatever) email address?

  • Check the first post from doweyy.

  • Mine arrived today, seems like a nice laptop except for the fact that the one I got has quite a few dead pixels. Trying to debate as to whether it's worth returning cause it's quite a few and not just one or two.

    • give it a shake and see if the pixels turn on

      • Tried a few different things (like jscreenfix in case they were just stuck) but to no avail. Ended up contacting support and they're sending out a new one and letting me keep this until the new one arrives.

        • I'm still waiting for mine to be delivered. That's bad you received it like that

          • @Modesty: Is yours due to ship out tomorrow?

            • @jag121: Expected to ship 31 dec. Hope it gets shipped soon. And yours?

              • @Modesty: Expected to ship tomorrow, but the date’s changed a few times already from January to 27 Nov, 30 Nov and 3 Dec. Hopefully yours doesn’t get the run around too.

  • +1

    I've been using my new laptop now for a few weeks and I am generally pretty happy with it. Two issues though, that I would like to hear experiences from others. Firstly, the keyboard seems to leave marks on the screen. So far they seem to be just grease transferred from the keys to the screen and they wipe away. But my worry is that over time they will surely end up leaving permanent marks or scratches on the screen. Secondly, the laptop does not seem to want to stay asleep. I'll close the lid, check the power light to make sure it is slowly blinking to indicate sleep mode and put it in my backpack. Then later I'll open my bag, notice the light is on, the laptop is warm and battery much lower than it was. So somehow something causes the laptop to wake up from the sleep. And based on how low the battery generally is, it seems it does not even go back to sleep although I've set that to happen after 5 minutes on inactivity. All drivers etc. should be up to date according to the Lenovo Vantage software, so I'm not quite sure what else could I check. Any suggestions or similar experiences?

    • +1

      good feedback thank you. my delivery date is only 12 Jan!!! By that time I think the new Ryzen processors will be coming out. LOL
      an easy fix to prevent the keys touching the screen is to just put a thin piece of felt in between the kb and screen. If i'm not mistaken the laptops already come with this piece of stuff when the laptop ships, just keep it and use it when you close the laptop. The sleep thing is weird, I've seen this on Lenovo before, used to happen to my thinkpad, could be that the keys are so close to the screen that a keypress is causing the laptop to switch on. Hence, my suggestion above might just aggravate that situation.

  • I have tested this Wavlink Universal dock with power delivery with this laptop and it (almost) works as I need.
    The flaw is it needs to be powered on once logged into Windows for it to be recognised. I could not find other reports of this problem so I am assuming this one is faulty, will send this one back and order a replacement.
    Anyhow, once it is powered on and detected, with one USB-C connection it extends to two additional 2k monitors at 60Hz, USB hub, ethernet all work as expected.
    Fingers crossed the replacement doesn't need to be switched off and on like this one.

  • +2

    I got my laptop today and wow its blown me away.
    I installed and started Minecraft and Age of Empires, playing 2 games at the same time and it handles with ease. I know they not very intensive games but I was quite impressed it could do both at the same time.
    Also looks like my dell D6000 dock works just fine with this laptop, huge plus.
    With 16 cores this laptop outperforms anything I can throw at it.
    Very happy, love this laptop!

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